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That is fair enough :)

Can you describe for me a typical scene ?

Hi Deleterious, I really like that you allow the characters a way of dying on their own terms :)

Well done

This is an interesting take on morality. Thank you :)

Hi Ellwynde, I like your take on the bonus to die roll mechanic.  Due to word limitations that is something that I did very differently in my game! 

Cheers and well done :)

Thank you SalusExScientiae :) I wasn't sure if I could explicitly say that! However it suddenly wouldn't be a 200wd rpg as you'd have to source all the mechanics from somewhere else. This also means you'd have to write up strengh ,con , int ect...for each character. All of which would be sourced from elsewhere leaving this as just an alternative world in a dnd setting. 

That is how I intended the section to sound.  What I thought I  made explicit is that there are still humans and you play as one by using the word 'shunned' and referring to the elves and orcs attacking the city. However there is no reason why ypu couldn't play as an orc or elf. I left as much in the open as possible and put it down to players that would be that way inclined would create a backstory. I originally had a mutation mechanic for stats but threw it away for this edition as it added to many words and I really wanted to try and capture a more standard rpg feel as a priority. 

This was my attempt at just that! Also my first game :)

Thank you again!

Thank you for the feedback.

You are right in that it relies on basic assumptions.  This game is aimed at those who have experience with standard D20 systems. In order to fit in the theme, story and the mechanics I wanted while keeping the depth of story  simple assumptions are made. 

The extra dice to roll on top of the D20 was my way around the word limit of having to write up a bonus to hit mechanic. I like the feel of rolling the die and adding another die to it. It feels like my character pushed a little harder and just passed. 

What mechanical changes would you make to help it gel?

After the Jam just update it :)

How many items need to be found? There are a few sentences that are hard to read, including the table.  Otherwise, I like the theme :)

I'm still a little uncertain how damage works. After the strength check do you take away the difference?

I like the theme :)

Not a bad take on it :) You leave it open for mischief and pretty much everything else! I like it. Well done :)

I love the story. It is very poetic. Do the 'things' you pick up have any mechanical reaction in the game other than recovering and loosong them? Or is it purely just for role play? Surely they are important if you pretty much die if you loose them?

I really like the idea of being a champion and having followers. Equally compelling is the mechanic of twisting a champoins boon into something sinister. It really fits with the story and adds depth.

I will make sure tonplay this one with my friends. I'll get back to you regarding how it went.

Well done :) Rated!

I love this! I will play it and get back to you regarding feedback!

The fact the you seem doomed to die is an interesting touch. It adds depth to your story, which is hard to do in 200 words! I also love the line "Failure is not an option". It also implies more backstory, therefore depth. Well done :)

What do you all think? 

What company if you don't mind me asking? 

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I look forward to trying out this game JackOatley. It is not an rpg than I'm used to so it should be good :) I'll let you know how it goes.

I really like the tone of your game Zaleramancer.  Sacrifice is a powerful and beautiful motif. Well done :)

I like your approach. I'll let you know how the play test goes!

Very cool idea SpaceRelated. I really like the simplicity and the mechanics add SO much more depth to the game. I look forward to playing it. I'll update you with how it goes :)

This looks to be fast to play and fun! I look forward to playing this with my cousins soon. I'll message you regarding how it went.

Well done :) 

This is funny nikomaru! It isn't my style but I appreciate the imbedded humor!

:) I love the idea of being a Sunflower Knight! Well done :)

Fantastic! Thank you Ian!

This looks good NateTreme! 

This looks good savam! I can't wait to try it!

Hi everyone,

I accidentally sent the wrong file in. It is pretty much the same just cleaner with less '...' and with one word change.

Am I allowed to update it?