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200 word post apocalyptic survival rpg
Submitted by Z7-852 — 11 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Setting (or Location)#782.5452.545
Use of Theme#782.5452.545
Story (or Starting Scenario)#892.0912.091

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I like the setting and the portrayal of dwindling resources. It is good to see a game where players have a better than 50% chance to succeed by default.


I actually think the odds are too good. On average you have 2 dice on each "skill" meaning you have 89% chance to succeed. If it where 4+ you would have 75% chance.

But what IMHO is most interesting part is that each failure really makes a dip in your chances of succeeding in future. So loosing gear will really feel like you you have lost something.


This is a super to-the-point game. I only wished it played longer. As is, this would make a great 5-minute-break game. I'm sorry to see the language barrier may have hindered your expressiveness in the rules. I'd like to see your native language version for myself to see if the rules were preserved better there. The setting is beautiful, no adjustments needed there.


How fast do you play?
If you have group of 5 (4 players plus GM) then you should have at least 40 rolls or more. Most likely in range on 100 before you run out of gear. If you roleplay each action and their outcome the game should last at least couple of hours.


You know what? Looking at it again and factoring in the r.p., you are right. I was only considering the die rolling aspect, plus my inability to roll high numbers, as shown by my DnD sessions. So frustrating.

Assuming these are d6 and not d8 or d10. I would use d10 'cause I'm a hardcore survivalist who knows how to use a single tool to do multiple things, haha!


While I find the setting to be a bit foregon with "the sun is dead" as a theme, I find the mechanics to be neat, nice job with that! Would love to see a trust mechanic to make ot more engaging and to play with that sense of distress! 


I like the resource allocation mechanics, but I'd need to ask: where are they coming home from?

It seems like this might be a stronger contender with a more robust, heartstring-pulling scenario, like coming back to a loved one.


With more time and effort I could have crafted a better story behind this one.
Basically its start from home and fetch something and come back.