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Thank you very much for your feedback :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi, thanks for the feedback. To rotate press shift or spacebar. And sorry we didn't have enough time to add an in-game tutorial.

Thank you for the feedback!

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Sorry about that, we didn't have time to add that so you have to refresh the page to replay if you die.

Fun game, it was entertaining to see how the boxes stacked & fell. If you click lmb fast enough though you don't have to do any stacking. It's only my first day on the job but I already won

Great little game. I liked the sailing mechanics and the exploration/survival mechanics were really fun. I have used game maker before and I'm curious as to how you made a ship sailing survival game in that engine.

A fun prototype. The platforming feels smooth. I wish that the color inputs corresponded with the first letter of the color name (r = red, b = blue, etc.) because it was difficult to remember what color was mapped to which key.

Cool mechanics, though I wish the block could move a bit faster. Dying over and over at the beginning of the third level was hurting my eyes a bit, but other than that it was pretty fun.

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If this was a phone game I would definitely pay 1-2 bucks for it. Pretty fun all around, my only complaint is that the color-swapping would hurt my eyes a bit. The level design was constantly interesting and it always seemed like I was learning something new.

By the way I noticed you're using Unity, did you know you can build the game using HTML5 WebGL? You have to download a free plugin but it all works through the Unity editor. I feel like your game would get more views if people didn't have to download it.

Well put together and fun pac man type game. The sprite art and animations are great. I wish the full screen mode expanded the game window instead of adding black borders so we could make out more detail.

Fun game! Especially on the 3rd level where the level design became more suited to the specific type of platformer you are going for. We found a small bug where if you were rotating very slowly into a wall you were touching, and then jumped, your jump power would accumulate each frame the ball was adjacent to the wall, causing you to jump super high. It was a pretty fun bug though. Overall a fun idea that has a lot of potential.

Hey we played your game and it was really fun. We played through the candible (sp?) ending and the gumdrop ending, and both stories (though the first was short) were charming. The characters were well written, easily relatable, and definitely grew on you by the time you finish a route. The character art is on point and the music was catchy and fit the game very well. I think our favorite track was probably Toffee's theme. The backgrounds, while simple, were still more than enough to set the scene. We thought the game was a very coherent and well-put together experience, and a lot of fun to play through!

If you want you should check out our game too and let us know what you think.