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Great Job, everyone! I'm full of Space Kaiju Alpaca Mob Boss anger that  my game's rating were so low, but then so are 86 other people. We're going to get our revenge! We will blot out the sun with our righteous rage! How will you defeat our anger? Roll a d6 to find out!!

But to amend that, I must say while very few people (maybe one or two) were overall impressed with my submission, I did get the most ratings, making me a winner by popular vote. So... let's change that system, eh?

Seriously though, lots of fun. So much fun. And so many more new games to play.

Everyone else who had updates or completions, please be sure to provide those on your game's page so we can see what you weren't able to show us during the comp. Yeah I'm looking at you, everyone else who hasn't done so, yet. Do it!

Thank you very much for rating and commenting! Sorry to see your game rated so low. It was definitely a top 20 in my book.