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Great Job, everyone! I'm full of Space Kaiju Alpaca Mob Boss anger that  my game's rating were so low, but then so are 86 other people. We're going to get our revenge! We will blot out the sun with our righteous rage! How will you defeat our anger? Roll a d6 to find out!!

But to amend that, I must say while very few people (maybe one or two) were overall impressed with my submission, I did get the most ratings, making me a winner by popular vote. So... let's change that system, eh?

Seriously though, lots of fun. So much fun. And so many more new games to play.

Everyone else who had updates or completions, please be sure to provide those on your game's page so we can see what you weren't able to show us during the comp. Yeah I'm looking at you, everyone else who hasn't done so, yet. Do it!

You know what? Looking at it again and factoring in the r.p., you are right. I was only considering the die rolling aspect, plus my inability to roll high numbers, as shown by my DnD sessions. So frustrating.

Assuming these are d6 and not d8 or d10. I would use d10 'cause I'm a hardcore survivalist who knows how to use a single tool to do multiple things, haha!

Snap! I didn't know it would take GIF format! I updated my page with the original image I created sooo long ago. Enjoy!!

I managed to DL and rate AND COMMENT  on all 90 other submissions. I would have done so last week, but I got a little tired. I started off strong with fifteen on the first day, twenty on the second, then averaging about eight or so the following two weeks. Managed the last ten tonight. How's everyone else holding up? So much extracurricular work! But it was fun, right? I had fun. Thanks Ian!

Straight-forward mechanics/story/setting. I like the simplicity of "describe and talk about everything that happens". Great!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa there. I didn't start playing a game in order to write an essay. I certainly don't mind having a discussion, but, uh, you know, school was over for me a number of years ago. I like the thought that went into this, however, I will have to audit this clas-- er, pass on the writing portion of this game.

Looks like you (hand them to the GM to) light a fire with them. Hmm. Doesn't really add into the game-play, does it? Like, is light an ITEM so that you get 2d6 when SENSEing?

Ugh, eternal nights are so harsh!  This is nice and simple. 

Love a good Victorian setting. This is a well described system with a brief setting/story to boot. It literally has everything.

This is some great sci-fi. I love the idea of slipping away and then fighting over the right to rule. As if all rules from the previous universe are gone and forgotten. Silly humans. I like the number throwing mechanic as well. interesting way to vote.

Lots of story-telling here to add to the story/setting already.  I don't know how I feel about the 50% fail, even with two dice. Do you understand how hard it is to roll a NOT 1 on a d4? So hard!

The Spite and Grief mechanics are an interesting, and highly thematic, touch.  I'll have to play through a few rolls to see how they can be used at advantage.

Straightforward mechanics, right to the point story/setting. And a very open interpretation on how to play. It might turn apocalyptic, but that doesn't mean it can't be Fallout funny! Shawn of the Dead, maybe? And the 8 minute frantic collection of thoughts and belongings is great as well. Very good!

Nice! Dawn is gonna be pissed Sun is dead, though. Maybe talk your way through it? I love the setting/story. The different locations or reasons you have to work with are humorous and make my human body rock with laughter. I don't like 50% fails, but you've made it so it's just a complication instead of a complete and utter failure. Which is very nice! I would play this a bit more openly and not corner my players into just trying to get rid of the body. Maybe a Weekend at Sun's scenario happens?

I like the setting/story and the details written therein. The specific light-healing mechanic is great, too. And the idea of fire merchants running around is fun! This would make a great DnD world.

 But with that, I'm a little concerned with the lack of details in the system. It looks like this assumes the GM and/or players know any d20 system. Like, you say AC, but without telling us anything else, we are left to assume that this is supplement that uses a d20 system, but with certain elements replaced. Also, does the pc have no skills? No stats but health and light? It really seems like I'm rolling up a DnD character and playing with this setting in mind, and using fire magic to heal. Even so, I like the setting/story a lot.

Hilarious! I love Depeche Mode, and having good hair is a must if I'm T'can T'can. Hey, is my lasgun loaded?

I'm a little concerned with the high risk on the DC. Did you play test 4, 5, and 6 and find it too easy? Also losing a die on a 1 is so harsh! I almost wish there was a restoration mechanic. This is just me complaining, feel free to ignore. I might be having a bad hair day.

I appreciate the balancing of the dice amongst the "classes". I also like the idea that challenges are easy, but anything else becomes difficult. The Powers are where it's at. And the suggested Locations are helpful. This is a simple system I can get with. Nicely done!

Slowly freezing to death. Classy! This looks like a solid system, although rolls at or above the stat succeed? Is that to represent the desperation of the character in the dire circumstances they face? Seems the most likely reason. Very good!

This will be a fun table-flipper when I play it with friends later. Nice!

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Nice mechanic with the candles and story telling. There's a sense of urgency that is missing from other games without candles. This one is also sad without being too emotionally dark. And the die roll seems to be well balanced, too (as much as I dislike the 50% fail, at least it's on Difficult and not just Uncertain, with the added candle bonus). Very Nice.

 I'd like to see some recorded sessions of this played out to see if anyone manages to re-ignite the sun. Rolling a six with six lit candles should definitely do that, but at what cost?! Dun-dun-duuuuunnn!

Ah. My fault for not really understanding the "well-disposed" line. Again with the compression of rules, it looks like I'm supposed to determine if I use a d6 or d10, if my ship is suited to the action, instead of the intended "use a d6, unless your ship is well disposed, then use a d10". Or. No.

Hmmmm. I think I'm getting mixed up because of the way the die rolls can vary between high and low depending on the action.

I think I get it now. 

First note, your image reminds me of a Komato from Iji 

Second. This is a hardcore system. I like the "approach" description and can appreciate the difficulty checks. The chanciness feels good in this set up. I like the Frame mechanics and the Pilot set up. Can't wait to see the pdf.

Oh, one more thing before I go (pulls cigar from corner of mouth) Everyone agrees it's d6s and d10s, yes? then why does line 4 read, and I quote, "d8s for heroic and willful," et cetera? And before you answer, know that I checked the little endian file as well. It reads the same. (cigar back into corner of mouth). No, no. I'll see myself out.

(Columbo for the curious)

So I did the research and I'm going to accuse you of using Vim to create your original file. You must be an addict. We can help. There are all sorts of editors that take care of BOM and most of them even ignore it because, unless you're using multiple languages, you don't need the distinction. Let us help you. type :q! into the terminal. It's easy. Just uninstall it. Come on, friend. You can do it.

Alternatively, why don't my programs automatically detect BOM. What did I do? Kate used to I think, but I'm running XFCE now and haven't looked back. I use Arch, by the way. Soooooooo...

/s wherever it fits for you.

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Oof. Kinda sorta Stockholm's Syndrome here, by the looks of it. While the mechanic is interesting and in the case of survival, fitting, it makes me feel icky.

I'm guessing each day the temperature drops? There's a missing sentence telling us the rate of temperature drop. Rereading it, I see that the Dark Frost catches up every 4 hours. But we have a few days to get to Lazarus? I guess that needs to be played out with the narrator. Like, three hour sleep shifts, with an hour or less of flat out running? Or sleep marching (via The Long Walk)? Also, "few" days is an unnecessary vagary that could easily have been "four" or "five" in order to increase character and player stress. In general "few" is three or, at most, four.

And a trivial task is a 15? Even at 4d6 that's not trivial. It might have been better to say rolling a 3 or better on a die is a success, and you need 3 successes. That's at least a higher probability of success.

I apologize for sounding so harsh. I think the idea that someone who knows a hint of my dark secret can then sacrifice me in a daily event in order for an action to succeed (meaning we don't die, or whatever. But wow) is really off-putting. And then if they know my secret fully they can just abuse me at will. Ugh. The only reason I'm running with this other person is that I'm trying not to die and moving in groups is the best way to do that. Oh! This really grates my cheese!

I could swear this is the basis for some movies or reality shows. I'd have to play this with not-friends at a big party so I could avoid them until I left. This is a tough sell for me. It's good mechanics, even if the act of it is morally or ethically wrong. But then what other mechanic would there be? It is what it is, and it's decent. I really like the Dark Frost; would like to have seen that expanded. I don't love it overall, but I appreciate the work and thought behind this one.

This is hilarious! I love the idea and the setting and story. Oh, man.

Mechanically a little skewed, but you know what, Rule of Fun! Talk about A Bug's Life! Ha! Love it.

Huh. A nice twist on the group improv/story-telling.

The Unknown is a sneak, eh? I wish you'd been able to flesh out that role's motives for speaking with each person first. Maybe Unknown knows everyone in some direct or 2 Degrees of Separation indirect way. I've seen a few movies and Twilight Zone episodes with that character. It plays oddly, but creates "good" drama. There should be a break halfway through or near the climax where one of the players demands to know who the Unknown is and why they get so much say in things. Fun!

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If the Sun is on Earth, does it also rise?

Sorry. (Hemingway)

Also love the BOC reference.

Uh, Number of Companions for Sol - does that mean the cards transfer to the next player? Also, the extreme vagueness doesn't give me much of a hint if there even is the possibility of a climax to each turn. Otherwise, this is really cool. I like the predictable randomness of a playing card deck, as well as the use of the suits. Good job!

I thought I'd think on this a few days, but sober or not, this is still to deep for me. I think I'll go wreck a solar system.


This worst part is it's subjective gambling; someone else determines if you win! It's so lame, but thank you!

Such abstraction from the necessary vagary. I'm interested in seeing the test in play. That sounds hard. But then Neo seemed to pass with flying colors. This sounds really fun. 

I assume, when the planets convene, the player in question is excluded from the conversation. 

Also, how planetist is it that you "exclude" Pluto from the voting. If you're excluding one dwarf planet, you're excluding them all. Inexcusable.  I demand you apologize:

I like the debate and the addition of the die roll to make things chancy. Especially if the players aren't solid debaters. 

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I'm not hot on the idea of explicit classes controlling any part of a character's abilities, and much prefer a skill list. But that's just me after playing DnD for 20+ years. I feel like there could have been a little more simplification there. And I'm really iffy about randomizing AC. Also, such a wide range on the initiative, with the Rogue getting +1D4. Mmmm. Sorry, it just looks unfair on paper. Balanced, but unfair overall. Again, I'd have to actually play out to get a real feel for the numbers and rolls. Which I'm sure you've done dozens of times. Niko#3346 Discord if you wanna chat about it, or even try out a session. Although, I'm not on often.

Ah, class based stats. A return to the old days of DnD. However, these look to be fairly balanced and thought out. Pretty nice! I love the setting/story and the immediacy of the challenge. I'm going to have to play this out to get a better feel for the rolls. But they look all right.

Cute! But I don't have hardly enough magnets :'( I love the story/setting. I don't know how many rounds I'd last before my creativity failed me and I hit a writer's block. Hopefully the additional responses by the Editor will help.

Love the use of standard playing cards. The setting/story is also great, and can lead to either a dark comedy or mystery horror story, depending on the players. It'll be fun to hear player's takes on the Truths for Diamonds and Clubs. Cheers!

I really like the mechanics here for cold, wounds, challenges, difficulties, dis/advantages. Very nicely balanced. It's going to be hard on the narrator to come up with a time-line for reaching the station and returning to (where? the broken copter?) as well as at least one challenge a day to keep the players on their toes.

Looks like a fun time!

The setting is great. I love the idea of a collection of ships so massive they create their own gravity. 

I have my own confusion. It's 15 d10 per stat? Not 15 amongst four stats? If so, these are some hardy space-farers! Also, no long term goal? Possibly set by the GM, but assuming it's just survival against the aliens that consumed Sol is, well, less than exciting. Sounds drear and dire. Eh, that's survival for you.

Okay, the setting and story are fairly original. I like how the stats are distributed between the species, although agreeing on what stat represents what action could get a little iffy. I laughed when I read the Chyrek ability, because it's basically dark all the time, right? Still, cool stuff all around.

I'd have to say playing in the dark could get difficult, even if it is a cool idea. Also, I'm not prepared to go out and buy X number of glow in the dark anything, even if it is a cheap ceiling sticker set that I cut apart carefully. However, I like all of this. The idea is great, even if the difficulty is pricey. No one said surviving would be easy!

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I do like the setting and story. I read it in my most mysterious and savage announcer voice and it sounded great! Also, the title is superb.

It looks like you meant for the sun-heir to also participate in the seeking. There's a little confusion for me in the third to last line of text. Additionally, and I'm sure this is up to the players, there's no clarity on how many rounds of trials should exist. The wording makes it sounds like one trial per player, but with three traits, there is no danger of losing anyone. I would suggest a complicated math of two rounds of trials per player, plus a further number of trials equal to half the number of players, rounded up (2x+1/2x). That guarantees at least more than one death. Haha!

This sounds exactly like I'm watching people from the B-Arc in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy try to operate the ship with their limited knowledge of hairstyles or bureaucratic methods. None of them will understand a user's manual, and the scientist is outnumbered two-to-one every five people involved. And of course there will be a "democratic" vote on decisions. Haha! This will play out so poorly for those saps. Oh, man! I love it. Even the complete randomness; it's like they're just flipping switches in hopes of getting something working properly. This is hilarious! Great job!

Looking again, what happened to the trained crew!? Oh noes!

Squeeeee! All the science! All the possibilities! Great story telling device! Just imagining a group of like minded creative types talking about all the event occurring is exciting.