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Nice game.

Very fun game to play. 

Its like a mini Mario Party. Great game.

Nice concept but if your not familiar with chest rules is a little hard.

Nice concept.

Playing with a bunny is a lot of fun but the controls feels a little weird.

Controls are kind of hard to use, but the game is a funny one.

The idea is pretty cool, playing a board game during a war. Nicely done

Cool concept. For me it was very hard to control the paddle and character :D

Very nice fun game. 


Nice game 5/5

Beautiful music and art. The shaky effects are entirely on the mark. Probably one of the best games on the jam.

Nice and simple. Good presentantion.

Nice spooky mood.  Cool art.

very nice concept.

Nice game. Cool gorilla design :D

Very nice polished game.  Great work!

Great game. The concept have a lot of potential.

Nice concept

Fun game. It keeps you very concentrated on your actions. 

Well done!!!!

The art style and music are great. The overall mechanics have potential. Nice entry.

Nice one

Loved the retro game art style. Nice mechanics. Very fun too.

Kind of a weird mood, but nice.

Fun game! the music was very cool. Hard game too. Nicely done!!!

Very nice looking game and polished. The 80s retro something vibe is very cool. :D.

Funny game, :D. And hard too. Nicely done!

Very nice game. I liked the concept.

Very nice game. I liked the concept.

Nice game, and cool idea!!

I liked the puzzels. But I don't see the "out of control" part of the game. Nice job!

Very nice idea, hard too. I had a good time playing this game

Very nice art.

I loved the idea. Maybe if you add some sort of timer to make it easier to make mistakes can be interesting.

Very cool idea.