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Hakan O Vural

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Great concept. Art and music could be better. Overall interesting game.

Nice and relaxing game. Easy to play and get into it. Good work!

Combining different types of element to make ultimate monster is realy fun idea. Great gameplay, sounds and arts. Good work :)

Good game. Art, gameplay, sound and music is awsome. Well done.

Score system would be great. Also if you hit the walls your shape changes and after that if you hit walls again your y axis shifts. If this intentional good, otherwise you slightly go up every time if you hit wall. Overall nice game.

Besides there is no option  to skip dialogs and restarting all things from begining when you die, very interesting and good game

Played your game more than two hours. Realy enjoyable and addictive game.  Music and sounds become repatitive after a while but there are buttons to mute so no complain :D Great job!

Good thinking about gameplay and good implementation of the theme.

+ Boss fight are interesting and challenging
+ Lots of stats and good risk/reward system
+ Sounds/Music are very good
- If player buy any upgrade when entered lobby first time, player get stuck
- When you defeat the enemy fisrt time and then bet another fight with them, portal from previous battle stays open and teleport you back to lobby. You dont lose money but you need to configure the stats all over again.
- Wall climb mechanic is little bit junky and feels wrongs.
- There are no any diffucilty options and starting money is pretty low.
- There could be a way to gain money easier/funnier way.

Overall game is good but maybe little bit ambitious. Bugs beside very good game. Well done.

Very good game!

+Player control smooth and fun

+You must balance the use of attacks which is nice

+Levels simple but fun

+Music and sound effects are good

-Bad guys shoudn't have such a naive&cute voice :D

-Background could be more polished but its good anyway.

Overall very good game . Good Work!

Animtaions and arts are amazing. Gameplay little bit hard and pepatitive though. After learning the rules its fun to master the gameplay. Overall very good game. Good work!

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Art, sound and mechanics are pretty good. Bug is annoying but not game breaking. Good work..

Simple, short but good game. Game is little hard until you learn which part gives which advantage but after that game become very enjoyable. There would be different sprites for different parts (not just color difference) to seperate them in my opinion. Overall good game though. Well done...

Great work with the slicing mechanics. I only saw two types of enemy but with time limit its understandable. overall amazing game.

Nice game, visuals are smooth and estetic, sounds/music are awesome. Good work...

Literally amazing... All the games I played in this jam this is so far the most i liked. Only think bothering me was if you do not wake up the dragon and leave the lair you need to walk all the way down even though there is no reason to do so. But that just minor issue. Overall fantastic work!

Great movements and gameplay. Enemy shooting particles are practicaly unvisible and there is no way to undrestand if there is an enemy shooting at you or not. But beside that overall good game

Visuals are so great. I had a hard time to figure at the rule though. I guess you need to land on your 6 side to pass the level? That's not much clear at first. But still game was enjoyable and pleasant to look.

Nice sound effects, music and gameplay. Gradually increasing difficulty is good too. If you sacrifice your health while enemies around, you will die becuse you cant move but still can get damage. At first I though sacrificing life and gaining skill is permanent (not dependant to your helath value) so i sacrificed my two health and picked up two health back, so then I recognized if you gain your health back you lose your skills as well. That aspect of the game was not clear to me first even though i played the training. Other than that overall great game. Good work..

Hard but entertaining game. There are couples of bugs like sometimes doors start with open state so you just could walk up and pass levels without killing enemies or when you die you can still shoot etc. Bugs beside very cool game :)

Yeeting people out of boat to go further? I dont know why but that make my day :D Great game...

Gameplay mechanic is very cool! Graphics are pleasant to look. Maybe a tutorial would be nice to introduce game mechanics. Also is it possible to beat the game without upgrading any spell? I didnt quite understand the purpose of upgrading . Because upgrading spells make the game even harder and doesnt give much of a  reward. Overall very good game.

Good mechanic, suits well with theme. Graphics could be better but still enjoyable. Only think that bothered me was repetitive sound effects. Not a big problem though. Overall good game. Well done...

Good idea with game mechanic. But you only need two fundtion to play: side walk and shooting (Or up/down and shooting). Even at the insane difficulty I can get 7-8 score without much performance. But overrall good game and idea.

Visuals and sounds are very good but game is so repetetive. You would bring up new mechanic with each perspective to solve this problem. Other than that overral good game experience. Well done.

Gameplay is lovely but instead  of restarting the level each time player get stuck there should be a way to (a button for exp.) spawn player to safe/starting position. Other than that good art, good gameplay and good music.

Well done...

Gameplay is smooth, less you shoot more health you have idea fits the theme i guess. There is a bug when you once push  an enemy he continuesly go the way you push him. This bug happens rarely though.

Overall good game :)

Cool idea! 1-bit makes it even nicer. Attacking only in one direction makes it little bit hard though. Also when you restart the level everyone stays at the previous position i guess. Other than that very cool consept.:)


Pretty neat effects... there are some bugs but not hindering the game play i guess... Good work

Well done...

Fun and interesting. After WSAD  rule removed game become very hard though.:D 

Unfortunately there is a problem in HTML version and I dont understand what is the problem. Thanks for letting me know.

Thank you for your feedback :D

I enjoyed this game! Pretty good visuals and gameplay.

Good game overall. Visuals are good and i like the sounds.

An interface to show you  steps choosen before  start moving and undoing those steps would make this game better in my opinion.