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That was fun! Like another commenter said, having some kind of indication of where you're going to land would be very helpful. The song had a clear beat, so it was easy to understand when I would be moving. I like some of the concepts that you introduced, too, like the moving enemies. Good work!

I liked how positioning and weapon choice were tied together in your concept. I can see how this concept could grow into a full game! I did not run into any bugs either. Well done!

Thanksf for the reply! I tried out your game but I couldn't really do anything. I'm not reall sure how to play it haha. I tried rolling the dice and moving the results into the three circles, but once they were filled, I couldn't take actions or roll again. The art is great, though!

I like the design of your world, like using large dice blocks around your buildings, but there's some stuff missing that makes the game a little hard to play. There's no start menu, and when I fall off buildings, I don't respawn. I have to close the game and reopen to try again. I'm not sure if this was just on my end, but I don't hear any sounds either. Overall, I like the world and the movement, but it was just hard to play. A good start!

Hi! I downloaded your game but I can't figure out how to start it

This game was a lot of fun! It looks and sounds great. I love your detailed animation on the robot, and the music is really good too. The game was a little easy, I skipped right to the last level after playing the first 3 and had no problem. I'm not sure how well it fits the theme of out of control, but I had fun playing regardless!

I didn't even realize this was supposed to be a rhythm game until I read some of the comments. Because the music didn't reset, the entire concept was thrown off. Also, this is a huge file size for this game. The presentation could have used a little work, the handwriting was a little hard to read and looks sloppy. The gameplay itself was fun, I would be interested in seeing you innovate on some new colors for the block, giving it new mechanics.

Great art and animation, the game was really funny! I wasn't able to beat it, though, I couldn't solve the colored button button puzzle, and I wasn't quite sure why the banana was the solution to the padlock. Overall, really great presentation! A few more hints would have been nice.

This game was pretty unplayable for me. The mouse was way too sensitive, the goal was unclear, and the game was kind of boring to look at. Some color would have been nice.

This concept is really, really fun! Like what other people in the comments have said already, I would have appreciated at least some sound in this game. The silence is awkward, and it makes it so I have to look down at the bottom of the screen instead of paying attention to my platforming. I think it would be cool if there was a basic drum beat for every level, and each item you picked up added another drum element (like the jump being a hi-hat, for example). That way I could keep track of the level and listen to the beat to tell me what was going to happen next. Not really sure how you'd play the game if you were deaf, though. I also didn't really get the theme of the character all that much. I don't know why I'm playing as a dwarf man in a game about music, haha. Overall, five star concept, I hope Mark takes a look at this one!

I liked how your levels were randomly generated, lots of potential for fun there! There were some turns where it looked like my tanks weren't firing. I wouldn't see the explosion animation even if the enemy base was in line with my shot. The music didn't loop, either. I liked your interpretation of the theme, though! Having to keep in mind that my tank could shoot in any direction made me consider my movement options a little more carfully.

This game was really fun and looked great! I'm not sure if it fits the theme of "out of control" though. I felt very in control of my character. Regardless, the game was fun, and I enjoyed it! I would definitely play it again with more levels.

I like your out of control mechanic! The game was pretty fun, and I really appreciate how your meter had a sound associated with the change. It made it so I didn't have to look at the meter at all, which was nice.

This game was alright. I liked the presentation of it, but it felt more like an execution test than a game. I can see this doing really well on mobile phones!

Very fun game with minimal glitches! I played in browser first, but the game went to black after failing level 2, meaning I had to refresh the page to play again from level 1. The downloaded version did not have this issue. Your level design is good! I like how I had to figure out strategic positions to put all the characters. My biggest complaint is that the current character is still part of the wheel selection. There were some moments where I had planned ahead by putting everyone in position, but the wheel kept giving me the same character over and over, wasting up to 5 or 6 seconds. If the character you are currently playing as was eliminated from the wheel, I think that would solve this issue. Lots of fun! Five stars.

Your game looks good and plays well, but these levels were far too easy. Hopefully you can innovate on it a little and come up with some more levels!

Wow, this game was cool! I really loved your interpretation of the theme. Having to choose between killing an enemy to get them out of the way or keeping them alive to be able to see the level more clearly is a genius idea! Think this game falls short for me on level design. It was really hard to navigate through some of the obstacles without getting hit, even though I knew where they were on repeat playthroughs. Also, I only came across one health pickup right at the beginning of the level. Having enemies drop health would also contribute to the choice of killing them or keeping them alive. This is a five stars from me, and I would absolutely love to see you develop this concept further!

I think the presentation of your game is great! I played the downloaded version with the patch. I thought that the game took you through a fun little story, but the gameplay itself was just okay. Very unique concept, I liked it!

I loved the way your game opened! The screaming crowd in the background made me super uncomfortable, but that's a good thing because it fit the vibe of the game. I was expecting some sort of text-based game, so the twist of turning it into a shooter was cool. However, the actual game itself wasn't very fun. All I had to do was go around and essentially click on stuff until I was lucky enough for things to spawn close enough together to fill my meter. Overall, the vibe was nice, the gameplay was okay, and the music was good.

I think it would have been fun if product A moved a little faster than product B, because then I would have to plan my shots a little more carefully if customers who wanted different products spawned near each other.

I see a cool concept here, but I think you missed the mark. I understand that your "out of control" mechanic is that after a set period of time, you "explode," giving you extra jump height. However, I don't think that mechanic was incorporated into the level design. If I had some kind of meter, or a more clear indicator of when I was about to explode, I could plan my jumps more. The coins also respawn way too fast. I wasn't able to clear level 1 , which was pretty discouraging.

This game was fun! I think with a little bit of balance and design changes, it could be even better. The blocks that are shot at you are the exact same color as the orange on the map that kills you, so if a block passes over an orange section, you can't see it. It would be nice if there was an outline around the orange death zones when they disappear so that I don't lose track of where they are.  I also felt the blocks that are shot at you are a little too big. If they were smaller, I'd have a bit of an easier time playing. Overall, fun game!

This game was really fun! I felt like a fool because I thought it was way too hard, then I remembered that it was a duel stick shooter haha. I like how I was able to control which enemies multiplied in order to boost my score. The particle effects look great and the music is perfect (however it does not loop properly). I really like the mechanic of dashing through the really small gaps between blocks.

As for the theme, I'm not sure if it fits. My interpretation of "Out of Control" is taking away an element that is usually in a player's control and twisting that, rather than just making the game so hectic that it feels overwhelming. However, I'm rating your game highly because I want Mark to take a look at it. I'm interested to see how he interprets the theme.

That aside, the controls are tight, the game looks great, and it's really fun to play. Thank you for making this!

I really like the design of your main character! Simple and cute. The game was pretty fun, if a bit short. Sometimes the gravity shift signal would come up, but nothing would happen. I really liked how in level 1 the robot voice took away the goal and moved it somewhere else, but that didn't really happen again at all. I think you could have developed a cool dynamic between the player and this mysterious voice. As a side note, I died after the goal got moved in level 1, and when I respawned, the goal was in the original location, but it didn't move again. Thank you for your submission!

Wow, I really liked this game! The music is great, the dialogue is funny, and the core gameplay is fun. And I really, really like the music! It's like the opposite of an on-rails shooter (an on-rails shielder?). My only complaint is that I'm not sure it fits the theme of the jam very well. I understand that the out of control element is that the direction of the rockets cannot be controlled, but I find that to be more frustrating than innovative. It made some levels needlessly difficult because my rockets simply wouldn't go where I wanted them to, but upon retrying the same level, it was much easier because I lucked out and my rockets went in the direction that I wanted (and sometimes just randomly hit something useful). Overall, the game is excellent, I'm just not sure you hit the mark on the theme.

I don't have much to say about this game. The concept is nice, I like how I have to learn the map as I go, but it just sort of feels like a guessing game on where I need to point and click. I'm not really sure if this game fits the theme of the jam either. I guess once I let go of the ball, it's out of my control and I just have to see where it goes, but I'm in control of where I toss it every time, so it's just a matter of trial and error.

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The game was fun! I'm not sure if the theme of "Out of Control" was implemented well enough, though. On my third playthrough, I was able to beat the game without getting hit, so I never encountered the out of control element of your game. Maybe if the controls swapping was on a timer, every player would be guaranteed to encounter your out of control element. I found your game to be really fun and original, but I think you missed the mark on the theme.

I had a system going where I pretty much just bounced between the same buttons in a pattern for the whole game. If you had some kind of high score system or global leaderboards, I would be more inclined to innovate on my strategy and try to find faster wasy to win.

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This is a perfect interpretation of the theme! I'm amazed at how many levels you were able to design in such a short time period. Controlling the souls was fun and a couple levels really had me scratching my head, but I was able to figure them out. I had a few instances where when I jumped on another soul that was on a platform that was moving up and down, it counted as the soul being crushed, so I had to restart the level, which was a bit annoying. Overall, really fun! Five stars.

The presentation of this game was very confusing. I did not understand the goal until I accidentally bumped into a red drop. I didn't really understand why there were green and purple drops if they both do the same thing. The gameplay was not very interesting and it didn't hold my attention. 

This game was really fun! A really unique concept with good level design. The pressure of having all of my moves limited to 3 seconds kept me on my toes. I've never played anything like this, so five stars for fun and originality. My only complaints are that the presentation of the game could use a little work. The game is subtitled "a chess puzzle rodeo," but I just kind of felt like I was stuck in a random dungeon. Maybe if the levels looked more like a chess board, or you went all out with the rodeo theme, the game would look a little better. Overall, I had a really great time with this game!

I really like the background of this game. Playing as a greedy landlord makes me feel disgusting but I like money so I guess it's alright.
The presentation on this game leaves something to be desired. No music, no color, and small icons made it so that I was not engaged in the game. Everything seemed to happen so fast, and I had a bunch of tenents on screen that couldn't even move in because they weren't interested in the properties I had to offer. If there were a brief tutorial explaining how to navigate your menus, it would have saved me a lot of frustration figuring it out. Overall, I think that good presentation and game balance will fix this one.

It seems like you have a cool concept for a game here. However, it doesn't seem to matter what answer I pick for a text, so I don't have to spend any time reading it, I can just cancel it as fast as possible. Perhaps if the point of answering the texts was to select a coherant response out of some weird responses, it would give me more incentive to actually read the texts. The more I played, the more "loose" the left and right keys felt. It got to the point where I was traveling halfway across the road with a single frame of a button press. I had to refresh the window every time I played a new round to fix this. Often, I was too focused on the road to notice that I had a text waiting for me. If there was a text alert sound, that would be super helpful. Also, I had to check previous comments to see how your game controls because on the page, it says you have to press ENTER to answer a text, but you have to press backslash in the game. If those comments werent there I would have assumed your game did not work.
Overall, I liked your concept, but the delivery wasn't quite there.

My high score was 145! I played through 3 times because I really enjoyed your game! My biggest complaint is that I didn't feel like I had any time to react to anything. I felt way too zoomed in and with my high speed I was not able to plan my movements around what was coming at me. I definitely felt out of control, but from more of an unintentional perspective rather than an intended game design perspective. I think if you zoomed the camera out, that would fix this issue. I also felt that the sun came up too fast. If you had some kind of meter that showed how close the sun was to me, similar to the meter that showed how far I made it into the level, it would be very helpful. Also your song choice was great! Thanks for the game

I really liked the idea that you can only control two parts of the body at a time! I would have liked to see a few more movement options, like the ability to move left and right. I felt pretty clumsy only being able to use the mouse, so maybe a keyboard option would allow me to have better control over my character. I still felt in control of my character, but control was just clumsy, not necessarily out of control. The concept is fun! And I really like your use of the game jam logo in the center of the ring.