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A GM-less RPG inspired by Chinese mythology
A Sci-Fi Tabletop Micro-RPG
The Sun is dead, hide its body.
A Micro-RPG Jam Entry for the Sun Is Dead Theme
A new ice age and eternal darkness dooms humanity and small groups attempt to save what they can.
A 200 Word Sci-fi RPG where resources matter more than anything.
A tiny RPG in a world with a shattered sun
A micro rpg set in deep space.
Fight for humanity's freedom from itself below the Earth's surface.
A micro RPG about returning to Earth, at long last. Made for the microRPG Jam, 2018.
200 word post apocalyptic survival rpg
Micro-RPG Jam Entry 2018
2018 Micro-RPG Jam Entry
With the sun dead, the world is freezing. How long can you survive before you run out of Heat?
A micro-RPG in a dying future.
A Micro RPG about an Eclipse and Frightened Cavemen
Entry for the Micro-rpg game jam
Arctic survival during endless night.
Your paper is gone, but you're still reporters.
Persuade the rulers of the frozen wasteland that is earth to fund your homemade rocket.
Role Playing
From dust we came, to dust we will return. Long will the cold night reign.
A micro-RPG about university and the genealogy of knowledge
Entry for the micro RPG jam
A game where players have 8 minutes to prepare for a post-apocalyptic world of chaos.
Witness the cycle anew as you journey to restore the Sun!
Role Playing
Murder in the Pantheon
A tabletop RPG about submarines.
When evil prepares to eat the sun, what would you do to stop it
The sun is dead. The world is freezing. You have nothing left but snow, desperation, and what little heat remains.
​Frost and darkness engulf the world... and the hearts of men...
...and you have 40 minutes to bring it back!
What will you do for warmth?
Cult leaders bringing hope to their followers through sacred texts.
Role Playing
A game about usurping the sun
Fast Freight and Reclamation in a cold, dead, solar system
A 200 Word Micro RPG. Stars as mythic heros in strange seas.
Find the Chalice of Humanity to become the savior of all. But can you do it without extinguishing all light?
A micro-rpg where time is relative.
Created for the micro-rpg jam. Everyones been turned into horrible monsters and is competing for the ultimate honor!
200 word micro-rpg - Seekers in Darkness
Survive in a land with no sun, one day at a time.
Submission for the Micro-RPG jam
Assemble your Squadron, fly into the S.U.N., and blow it all to hell.
RolePlaying Game about finding your way out of a mess.
Escape a doomed planet before it is consumed by a dying star.
A 200 word RPG of hidden cards and courtly intrigue
Role Playing
Experience the same darkness your characters must endure.
Build a spaceship to escape your death, share your past along the way.
Find a world worth dying for
200 word RPG about how a people survive when the sun has died.
Role Playing
A game about the nightmares of bureaucracy in space.
Someone's gotta restart the sun, why not you?
your dying from the darkness and need to find a cure
They were the only hope you had, and now they're dead.
Survival / Exploration / Horror/ Micro RPG
Role Playing
200 word game for the Jam
The sun is gone and something has taken it's place.
A 200 Word Micro RPG
When your resources are limited, what can you do to survive?
You and your team need a new home, but where?
Role Playing
To stop the creatures of light, we destroyed the sun.
A game about democracy and losing friends
Try to remember....
A MicroRPG about cults of personality.
Interactive Fiction