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From dust we came, to dust we will return. Long will the cold night reign.
Submitted by Between2Worlds — 1 day, 9 hours before the deadline

Play Adventure RPG



CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Setting (or Location)#223.4213.421
Story (or Starting Scenario)#573.0003.000
Use of Theme#732.6842.684

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I like your setting. I would love to explore some Gothic skyscrapers.

As others have suggested, I feel that you are trying to condense the D20 system into 200 words.  I think your game has potential as a much bigger one.


Ah, class based stats. A return to the old days of DnD. However, these look to be fairly balanced and thought out. Pretty nice! I love the setting/story and the immediacy of the challenge. I'm going to have to play this out to get a better feel for the rolls. But they look all right.


I feel like this can't really be considered a 200wd RPG on it's own, given how much it relies on basic assumptions like ascending AC and HP/Hit. The setting seems cool, but IMO the mechanics just don't gel with it.


Thank you for the feedback.

You are right in that it relies on basic assumptions.  This game is aimed at those who have experience with standard D20 systems. In order to fit in the theme, story and the mechanics I wanted while keeping the depth of story  simple assumptions are made. 

The extra dice to roll on top of the D20 was my way around the word limit of having to write up a bonus to hit mechanic. I like the feel of rolling the die and adding another die to it. It feels like my character pushed a little harder and just passed. 

What mechanical changes would you make to help it gel?


Well, I certainly don't think I'm in a position to tell you how to better execute your own concept, but personally I would've dived in deep with the whole 'humans corrupted turn to elves/orcs' thing much further. Like, those would've been my stats. Trying to balance between the two. (not even sure if that's how you intended that setting bit to sound, but that grabbed my attention) And I would have just said "use a standard d20 system in conjunction with these rules" super explicitly. I thought it was PbtA.

TBH, I'm not convinced 200wds is enough to make an RPG in any traditional sense that includes character abilities and DCs and such, but that's me.


Thank you SalusExScientiae :) I wasn't sure if I could explicitly say that! However it suddenly wouldn't be a 200wd rpg as you'd have to source all the mechanics from somewhere else. This also means you'd have to write up strengh ,con , int ect...for each character. All of which would be sourced from elsewhere leaving this as just an alternative world in a dnd setting. 

That is how I intended the section to sound.  What I thought I  made explicit is that there are still humans and you play as one by using the word 'shunned' and referring to the elves and orcs attacking the city. However there is no reason why ypu couldn't play as an orc or elf. I left as much in the open as possible and put it down to players that would be that way inclined would create a backstory. I originally had a mutation mechanic for stats but threw it away for this edition as it added to many words and I really wanted to try and capture a more standard rpg feel as a priority. 

This was my attempt at just that! Also my first game :)

Thank you again!


Congrats on your first game!

Ya, I'm not sure how the rules are on outsourcing mechanics. To some degree, I feel like most of these require some sort of outside knowledge of what an RPG is supposed to be, and a few seem to assume at no instruction that we're playing d20. So IDK.

I guess maybe part of me is fine with being just another DnD world. I think that's sorta what it is, just with some extra mechanics on top of some assumed baseline. I suppose I would have rather the mechanics be more novel inclusions, systems not included elsewhere in the mainstream. IMO there's no reason to spend precious words detailing HP when most everybody reading this has their own way they deal with the problem that solves to begin with, and much the same for stats/abilities/etc. I'm here to find new tidbits that I can't get in huge high-production-value blockbusters, stuff I can patch onto my table. But that's me, and certainly not everyone.

We probably just have different visions of the contest, which is of course fine, but in terms of how I would use it, I'd rather see more appendages than bodies.

Good luck!


What do you all think? 

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I'm not hot on the idea of explicit classes controlling any part of a character's abilities, and much prefer a skill list. But that's just me after playing DnD for 20+ years. I feel like there could have been a little more simplification there. And I'm really iffy about randomizing AC. Also, such a wide range on the initiative, with the Rogue getting +1D4. Mmmm. Sorry, it just looks unfair on paper. Balanced, but unfair overall. Again, I'd have to actually play out to get a real feel for the numbers and rolls. Which I'm sure you've done dozens of times. Niko#3346 Discord if you wanna chat about it, or even try out a session. Although, I'm not on often.