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Dashing Knight - Game Jam PrototypeView game page

Entry for Bolt Jam #1
Submitted by victoryoverall (@victory_o_a) — 8 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline

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Dashing Knight - Game Jam Prototype's page


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Use of Bolt#93.3333.333

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  • Really cool game, and polished art style! ashing is a simple and fun mechanic, and it's neat getting to time using the dash at the right moment. Great VFX. Really cool state graphs for the different charge levels and basic player controls.

  • First of all...Great title. The title alone is a great hook. I really like the fact that the game is controlled with only A and D. It would have been cool to explore going left as well since the character only ever needs to go right in the prototype. The movement script seems a little overdone though, not sure why so many nodes and connections were necessary. The building shattering effect is cool, but it can interrupt gameplay. A game like this is all about momentum. Keep going, keep attacking, keep dashing, feel badass. I would love to see the game go more in that direction. I would put a lot of time into making the game feel fast.

  • Dashing! This one was a blast to play: dead simple mechanic, big adrenaline rush. Taking control away from the player really made this game thrilling and fun. The visuals are minimal but have a distinct identity. It's details like pointing the spear that really give flair and humor to the experience.

    While the graphs are neat and organized, I feel like they are maybe over-engineered: could it be that there are too many states and nested graphs for something that could be done in a simpler? I also notice symmetry (e.g. dash left, dash right), which often can be avoided by providing the same graph with a different input parameter.

    Regardless, this has a lot of potential and I hope you keep iterating on it! Congrats!

Flow graph / gameplay gifs

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Fun game. I could say that this would work nicely with mobiles.

Would like to see this after jam and after adding sound effects. Would sound super cool with some dash charging sound! :)


Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm just happy to know a single person played it! I definitely had "casual" in mind with this one, specifically mobile/tablet devices where tapping/long pressing on either side of the screen would work the same as the A/D keys. With it being my first attempt to make a game I obviously have no idea about developing for touch screens, but that's the idea!

I had some fun plans for the sound, with all sfx done by mouth to add a fun, playful atmosphere. I also wanted to add enemies and dangerous obstacles like swinging wrecking balls that require precise timing to pass, but after some bad news in the family I barely had time to get it done. I'll definitely be finishing it up into a more polished game though!


More GIFs posted as screenshots on the game page 😁