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Mechanically game really need punishment where failing the roll will reduce some time from the clock. Otherwise I like the Fiasco-like relationship mechanics and the time limit as a whole. Setting just feels little bit forced.

Mechanic vice I like the fact that your skill level determinate what you can re-roll. This is quite clever solution and players that enjoy rolling lot of dice will enjoy it. It also keeps up the tension when you can always hope for success or at least poor enough roll for re-roll. Idea that each obstacle has only one solution fights against my personal rpg ideology.

Setting is your out-of-the-mill low sci-fi setting. There is nothing wrong with it but there is nothing excitingly new either. Scenario is also little dull where space heroes haul good through lawless wilderness without bigger motivation than wealth and fame. These are both fine but they have been used so many times before.

Overall the best part is mechanics and other parts are fine.

You spent lot of time explaining the mechanics but still they are left bit vague. Setting and story instead are both great. Especially the latter. Only thing that bugs me in it is why would you like to destroy cell if it is last heaven for humanity?

Can you elaborate? I feel it just becomes redundant.
First you preach something, then when you find out the truth you eat your words and try to preach something else.

I like the mechanics how each cultist preach from their own holy book, but there are few elements that doesn't sit quite right with me. First is that cults have only one message instead of whole belief system (what is sin, how to repent and what you get afterwards). Second thing that I don't like is that there is only one GM. This could be changed to GMless system where each prophet takes turns representing the problem then other prophets try to solve it according to their holy book. Also I feel that problem should be presented before cultist turn.

Overall the setting is fine, mechanics are great but could use little fine tuning.

I actually think the odds are too good. On average you have 2 dice on each "skill" meaning you have 89% chance to succeed. If it where 4+ you would have 75% chance.

But what IMHO is most interesting part is that each failure really makes a dip in your chances of succeeding in future. So loosing gear will really feel like you you have lost something.

Goin' on a lion hunt.
Goin to catch a big one.
I'm not afraid.
Look, what's up ahead?

Solid mechanics, nice story and clever use of theme. Also your games thumbnail is great.

I really like this one.
It has strong RPG elements that are supported by well defined mechanics. R/P/C is not my favourite part because it breaks some immersion and really don't see purpose for it. I believe that players should give narrative right for their characters to other players in some extend.
Setting is bit fuzzy on the time period or specifics but it is complacently understandable. Scenario on the other hand forms naturally from PC and their actions.
Theme and end twist are strike of genius. Having poured your heart out and opened in the final hours just to return to ordinary life is great twist.

Mechanic are little lacking because it will because it is hard to find other viziers secret also playing King seems bit dull because they only declare dilemma and the player to solve it. Would be bit more interesting if anyone can choose to give a solution.

Setting and story vice this is good. King can make dilemmas that don't directly fit to anyone's branch forcing lateral thinking. Only thing is that the theme is not really shining in this one.

How fast do you play?
If you have group of 5 (4 players plus GM) then you should have at least 40 rolls or more. Most likely in range on 100 before you run out of gear. If you roleplay each action and their outcome the game should last at least couple of hours.

Setting really doesn't resonate with me. Fact that you have only one tool to solve all the problems just makes the game little limited. Like the fact that you use car battery to jump start the sun.

Love the mechanics on this one.  I don't know if I like random piles more or that each player must praise a single holy book (and religion). Still the idea behind this is great and the ending is befitting.

Mechanics are solid but there are nothing new or exciting there. Game also seems bit long and tedious when you have to collect 6 items and everything resets between planets.

This reminds me of Fiasco in a good way. It is streamlined and will compose a nice solid story arc.

I like the idea of playing as celestial bodies. It even incorporate some of real world planetary movement physics into game. Nice set.

It's bit too gamey for my test. It has solid mechanics and can understand the road trip idea but as far as actual role playing elements go it doesn't leave much room to play.

With more time and effort I could have crafted a better story behind this one.
Basically its start from home and fetch something and come back.