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Thanks a lot - nice to hear people are still finding it!

Nice to see another narrative game! Really clever how this places you within the shoes of a language-learner - clever and funny take on the theme! Great look to it too

Nice little simulation - would be interesting to see fleshed out into more of a game experience with objectives

Nice to see another narrative 'choose-your-own-adventure but with less choice' approach! The setting's great for your theme and I liked the end screen.

Maybe you could check my game out too? It's in a similar vein, but I gave the player a different choice to replace the lack of agency in decision-making... Different settings and styles, but similarities in gameplay! 

Great visuals - but I'm afraid I found it too confusing out of the gate to get on board with what I was meant to do!

Maybe having the tutorial be gradual and in-play, so the player learns one aspect at a time, rather than explaining in a lot of text at the beginning would have made it a little simpler? Like the idea and the art and audio you've made is great

Top game of the jam for me so far. Such a simple but brilliantly executed idea that makes for a brilliant puzzle platform, which definitely has legs! Make more levels I'd say, it's incredibly well done

I love the idea! Great interpretation of the brief and the out of control mechanic really grounded in a funny situation.

Sadly I found the controls too tricky, and the duck's feet too quick moving, to feel like I had enough control to properly get lost in the game, but with some tweaking this is a brilliant game in the making

Click-and-drag sadly quite unresponsive in browser - think a more fun version would generally be much faster paced, more out of control, but a nice idea!

Love the presentation - music and graphics both bang-on theme and really impressive given the time.

I'd be interested to know what software you made the game on? There's some interesting similarities between our submissions gameplay-wise actually, very different styles but both narrative games with randomness and uncertainty thrown in.  Hopefully you get time to check mine out too before the end of the jam?

Ah poor Chauncey... I hope he met a happy end...

Thanks a lot! It was quite a lot of writing (18 different outcomes for each scenario... gulp) but it was just made with Twine - my first go with the software and any coding in general, so I’m pleased with how it turned out! Glad you enjoyed it

Thanks a lot! I definitely tried to design something people would wanna play through multiple times,  so I’m glad  you feel it’s got that replay value!

Hi Riley, thanks for taking the time to play and for such thoughtful feedback! Really glad you enjoyed it a couple of times through, and that it has that replay value!

Definitely aware of the typos and link issues to fix (like you said, gave myself a lot to write in a short space of time!) And the ‘choices‘ looking like they would function as links but failing too was actually a deliberate choice to make you feel ‘out of control’, but with more time I’d find a way for an extra dialogue box to appear to explain this when you try to click them. 

And there would be more of a deliberate scoring system, rather than a randomly decided chivalry rank at the end, to reward your more thoughtful decisions - but, sadly also, ran out of time to implement.

Lots to play around with in a second attempt, but great to hear you had a good time with the jam version

Really liked this - very streamlined, elegant bit of design with some great visuals

Nice idea but think its too out of the player's hands with rock casualties and complete lack of control... something to play around with more but I like the initial concept

Quite good fun, and fits the theme! The art in game could have told the story a little clearer, but its certainly a fun character to control

Fair point, it does depend on what Ængelbert's random decision is plus which item you choose (there is definitely an 'Attack Lion With Chicken' outcome, which might not go how you'd expect...). Glad you had some fun with it though!

Fantastic presentation (visuals and music) and the levels that work are have a really strong mechanic with the dizziness direction changes

Great concept, and clever way to use the game mechanics and time constraints to put you into the shoes of someone living with OCD. Really clever, empathetic design.

The information could maybe have been clearer to read together onscreen, having the map (which was great) and stats all together without having to scroll? But overall, a great submission.

Mine's also a Twine game if you fancied checking it out? Would love to hear your feedback

Really enjoyed this! Having the timer was great (could maybe have been bigger?) to make the play feel not too out of control whilst still having a tricky gimmick to muster. And great idea with the tutorial!

Love the premise, properly in line with the jam's brief and both frustrating and addictive to play! 

Nice idea for a game! If anything I would make it harder - maybe more obstacles than just the empty field, or have the 'lethal spinning knife' sections be less predictable in their direction? But easy to get into the swing of

Great music and whacky physics, but think the customer AI was a bit wayward - was mostly just waiting for them, to show up?  But as a neat sandbox to 'drunkenly' stagger around in, good fun

Most addictive (and frustrating in a great way!) game I've played so far this jam - brilliant fit to theme!

Great art style and overall a great burst of frustration-releasing chaos 

This is a really clever idea, maybe the best approach for how to interact with a character that's out of your control that I've seen this jam. There could be other ways to use the pole to interact with the hazards and flesh it out a bit more, but as a core idea it's incredibly strong

Tough but good fun! Grateful for the tutorial, tricky to keep up with but a strong concept

Nice work - a game that, unlike a lot in the jam because of the theme, you can build up some flow in and really get into (until the level with the green turret that I just found impossible). But nice idea and mechanics until then

Good stuff - more of a visual novel than branching paths game,, but I like the interactive links of the brakes and wheels, there's some great potential there.

My submission's also made with twine if you fancied giving it a go in return?

Great core idea, maybe doesn't need the random explosion mechanic as well as the random aim, and the crosshair could stay on screen the whole time - but with some tweaking this has real legs!

Great game with a simple really well executed idea - tense and fun gameplay

Fab idea - I love the collectibles becoming the controls as you go on, and think there could be a real strategic element to your choice of letters in future. Also the spikes could be clearer as they're currently a bit too easy to stumble on - great concept and one to keep exploring

This was great! Think this worked better than other games where you lose controls as it goes on because there was such a variety of controls, so you have to change strategy throughout - hardly needing to 'flip' at first and then it becomes crucial! Really clever and addictive work, great stuff

Best game I've played in the jam so far, brilliant execution of a great and really fun idea

Thanks a lot, really appreciate such positive feedback!

Really enjoyable - would maybe change the display layout of the keys so the directions are slightly easier to readjust, but a good mix of fun and frustrating!

Great artstyle and good premise - slightly too tricky because of how little you can see the blocks coming ahead, and also a shame that the jump you 'learn' in level 1 is then not carried over, would be nice if the abilities all were used by the end

Great concept, really strong idea for the brief with great potential. As is it's just a little too frustrating with the bounce of the ball. Maybe you could still control the strength of the hit? And multiple shots after a miss rather than just the two

Like the theme and great art style, but I think the rapid timing makes it tricky to get into without just spamming either left or right... maybe the timer could have gone a LOT slower at first, and slowly sped up as they game went on? But unique idea and great visuals

Really great puzzle design, really addictive once you get into it! Slightly tricky to get hang of the controls at first, but once you do it's a great idea

Wow, cheers for such kind feedback! Definitely agree re gameplay - there was meant to be much more of a deliberate scoring system affected by each outcome, but I ran out of time in the jam. Will definitely add that for the next version!

And great to hear you went for a second play to get the different outcomes!