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First note, your image reminds me of a Komato from Iji 

Second. This is a hardcore system. I like the "approach" description and can appreciate the difficulty checks. The chanciness feels good in this set up. I like the Frame mechanics and the Pilot set up. Can't wait to see the pdf.

Oh, one more thing before I go (pulls cigar from corner of mouth) Everyone agrees it's d6s and d10s, yes? then why does line 4 read, and I quote, "d8s for heroic and willful," et cetera? And before you answer, know that I checked the little endian file as well. It reads the same. (cigar back into corner of mouth). No, no. I'll see myself out.

(Columbo for the curious)

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Thank you nikomaru!  In fact, two big influences for me were Into the Breach (mech vs. kaiju PC strategy/puzzle game) and Knights of Sidonia, a rather bleak mecha manga drawn by Tsutomu Nihei.  My sketch of a solar frame has a little influence from Sidonia's "Garde's".

The d8 for character creation is as-intended.  This dice system is deliberately asymmetric, due mostly to the various ways that Burn/Vent and Shivering/Attracting differ.

The only way to unlock the rolling of d10s is by either having a Frame "well-disposed" to your challenge, or via the Reactor Burn mechanic, putting a clock on your reactor's survival if you undertake a lot of Hot actions and threatening Shivers against even the most hot-blooded protagonist.

Ah. My fault for not really understanding the "well-disposed" line. Again with the compression of rules, it looks like I'm supposed to determine if I use a d6 or d10, if my ship is suited to the action, instead of the intended "use a d6, unless your ship is well disposed, then use a d10". Or. No.

Hmmmm. I think I'm getting mixed up because of the way the die rolls can vary between high and low depending on the action.

I think I get it now. 

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When you benefit from the Frame bonus, you get to choose your bonus die.  A d6 would be best if you're rolling a Cold action.  A d10 is best if you're rolling a Hot action.

Due to word count I didn't have a chance to elaborate too much on that part of the rules, it's sort of a bare-bones sentence.  The starting die roll for an action is your Pilot dice: 4d(6s/8s) + Frame bonus if applicable: 1d(6 or 10, your choice).  Then after rolling those you may add more dice to the pool for Venting/Burning as needed.