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Patricide/Regicide/DeicideView project page

A game about usurping the sun
Submitted by SpaceRelated — 7 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Setting (or Location)#14.0914.091
Use of Theme#14.3644.364
Story (or Starting Scenario)#53.9093.909

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I like the balanced  mechanics here.  If I use two dice a day, I will have six on the last day, or three dice a day and only two on the last. IF. And the story/setting is intriguing. Rings faintly of Greek or Roman mythos, where no one is overtly angry the tyrant is dead, but someone must be scheming because they all want the throne. Plus you used mostly Roman names, soooo...

The only question I have for when I play this is how to decide the Domain each day. If there were six total persona to bear, then that's easy. I'll have to add them and see how that works for balance. Maybe Day and Night Domains and divvy that evenly amongst the players.

Very nice!


Really evocative. I have to say I respect the decision to be light on conflict resolution and let the party figure out what works for them. The dwindling power is something I like to terms of the theme of death. Also adds a nice coda when everybody runs out of dice. Would've been nice to see some guidance on how to adjust difficulties (should players be expected to expend five dice every action just to guarantee success? Do the players know how many dice the GM will roll? How should the GM adjust to the player's stinginess with dice?) Alas, of course, a ten score is too little for us all.


Thank you! Those are very good criticisms too, and I have answers to what I intended resolution to look like, but I think it'd be against the spirit of the rules to share them.


Thanks for the reply! FWIW, I believe the rules are fine with "Aw I shoulda/woulda/coulda"'s in the comments, just that they aren't to be considered part of the game when reviewing. At least, I've seen it happen in a couple other submissions, so I don't think anybody's doing anything wrong. IDK for certain, though.


Very cool idea SpaceRelated. I really like the simplicity and the mechanics add SO much more depth to the game. I look forward to playing it. I'll update you with how it goes :)