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Submitted by Reality.Stop() — 39 minutes, 39 seconds before the deadline

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Use of Bolt#14.6674.667

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Judge feedback

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  • The bubble propulsion is really fun to control in this. I like how your movement and health are combined so you need to be careful to not over-use your power. Great graph captures for the movement logic and shooting enemy.

  • Such an amazing mechanic! Simple yet effective, very easy to grasp and with so many possible variations. You had us screaming at the TV screen trying to complete levels, holding our breaths as the bubble got smaller and smaller, and cheering when we finally reached the portal. 

    I love how you structured the graphs for this project, especially for the enemy shooter. It's a simple but very effective use of the new Cooldown unit, and a nice breakdown of complex logic into easily understandable parts ("Can See Player", "Shoot At Player", etc.).

    The art assets for the obstacles and portals are neat, playful with their glow and yet mysterious and magical. I'm very curious to see what the rest of the level assets (walls, backgrounds, etc.) would look like in a complimentary style.

    Overall a really enjoyable game, I hope you continue developing this project. With its "1-input" interaction, I can see this being a hit on mobile. Congrats!

Flow graph / gameplay gifs

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Nice game. Really interesting mechanic. At first I was afraid of the small round things, I thought it was "black holes" :)


Thanks!  Sorry about the black pickups.  I needed something that would show up on the background, so that was my "in-progress" look for them.  I intended to revisit it later on, but never had the opportunity.  To make up for that, I tried to introduce them early (and force you to hit them), so players would figure it out :-D

It's "Show don't tell," right?   Right?  ;-D


Nice game idea! Would like to see this evolve as a complete game some day.


Movement Logic:

Developer (1 edit)

A less eye-bleeding view of the shot logic for the shooters:

Developer (3 edits)

The colors in this do NOT render well to the 256 colors of the .gif format (especially at the 3MB cap of!).  Look at the screenshots for what it actually looks like, the .gif is just for proof that Bolt is doing the work.

-Edit-  Okay, changed the proof gif to a better gif of the bubble spawn code, which is easily verifiable that it is in-sync with the gameplay actions.  See the gifs in the comments for more interesting gifs.