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Oh don't worry about that, I loved the loud music! If I want to turn it down, I'll turn it down on my Mac :D

I had no idea this was a platformer to begin with and killed myself over and over :) Some floor contrast may have helped here. But then I figured it out, collected things that boosted my light and finally collected some treasure!

Really interesting idea! Fun to be a dog and use the power of your nose to sniff out the thief. Lovely art and nice effects. Took me a while to figure out how to use the scents though! Thank you for speeding-up the text when you hold the mouse down :) I accidentally activated the same dialog multiple times, so it helped get past it!

So cute! Took me too long to figure out the jars were all at the bottom of the level :) But once I did I was happily collecting fireflies inside them. Cute music and graphics too.

Interesting idea! Sort of like a modern Frogger. Nice graphics, easy to understand gameplay - although I question how 'on theme' this is!

Inversed Vampire Survivors! Great idea and well executed! I loved wiping out all the heroes, I just wish there was more of them to defeat :) I think it could do with keys to select the zombie type, and more 'puzzle' like levels, but I appreciate this was a short game jam. I think you're onto something here, well worth exploring further outside the constraints of a jam.

Really nice game! I loved the plasma effects, the waves of aliens, the smart bombs and the super-loud thumping music :) I do feel like there just weren't enough friendly ships to help restore your power, so it ended really quite fast, no matter how carefully I tried to manage my shots. Which is a shame, because I wanted to play more and more :)

Very nice! Great mechanics, great effects, great graphics. Tricky as hell, mind you, but definitely satisfying when you beat a level.

Beautiful pixel art and animations! Controls felt a little strange (enter to fire?!) but they were easy enough to grasp, and then it was all about the waves and zapping and zapping. Have to admit I didn't last very long, it's pretty unforgiving! But I tried and tried again because it was so nice to look at :)

Oh this was so good and so frustrating in equal measure! Such a brilliant concept, too - the way the power-ups speed towards the player adds a whole other dimension to factor in when timing dropping them. Visually it was brilliant and I loved the music and effects. Solid, polished, mostly on-theme and unique. I feel like a nice player affordance would be for you to drop a 'marker' at the top when you use a power-up, like a ghost-marker, so you can see it on your next playthrough. I appreciate that may make the game easier, but believe me, by level 5 I really needed it! :)

That intro was epic! The game, well, space invaders like the name implies - with a nice backing track too. You get overwhelmed very quickly, because those Red DJs multiply like rabbits but sadly your firepower remains the same - balance that out a bit and I'd love to carry on playing, perhaps to see a 'game won' video as fun as the intro one was!

I really enjoyed my time playing this - the controls were slick, the attacks satisfying and hitting Turbo mode was great fun! I feel like it was crying out for joypad support, because I would so often dash when I meant to throw a projectile :) Maybe having Up to jump instead of Space would have made the controls feel a little less crowded? Regardless, though, this was polished and fun to play. I did feel a little guilty for killing those creatures though, they looked kinda cute and harmless!

The shader effects really help the pixel art come to life here, and I love the details in the backgrounds and environment. Controls were simple and fluid and I sadly I always felt like when I died, it was entirely my fault! Thank you for the checkpoints, I think I would have given up without them. I got a good way into the level and liked how it progressively got more complex - that sequence where you drop down a long way and have to toggle the spikes on and off quickly was pretty evil! A nice concept, on theme and polished. Well done!

Who doesn't love playing with radio-controlled toys? I certainly do and this was no exception. I loved how you had to literally use the controller to make them do things, and swapping controller swapped the toy. The camera zoom feature was very helpful and I enjoyed my time controller the race car, digger and helicopter. I still think the race car was the best of all though, especially with its sound effect. Perfectly on-theme, too! And really nice visuals. Great stuff.

Oh this is just beautiful! The little robot is super-cute (reminds me of Wall-e) and the gameplay is simple while being a real challenge. Presentation is slick as can be, too. The only thing I didn't appreciate at first was that you get more cards - I thought I had to collect all the power with just my opening cards, which I knew was impossible :) But once I realised that you get more cards (and rules) and just have to ensure the battery doesn't drain down, then I was consumed by this for far too long. Great stuff!

Oh dear, I lost so much time to this game! Excellent graphics, perfectly on-theme and stupidly addictive. Would be nice to see it expanded with maybe AI opponents.

Wow, this game is huge! I had real fun crafting potions and making the villagers test them :) It was very satisfying to get 3 stars! The only thing I struggled with was remembering which ingredients made which potion (I thought that would appear in the potion book, but I couldn't see it?). Great game though, especially for such a short timescale.

This is just superb! Excellent puzzles, totally on-theme and great presentation. I like how the hue of the scene shifts slightly each time you retry it (and retry I certainly did!). On a big screen it was a bit of a mouse-race to click things fast enough, but I still totally enjoyed my time with this.

This is pretty epic! Nice platforming action. I managed to make it to stage 5, although honestly only by jumping over (instead of killing) most baddies on the previous stage. Waiting for your shot to power-up took a bit too long I think (especially as it was essential) but the level design was nice, it ran fast, the graphics were superb and with a little more work with would be truly awesome :)

Absolutely stunning! Everything about this game is slick. The graphics are perfect, the audio is great - especially the effects (the music loop is a little short perhaps), the controls feel lovely too. An amazing example of what's possible for a game jam! Easily app store / Steam quality with a little more variety (extra bonus pieces and so on). I would have loved a 'free play' mode, so I could just keep on going as long as possible and making a shot didn't cost any power :)

Pretty damn addictive! Although try as I might, I just could not take down that dino :)

I used the teleport as many times as I could - and had loads of money and just spammed the 'repair' button, but it wasn't enough! Great game, though! One very small bug I found - I was down to 3 health, then wondered what the envelope icon was in the bottom left. Clicked it and it said to repair the castle, but it changed the repair icon to a heart and you can't then click it. So you have to wait to get damaged once more, then you get the repair icon back.

78 minutes and 130 waves - nothing I could do would survive 70 Caspers :D

Not sure I would have had a clue how to play this without your tutorial image above - but with that, this is compelling and really fun! I made it all the way to the nest - would have loved some kind of game over animation or something :)

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Enjoyed this a lot! It was really satisfying getting the meat to finally land on the BBQ and then the plate. I didn't feel like I had any real control over the direction the meat bounced, or how far, but that was part of the charm in a way.

This is wonderful! I just love this :) Although I'm pretty sure these fish ain't dead!

Yay, I managed to escape! Those baddies at the start were relentless. But thankfully couldn't get through any of the rocks, so it was quite easy to just mine away unharmed!

Awesome game! I loved playing this :) Flying, mining, blasting aliens - all with great visuals and sound. The only issue is that I'm a left-handed mouser, and it's really hard to reach the space bar when using cursors to move (and impossible when using WASD), which meant I had to swap my mouse to my right-hand. Ideally, the Up arrow could have been jump (and double-tap to jetpack)

Lovely intro and execution! Although I couldn't seem to play it, as the enemy just runs towards the ball and pushes it right into your net (there didn't appear to be any AI) - is it 2 player only maybe?

Really nice! Great graphics and concept. I really struggled to manage to farm anything without getting killed by the relentless bugs though :)

Really quite fun! Although I wish the pick-axe worked a lot faster, as it took ages to get going, but once you did it was compelling to carry on collecting gems.

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I finally managed to beat this game - although that sneaky [1] power-down at the end was nasty!

Aww, too cute! :)

Just to say that, if like me you're on Windows, rename the Emoji Pack zip fle to .rar instead, and then unrar it, and it'll work. It's not corrupted, it just isn't a zip file :)

The file within TopdownRPG - Incredibundle Asset is corrupted and won't unzip. The rest unzip fine, though. The RPG HUD zip appears to have another copy of Pixelfood inside of it?! It's a nice bundle and worth the $30, but the file structure is a bit of a mess to be honest.

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Really nice work! Perfect for use right away as mock GB / controller images. However, if you wish to use them to create a 'fake' GB display for a game then you'll need to put in some serious work in Photoshop to prepare them first - aligning the layers, cutting out the labels, etc. The components in the PSD are just flat images with very few layers (the screen, for example, is all literally just one layer with a drop shadow, and not a Smart Layer either) - this isn't a complaint, as the quality is really high and they are completely free! Just be aware in advance that you've got to put in some real effort to make these useable in a game.