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Burn Out The NightView project page

Submitted by NobleKnave (@BardSupreme) — 1 day, 5 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Theme#93.8463.846
Setting (or Location)#423.1543.154
Story (or Starting Scenario)#762.6152.615

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The mechanics are really fun, and we loved how stat-lowering ties into the theme of burning out, plus we like the fluffy stuff like the acts that light up the dark. The stat lines were also wonderfully themed.

I think the weaknesses here are the lack of starting scenario/setting descriptions, outside of the prompts (which were very fun to read but didn't really work for us/weren't enough, but that's a limitation of the jam itself of course). We also kind of questioned the dice size choices (as it seems pretty unlikely you'll ever Burn on a d12). Maybe there needs to be more variation in environmental penalties? We'd love to see a more developed version of this entry for that!


Love your mechanics. Very evocative. I like that your mechanics complement the theme and doesn't feel like a separate dice system.

Well done!


I appreciate the balancing of the dice amongst the "classes". I also like the idea that challenges are easy, but anything else becomes difficult. The Powers are where it's at. And the suggested Locations are helpful. This is a simple system I can get with. Nicely done!


I really liked the thematic elements present in the writing, and the differentiation of characters being the dice in their pool versus the dice assigned to specific attributes. I think the text implies that you are almost always going to be in the dark or in the cold, and often in both, but a little more detail on challenges and setting would be welcome. For instance I'm not clear on whether "burning" passes the challenge, and there must be some limitations on the creation/movement of heat and light in the setting. I'm not sure if it's your intent, but I could envision this as a very tight pseudo-dungeon-crawler that players would have a ball with.


Can you describe for me a typical scene ?


I feel like doing so during the voting period would go against the spirit of the Jam's 200 word limit.


That is fair enough :)


This reads like poetry. Love the concept. Simple, digestible, executable skill mechanics. Not really sure how to bridge the gap between what exactly the characters are (am I a human torchbearer or literally a street lamp) and what exactly they are meant to do. As GM, I would be unsure of how to construct a scene or challenge. "Paranoid Selfishness" is a beautiful touch.