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A great PbtA game where you get to play as heroines from folklore and mythology. Each heroine has their unique abilities and powers. Get it if you like heroines and/or folklore!

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Hi Tzuvembi,

Check out this thread for some general tips:

Let me know if you have more specific questions.

A great game about being a taxi driver for supernatural beings, and educational on Filipino folklore.

A great storytelling RPG about a magical shop on a boat. It oozes with flavour and has a very folklore-feel to it.

An evocative story telling game about two tragic lovers, told through creatures that guide them to their afterlife. Well done!

Hello Rafincistudio, 

Folklore Jam is a jam for tabletop RPGs. @grimoirtua is doing World MytholoJam, which is a jam for video games and other interactive mediums. 

P.S. If you want, you can totally design audio for a tabletop RPG.

If you want a more instructional guide, here is an article on Medium:

Personally, I think the best way to learn how to write a TTRPG is to read them. There are many short TTRPGs on itch. Grant Howitt has many great one-page RPGs. You can also read the entries of 200 Word RPG Challenge for inspiration.

These guys talked about a few ghost stories from Ancient China, and they have more Chinese folklore videos on their channel:

Check out John R. Harness's Tips for Your First Game Jam

Hi Torre, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but Folklore Jam is set up as a tabletop RPG jam. I am going to reiterate what I wrote elsewhere, that we welcome submissions of tabletop role-playing games, and it's up to the creator what the definition of a tabletop RPG is.

I don't think there's a solid wall between what is and what isn't a table top RPG. Besides, I've seen many games coming out on itch that pushes the boundaries of what TTRPG should be.

I love GM-less RPG. Lovecraft-esque is a really good example.

Some more boundary pushing RPGs I can think of are Microscope and Quiet Year.

One of the most important aspect I see in RPG is open-ended storytelling. Every time you play the game, unique stories can be told.

Coming back to your question, it's an RPG as long as you think it is one. There's no judging in this jam, so no one can really tell you off for not making a "proper" RPG.

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Hello Nikita, 

Folklore Jam is a jam for tabletop RPGs. @grimoirtua is doing World MytholoJam, which is a jam for video games and other interactive mediums. Unless it is disabled by the jam hosts, most jams have a community section on the page. 

P.S. If you want, you can totally design audio for a tabletop RPG.

Thanks! <3 It wouldn't have happened without WE ARE BUT WORMS.

I chose it because it's public domain. :p

His artwork is amazing though.

I have set up the page for the jam:

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Hello tabletop gaming peeps,

I have been thinking of hosting a game jam on mythology and folklore. There seem to be a number of mythology jams for video games, but not tabletop ones. I am just putting it out there to see if anyone is interested, or perhaps want to co-host with me.


Update: Gonna call it Folklore and Mythology Jam so that I can use #FolkloreJam to differentiate from the existing video game jams.  I am trying to avoid doing it at the same time as other tabletop game jams, but it's probably inevitable. (Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing to see so many tabletop game jams.) AFAIK, there's no game jam taking place in late April at the moment. (More and more jams pop up while I am planning this jam. Oh well.)

Update: I have set the jam up. It's pretty barebones at the moment. Feel free to let me know if something should be added to it, or if you want to co-host!

Thanks! 😃

Well done! Your entry was really well written!


Thank you very much for rating and commenting! Sorry to see your game rated so low. It was definitely a top 20 in my book.

Well done Andrew, your entry was my favourite!

Blue Dawn is my favourite too!

I am extremely honoured to see my entry voted number 2! Thank you Ian for organising the jam, and everyone for participating and voting! It was great to see so many creative minds at work!

Thank you. :)

Love the high fantasy-ish setting. Well done!

It is always good to see a hard sci-fi setting! Good job!

I really like corruption mechanics in games. It is good to see characters gain new powers when they embrace the darkness. Nicely done!

A great storytelling game. Good job!

Love your sci-fi setting. Good job!

Nice twist on the theme, and I like how the whole thing reads like an in-universe document. Great mechanics too!

Love your mechanics. Very evocative. I like that your mechanics complement the theme and doesn't feel like a separate dice system.

Well done!

IMHO, 200 words is too little to describe a full dice system on top of the setting and story. The best entries I have rated have mechanics that complement the theme. My own entry fall short too.

I love FTL too!

Nice ASCII art. You seem to have put a lot of effort into the table, and I like it. There are so many stories I can tell just by looking at it.

Your mechanic is a bit too crunchy for 200 words. As other have mentioned, you don't need the 6 D&D stats. I prefer stat-less games, but even if you want to stick with stats, you can create your own unique ones that are more suited to the theme.

A humorous story telling game. I like it!

I understand the limit of 200 words, but I feel that there should be something to help structure the encounters. If I don't have much experience in RPG and read the game as it is, I would assume the three problems are the challenges you have to overcome. Thus, the game would just end when three 6+s are rolled.

Interesting idea for an RPG!

Too bad that most players I know would do anything to survive and "win" the game.

I like the setting and the portrayal of dwindling resources. It is good to see a game where players have a better than 50% chance to succeed by default.

When I read the beginning of your game, I thought it would be a optimistic game about restarting the sun.

Then I read to the end and all the player characters die!

Reminds me of the film Armageddon.