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It's really impressive that you got a nice menu and how-to-play screen in here. I like the game too, although I found it really awkward that you can't move diagonally. The concept is nice and simple, quite well executed, and it fits the theme well. Good job!

I thought this was interesting. The lengthy warning of an incoming panic attack was helpful for gameplay reasons, and the visual style was nice - I see you're a fan of Undertale. Well done!

Yeah, extra towers were planned, and when I go back to developing this I do plan to add them. Sorry to hear you got stuck - there's a lot of ways that can happen unfortunately. Thanks for the feedback!

This is a really clever, simple idea. I found it kind of stressful and I noticed my arm tensing up a lot so I couldn't play it for very long, but it's super polished and it reminded me of the time I switched to playing with my y-axis inverted for a laugh, so thanks (?).

Well done on this, and good luck on future projects!

I thought this was pretty good.

Some nitpicks though: I found the tutorial to be a bit too slow, and since it did everything for you rather than telling you what to do it was a bit annoying and unhelpful. My only other nitpick is that I thought it would be good to have a full overview of the level rather than the follow camera forcing the player to go through some of it, then reset once they know what the next obstacle is - I would like the ability to theoretically get it right first time with no resets.

It's great that you got something submitted, and it seems well-finished. Good luck with future projects!

This is pretty good for a first go at using Unity. I felt slightly misled by the thumbnail tbh, but it's good that you got something submitted. Good luck on future projects!

This is the first five-star rating I've given. Firstly, I think the car handling is absolutely spot-on. The steering has the perfect sensitivity and snappiness, the acceleration is just right, the fact that the car cannot spin out is just genius, and the polish with the skid marks and smoke effects are the icing on the slightly mixed metaphor.

The concept is really clever. I especially like the fact that not only do you lose control when leaving radio range but that the car carries on with whatever you were doing when you lost control. I imagine that gives the game a high skill ceiling.

I really wish the game had some kind of tutorial or how-to-play screen though, and generally that it explained itself better. I got stuck on the first level that included the green (or maybe yellow; I'm a bit colourblind) radio tower and the blocked-off exit. I found it really fun figuring out how to get around the first corner, but I sort of assumed the green radio tower would open a door or something. When it did nothing, I was a bit confused and couldn't continue. The lack of self-explanation also means that the first level gives the wrong impression somewhat. I was trying to drift around the towers in an arc like in the GIF on the itch page, and was a little confused that I was seemingly getting more stars by just driving in a straight line. I think that the second level is a much stronger introduction, since it almost forces you to realise that you can only control the car when near a radio tower.

I also think that making the game seemingly controller-only may limit your audience (if that's not the case and I just couldn't find the PC controls then diseregard this comment).  And, although it wasn't a problem for me, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the fixed camera angles (mainly the ones that faced towards the car) led to some confusion as to which in-game direction corresponded to which controller direction too. I don't think a follow-camera would be good for this game, but a more objective, functional fixed camera may be better, at least as an option for those who need it.

Like I said though, this is the best game I've seen so far, and I would absolutely love to play a more finished version. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this made it into the top 20. Well done on getting so much done in so little time, and good luck with future projects!

I quite liked this, although I think it could do with either moving faster or having more stuff happen. The event turn hardly ever did anything noticeable, and Ginny's turn seemed to always be the same. I've listed a couple of bugs I spotted as well:

  • The 'controls' button on the homescreen did nothing
  • The 'remove obstacle' card's offset when selected is broken (card contents is offset too much)
  • I seemed to die when just landing next to the water tile

Nitpicks aside, I think this concept is really fun and has good potential. The presentation is nice as well, even though I wasn't aware of the first game. Well done!

I thought this was really good fun! I think it could have done with a clearer way to actually suss out which sheep was the suspicious one, and maybe a better way of dealing with it than just panic-placing walls and hopefully having enough money to also place bait to stop the wolf from breaking through. I think you've nailed the tone and humour, and this is a really funny take on the theme. Good job!

I really like this in principle (and rated it accordingly) but I found it completely unplayable. I couldn't work out what effect my actions were having or even which things onscreen were even interactive. I couldn't read the manual because there was too much information per page and the game didn't pause while you're reading it (I understand this choice in theory, but since I couldn't even work out how to make the plane tilt up, I had about 3 seconds at a time to read the thing before the plane crashed and the game reset). Also, the fullscreen scaling tried to interpolate between pixels which meant the whole thing was blurry and made it even harder to read or look at for extended periods of time. 

I'd love to play a slightly more forgiving version of this because I love this sort of game and I adore the art style, but for right now I couldn't get into it at all.

This didn't hold my attention for long, but I really like the tone and art style. This feels like a nicely finished product. Well done!

This was pretty good. I don't like the way the car steers - it goes too quickly, and seems to rotate around a point slightly too far back on the car making it unintuitive - and I thought the music started to grate after a while, but it's got an impressive amount of polish for a short jam, and it fits the theme really nicely. Good luck on your future projects!

Firstly: I'm slightly colour-deficient and I found it very difficult to locate the reticle, then to keep track of it throughout the game. I also thought that a slight grace period of invulnerability or something when you switch characters would be good, maybe combined with some kind of full-screen effect announcing the change.

Nitpicks/accessibility issues aside, I thought this was a pretty neat idea that could be really good fun with a little more polish. Well done on getting it submitted in 48 hours, and good luck on future projects!

I like the art style, and I the classic beat-em-up game is a perfectly fair interpretation of the theme. If I'm nitpicking (and I know the game is unfinished so don't take this too seriously if it doesn't apply), then I'd say that the music felt really off for the tone and the pace of the game, and the feedback for hits and such was basically non-existent. Well done for submitting, and good luck on future projects!

I think the presentation here is really solid, and the platforming controls feel pretty good (I would have liked to use W or up rather than space to jump though). I do like the water level mechanic, although the fact that it appeared to depend on the position in the level rather than some kind of timer meant that I didn't feel it impacted the gameplay in any fundamental way, any more than regular platformer level design. This is a really nice and solid product for 48 hours though, I'm properly impressed. Good luck on future projects!

I'm not crazy about the art style here - the unshaded character clashes a bit with the shaded walls, and the HD text clashes with all of it. The somersaulting character was quite charming but a bit offputting in terms of knowing where the character's collision box was for platforming purposes. I also think that having the richocheting bullets no longer affect enemies was unintuitive and a quite annoying, since it means that it's just a matter of time after you miss any shots before you just die, and you also can't set up cool trickshots by bouncing bullets off walls. That said, I did have fun lining shots up and figuring out the order of operations, then trying to predict the paths of enemies. I also think the idea that if you hit an already-dead enemy then it regenerates is a very good idea with a lot of potential. I still think it would have been better overall if the richocheting bullets could hit enemies too though. Well done on getting a game submitted, and good luck with your future projects!

I really enjoyed this. It has a bit of a slow start when you're just sort of waiting around, and I don't think the tutorial screen is as helpful as it could be, but once I got into it and the pace picked up I found it really fun. It's just polished enough, the controls are nice and responsive, the music loop isn't annoying, and there's a suprising amount of depth, what with food going off if you leave it too long and the fact that once you've memorised the recipes you can quickly swap foods out in order to stop the robots from messing up. I'm really impressed at how you handled the scope of this, and I hope you keep up the good work!

I loved this. I love the art style and the music especially. I thought the spaceship could have done with rotating a lot faster (I found myself just moving around with WASD and ignoring QE all together), but I found it really satisfying even then. It's also given me some interesting-looking maths to research, so bonus points for that I guess.

This is a lot of fun. Didn't really get how the game worked at first, but I restarted and got it that time. I like the story context, and the movement controls are nice and responsive. Well done!

I absolutely loved the art style! I like the attention to the story and the fact that each of the characters has a backstory and personality. Gameplay-wise I wasn't really sure what was going on. All the symbols and health bars and things were a bit unhelpful at telling me what was going on. Maybe a step-by-step tutorial that explains what each thing means would have been good?

Very nicely polished and presented, and a really fun concept. I found it pretty frustrating in places, and it wasn't clear at first what the goal was, but it's a really impressive game. Well done!

It's a little unfair to just randomly crash into rocks. I thought at first that your aim was to shoot in a direction you didn't want to go in order to 'scare' the driver into changing directions or something. Good job on submitting though!

I really liked the map screen, and I liked the idea of a live message log. It feels a little too unforgiving, like you lose what little health you have for gently drifting into an asteroid. Even so, it's a cute little game and it's great that you got it finished!

It's only today that I've had time to play the game properly for myself, and I absolutely agree about the money. The balance is a mess all over the place, and it's partly a symptom of the limited number of towers. In a future version of the game I hope to be able to make the challenge and balance a little more fun. Thanks for playing!

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This was kinda cute, and I do like the way the player moves around. The various styles and resolutions of the art assets make it look a bit off-putting, but I don't really have any complaints other than that. Well done for submitting, and good luck with future projects

The car's controls felt really nice, and I enjoyed the slight puzzle of remembering which key corresponded to clockwise/anticlockwise steering. Found the lives system a little frustrating, but I realise it's a highscore game so completing many levels isn't really the point. Well done on getting this done, and good luck in future!

The car's controls felt really nice, and I enjoyed the slight puzzle of remembering which key corresponded to clockwise/anticlockwise steering. Found the lives system a little frustrating, but I realise it's a highscore game so completing many levels isn't really the point. Well done on getting this done, and good luck in future!

I really didn't understand this. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing and there doesn't appear to be a way past either type of wall, since one stops you and the other kills you. I didn't find that pressing J did anything, and the timer didn't seem to have any relation to the noises the character made or whether or not I had vertical control. It's great that you were able to get a game finished though, and I wish you luck with future projects.

I liked this. Lots of text in the tutorial was slightly offputting, but I think the general idea is nice. Was fun to puzzle through for a few levels. Good job!

The controls feel a bit weird? I found that sometimes I would let go of a button and the game would adjust the movement a little bit. The drunk camera is also a bit confusing/offputting, but overall I think that pairs well with the music to get across the idea of being hilariously out of control. I also thought it was really fun to time your movement with the turning of the road. It felt a lot like drifting, which I assume was the intention? Well done on getting this made in 48 hours, and good luck on future projects.

Played this after you left some feedback on my game. This is really cool! It gets very chaotic very quickly, and I love the fact that you have to manually collect resources from the dead enemies rather than just sitting out of the way. I could have done with some more information about when/what the tower will attack (I wasn't sure if the lock-on tower had a range, for example), and I also thought that a lot of the shop options were greyed out when in fact they were just grey anyway. Wonderful presentation though, and I think the idea is well-executed overall.

Thanks for the feedback. The dialogue boxes were a very late addition, since I had planned to have more animation than I ended up with. Your team's game looks really interesting! It's nice that we seem to have taken the same basic idea and gone at it from totally different angles. I'll play it as soon as I can.

I'm beyond relieved to hear that the story comes across. It was a very stressful final hour for me, and I will definitely continue developing this after the judging is over.