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I totally understand, in game jams the time is really tight and it is not easy to manage the scope of a project effectively. I’m curious to see if you plan any improvement post jam!

The idea is very cool, I was immediately intrigued! However, the controls are quite frustrating. I got stuck in the fireball room for a long time and then I got stuck again in the wind room. I think the main issue here is the interface, which could be more clear, and Donkus movement which are often difficult to predict.

Besides that, the game is pretty nice, good job!

An inverse Vampire Survivors, that’s really cool! And you also managed to put a power-up progression, that’s impressive for a game jam! A few suggestions: the non-clickable area seemed a bit bigger than the drawn area, it was a bit frustrating because you want to put the monsters as close as possible to the border but you couldn’t sometimes - even if it seemed like the place was fine; the mana for monster spawning was too forgiving, I could just spam click monsters, which made the game less strategic.

Besides that, I think it has potential as a bigger game too because there are interesting mechanics that arise from the combination of monsters - for instance, you could spawn fast bird monsters on the right and then, while the enemy is busy dealing with the birds, spawn an army of skeleton monsters to the left for the final blow. I’m looking forward to see if you are willing to expand it!

The idea is very smart! I like how you have to plan your moves so that you are out of the field of view of the players. However, it was hard for me to understand both the players and fog logic of movement (sometimes the fog expanded, sometime I had more turns, but I couldn’t understand why). Maybe, since there is no tutorial in game, you can at least add a few lines inside the Itch page description. Overall, solid idea, it has potential even outside the jam!

Nice idea, it goes along well with the theme! Maybe the gameplay is a bit repetitive and the monster behaviors are not very intuitive, but overall I like the charm of the game, especially for the very nice graphics!

Great idea, simple and effective! The game is pretty fun to play, there are a lot of interesting combination and it is nice to reply to check the ones you didn’t pick (poison + danger + platforming + pop up is brutal).

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This idea is so clever! I love your twist on tower defense, adding an action component and implement perfectly the theme, roll of the dice! This game has real potential in my opinion!

Maybe I missed it, but it would have been nice to have a pause menu with a description of each die power.

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This game is so beautiful! Small, clever, has a perfect tutorial for onboarding, has a great UX since you can see the other faces, so it is never confusing. Chapeau! The only complaint I have is that the difficulty of the levels was not as high as I excepted from the description!

I really enjoyed the aesthetics, they are quite simple but effective. The music becomes annoying quite fast, it could use a bit less repetition. The mechanic is simple but fun! Another great improvement would be to be able to hold a directional key to move in that direction continuously.

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The dice were not easy to control, making the game feel a bit too much frustrating. Probably a bit of tuning on the platforming mechanics could help. That said, the presentation is just awesome and the idea of the hamster kicking dice is quite interesting!

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The visuals are very nice, I really like the idea of the big dice in the background! The music is also good! Gameplay-wise there could be some improvements, for instance I think it would be better to have the gun aim follow the mouse to give more control to the player, which is usually expected in these games.

I was really surprised by the mechanics, the idea is quite simple but effective and fits the theme very well! This has potential to become a nice little puzzle game with some more polish both on the art and level side.

I’m impressed, this game is pure genius, it really embraces the “Delay the inevitable” theme and makes a unique and exciting experience! It is incredible how people interact in these social games and there is some awesome art already! Just, wow!

Such a great game! The story is really funny, thanks to the witty writing, and the gameplay is intriguing. I like a lot the idea of casting spells drawing them.

The game gets boring quite fast though, I think that if you polish it and add a bit more variety it could improve a lot!

Thank you! We wanted to make destroying stuff as fun as possible. 

Sorry for the page, we were in a bit of an hurry when we submitted the game. Anyways, we redecorated it, hope you like it now!

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The game is so charming, I loved it!

I personally think that the platforming part wasn't great, I think it is just frustrating to fall down and having to go all the way up again.

The idea is very nice, the bigfoot part was genius (even though I would have not repeated it, once was enough) and the style was just really beautiful, as was the music!

With a bit more polish and maybe some more intriguing puzzles using the camera would make for a very nice game I'd happily play!

Great job!

Sadly I couldn't play the game, even with the `.pck` file it gets stuck after the first dialogue.

The idea is so original, I love it!

It becomes repetitive after a bit, but I really enjoyed playing it!

Nice game, the graphics are simple but good!

I think it would have been great to have some background music. The thunder sound, when a lot of effects were applied in short succession, should have been limited a bit (not executed at each single effect) to avoid too much noise. It would have been also easier to understand how much damage you did to enemies if you also had an indication of the total health (and not only the remaining one).

Nice little game, the sound is really relaxing and goes well with the game!

I was a bit confused at first, I think it would have been better to have a little tutorial in game too. Also sometimes I had a bit of trouble creating new villagers from tents.

Nice little puzzle, it was fun! The heat boss taunting you adds a nice touch to the game!

I think the game would be much better with a bit more animations - for instance, some trail effect when dashing and dying animations. The rope wasn't particularly intuitive to use, it would have been ok just to make you go up when you press the up arrow. Also I found a bit confusing that the dash was made in the direction of the mouse, I personally would have just set the direction to wherever the player was already going. Furthermore, it was a bit too floaty.

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Download the zip, unzip it, open a terminal in that directory and launch these two commands:

chmod +x
xattr -r -d

Otherwise the system will complain about "not having permissions". The reason this happens is that it was built on Windows and the app has not the permission to execute.

I hope this helps somebody, I was so obsessed by this game I had to try it on the Mac I use at work to get the full experience (was too hard otherwise).

Having played it fully, I really appreciated it (even though in normal it is somewhat too easy on most parts of the song, since you can just stay in a corner and avoid all bullets, while it would have been better if the bullet pattern would force you to move constantly - and the hard mode is just impossible for me). The music is just terrific, I think that if you continue to improve on it this could become a really cool rhythm game!

I know how hard it is to make a game is such short time. It's usually better to do less stuff but more refined.

You did a good job anyways!

I guess it adds to the weird vibe.

Wow this game is so much weird! Impressive.

It somewhat mixes an idle game with real-time reaction and it is quite original. I was curious - and also a bit scared - of what the next modification would look like, so that kept me going!

I would have like a bit more variety (maybe more modifications or more kid patterns) but the experience is good nonetheless, mostly because of the original presentation!

As a curiosity, why the half-Japanese title name?

Nice game. You made a very good job with the tutorial.

The battle in itself, however, was not juicy enough in my opinion. The animations were good, however there wasn't almost any sound effect. For instance, it was hard to understand whether I hit the boss or not: I was expecting a hit sound and maybe some screenshake.

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The music is great and the gameplay is really interesting, I like how when you get hit you gain a wider area!

I didn't like how the bullets were shot randomly (as far as I've seen), I think it would have been great to have some patterns that repeat (even if the sequence may be randomized to some extent, I'm thinking of Super Hexagon) so that learning the patterns rewards the player.

Anyways I was just impressed by the presentation, very nice game!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere, it was really eerie and the art was really good, simple but effective!

The gameplay was promising, but in the end it didn't delivered a lot - it would have been great to have more puzzles, and I couldn't understand the one with the eyes (I somewhat solved it by chance). The mechanic of having your younger brother following you could have been explored a bit more (also, that 'X' sound was quite unpleasant).

As another feedback, during the dialogues I would have liked that the character that was talking was highlighted in some way.

Anyways, good job, I liked it!

(I'm not sure I understood what the ending was supposed to mean though.)

(Also, just curious, why the choice of Japanese for title and title screen choices?)

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The game is just lovely! The art is gorgeous and the gameplay is really interesting and fresh. I liked how you had to go to the different faces of the cube and thanks to the arrows it was easy to understand which path to take (good job!). I can see you polished a lot the game both from the artistical and technical perspective.

The only criticism I can give is that I would have liked it to be a little bit more fast paced (increasing over time), or maybe that the orders became more complex. After a while the game becomes a bit repetitive, especially when you memorize all the characters position, but I think that with a bit more variety this could be turned into a lovely full-fledged game!

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I can relate quite a bit to this game, working from home!

Very fun idea, there is good and varied amount of emergencies that keep you on the edge as per the theme!

However it was a bit frustrating at times because the area of activation of the hotspot was a bit too narrow - for example I couldn't fill the ink in time for this reason - and I was confused when I did all my chores at the end of the first day and could keep using the computer over and over without feedback (maybe if you couldn't do anything else you could just skip and finish the day?).

Anyways, I enjoyed playing it, good job!

I simply love it! The art is gorgeous and the aesthetic is just so original and beautiful!

I really appreciate how you managed to weave storytelling and gameplay together, and the ending was very meaningful even though there were no words... This is no easy feat, so great job!

I think a small tutorial would have been great (even maybe just a few marks at the beginning). I didn't realize I could use the shield until I got to the boss. Then I played it again and it was so much easier being able to deflect arrows from skeletons. Also the music was good but maybe could have used a bit more variety.

Definitely a game I really enjoyed playing!

You are totally right, we were afraid of this and were planning on trying to make the dialogs shorter while keeping our meta-narrative, but we didn't have time in the end.

Thank you for the feedback!

I'm personally a fan of visual novels and I like when they mix with other genres, but probably we could have made the dialogs a bit shorter.

Absolutely love the art! Simple yet effective, it makes your game stand out.

The mechanic is intriguing, with a greater variety of enemy this game has potential!

It is a pity that there is no music or sound effects, I suggest for the next time you find some time to add them - they really help make the game alive! You can easily find free music online.

Nice idea, levels are a little bit too easy but with some tweaking I think this could become a challenging puzzle game.

That said, great job!

So cool! I love how you combined chess and chaos in a pretty original and fun way.

When you think of chaos cats always come to mind!

Nice little game. The movement is a bit clunky at times, but overall fun experience!

This game is so polished, I love it! It reminds me a bit of Papers Please. I can see you put a lot of attention to graphics, dialogue and general interface.

One little criticism is the background music, it is really annoying after some time (too repetitive).

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Nice idea! I really like the voice sfx and simple graphics, they blend well together. (This could easily be a Wii game!)

I think the hitboxes might have been a bit larger, so that it is even easier to pick them.