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What I don't understand is why we don't throw dice again when new question asked. First sequence is literally 2 yes/no questions in a row that gets same answer from same rune positions, that makes no sense, like every question asked today will receive same answer.

Other than that, really atmospheric, was a little bit angry on book not giving description of zones, but I guess it adds mystics and uncertanty to divining, which would be good for game, and anyway I got all question first try.

Would be nice to have such game with true random and maybe infinite sequence of random questions like in Reigns, lasting until you die

Really good game but I don't think description of modifiers should be in page info, they should be in game itself with some short description when you roll them. Also while blur effect is nice and fitting for normal battle, with boss battle, boss is almost always blurred which isn't good, you may try to play around that. + dice always spawn in same positions which isn't always good, sometime they stuck in the corner and stay here, that's not fun and prone to die not rolling and just giving same effect.

Overal that's solid game tho

Pleasantly surprised by mechanics, at first it looked like just a game with buttons, but adding dice into mix changed how I looked at these buttons. Try for known current path, or roll for random path that might be easier? 

I would say only thing I would like to see is better hitboxes (some of obstacles are unforgiving), checkpoints and maybe more juicier roll effect, instead of tiny buttons you not sure changed number on them or not. on other hand, dash doesn't need that strong of effect, it's just dash.

I am not sure on having blocks fall in real time and not being able to just view future queue, but it is creative and interesting. I feel like it's asking from player holding too much information in head while dealing with puzzle mechanics and tetris physics.

P.S. runned into bug - if you spam arrow key before piece appears - game might skip it without spawning

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I'm glad you found it relaxing on current Normal mode.

Hold notes having better distinction is coming, and I'm trying something to do with clumping of notes.

As for early timing, that could be because calibration in beginning of game, it adjusts when note should be pressed to fit the game and if you did it wrong - may mess up a bit. Maybe it's worth to try calibrate again, as you got better grip on game after playing it? Calibration can be done in Settings again.

Haha, yes, I myself barelly was getting A on Normal...

Thinking maybe Good should count not as 1/2 of Perfect, but as 2/3 (in percentage rate, where rank comes from), or maybe window for perfect should get bigger?..

Actually, nothing is unlocked at 9999 points, it just shows like that when no more rewards are in list, altho maybe would be better to hide progression bar then, and show only points (which can be bragging rights or used in future updates)

Sad to hear rhythm player thinking Hard is clumsy and Normal is not saving situation, oh well. I'll try to experiment on speeding up cursor... 

Shooting is not avaiable in first level, right.

There should be platforms going up, on the right part of level, carrots are in hidden area, so have to look around this place for path.

Not sure where you could fall from level, there should not be such places
You can see map of the level here, if really got stuck

Good idea on short jumps - for some reason not thought of actually doing this, so done now, along with other fixes and additions

Would be great if dodge was tied to rhythm of the song, overall interesting, but one sided and hard on instructions

I've found it quite irritating to contantly draw movements when you want to attack, but very interesting idea

Thanks. More weapons and smarter enemies were planned, but didn't had enough time, same with music, as I wanted to make everything myself.
About lighting, I tried to make everything go completely black, but it made it difficult to see sprites, just discern one thing from another and Reimu, probably something with normal maps

Aestetically game is good, graphics is on top level, manu have a lot of places to go and it has everything, from gallery to control mapping. Music selection is obviously limited and comes from circles or previous jam game, which is acceptable, I guess. Story ties into background and gameplay which is a plus.

But rhythm game part is unpolished, it favours late presses, so Bad late press would not result in losing life, but Bad (or even better than bad) early press - will, because of physics of thrown objects. Honestly throwing objects was not necessary to be physics based, they could be Tweens, but I guess it's what could make game special from taiko clones. Then as items drop into cauldron - they make chime, often chaotic and preventing from listening to music, better to not have any sound as item is consumed. Speaking of taiko clones, usually accepted control is X, C - red; Z, V - blue - for ease of pressing quick combos, but guess since there even biggest difficulty limits itself at 2 quick presses - it may be fine, but would be better to be in fit with others.

Also we spent quite a lot of time to figure out game not working which turned out locale problem, but that's more question to Unity because WTF and it never happened before. Game needs US locale

Really good and big puzzle, with neat narrative and tie-in to theme. Very interesting twist with bomb recepy, althought I remembered it since 4 "rows" is suspicious and would not have to look for book after it was snatched, which is a plus. Light while simple is effective, and carrying 2 times at time with separate buttons for discarding and using them is huge.

But what I not liked is:
Noise seems to be produced when head touches things, not only feet as expected,
I haven't found much use of visibility mechanics, better to just run through/away as enemies need to look at you to see you and you youself pretty much blind without light while enemies can unpredictibally run at you,
And game state not propertly resetting after death, which can be blessing and a curse - you keep your items but if you left something important like light - you're doomed.

Still I would put this game very high in my list.

Familiar, neat concept, but drawing a bit imprecise, and as for me, zoom during play is not necessary, without zoom would be easier to see trajectory and where to draw continuation of path.

Still would give it to you for tackling such genre in jam and good that there is good amount of levels

Quite lovely. I would recommend color code text box/name to characters  for ease of reading, also check if LOD can be disabled for trees, they come quite fast and because of it it's very clear when quality model pops in, looks weird

Even without countiung what happens at the end, really solid danmaku idea - create your own combinations of attack to dodge. But would recommend to work better on interface, was hard to understand how buttons work - need to put highlight on activated button and tell player to select attack and modifier. I adore how bottom of screen has piano reacting to music.

P.S. Maybe I would recommend not to put spoilers in screenshots, but I not noticed them, so guess it's ok, was really intrigued by ending sequence

Cool, but a little bit disappointed that human can't pass if you build bridge straight, need to have excess ramp at the end so it would be walkable. More levels would be great, but just this one have insane production value with art and voiceover

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For some reason, rhythm game just doesn't begins. text where to drop ingredients disappears and no music, no notes start, but other people seems to be working...

Tried both versions

Character controls nice and cool puzzle mechanics. I'd said since downward slopes rarelly used in puzzles overall, this game would need some tutorial moment on how you can use them to go underwater, as it seems illogical to drown youself when character swims by herself

Okay danmaku, music is a real star here, and lives system is interesting, but Lily's damage is awful, have to follow small fries for a while to kill just one. Also I think invulnerability doesn't works well, especially after Continue - I see Lily blinking but still mortal, sometime I get hit twice by same buller

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Really nice and big puzzle, I like that level is coherent/world connected while having reset function. Physics seems to be really good even if in some places it's simplified, which only helps with some parts. 

My only wish is controls to be more sane (since up is not used - breaking web could be up+place) or more control over breaking web - ability to choose which going to be broken and highlight of selected web (highlight could be added even if no selection added, some subtle way to see which web is last and which is next after that). 

Almost thoguht I stuck at last puzzle until acicdentely noticed that I can attach web to Kisume from quite distance and have more launching power, believe that was not showcased at all and was sudden for me.

P.S. Not sure what song is it based on

Game is arcade, but has neither time limit or lose condition, so player just have to get bored and turn it off which is not good. Items are hard to grab - I stopped bothering with spoons and forks, but even teapots are hard to grab, which should be main thing, plus items are disappearing too quickly if touch red line, people are imperfect and people can make micro movements towards out of central zone when initially placing object. I understand you wanting people not to cheat, but was there a reason to focus on that?

Overal while I understand concept and tying Teahouse in song to actual restaurant is cool, we are more dishwasher than anyone connected to tea here...

Interesting game, good implementation of danmaku and dialogs.

After Sans I expected it to be more about references to other games rather than Touhou, since the mysterious book could have these references, but sadly there is only "Fight against your own equipment" sounds like it could be one.

Agree with people that some patterns are way too long, also maybe hard, at least for me. On some of these I was dying non-stop.

P.S. thanks for sharing  that WIP of main theme on Discord, it was icing on cake that was delivered before cake ;)

Really cool one, it can be polished into full fledged game, won't even need to expand on anything but fixing things (not meet any bugs, but they always happen) or make things more effective (like making collect sound go up in pitch as combo progresses). Progression is nice, only thing I'd cound wish is more branching of progression, currently people can branch into getting more enemies and bounty with shields or keep it pure, increasing only gem power, moves and so on. Without that, game becomes a bit same after you see all upgrades. But really cool what happens on 12th day with Mikes jumping around, dropping big gems, gives boost to progression.

Will be honest, with artstyle of cutscenes in half of cases it's hard to see what's happening, but that's just question of choosen artist...

Definetely a candidate for a win

Nice one, a little confusing in the beginning - but when get what happening - it becomes interesting speedrun game. Art is vibrant and clear, randomizing always good for replayability. Interesting idea to change shot strength at cost of carrying items which may make you overburden and I like that some (iron ore?) items have special effects like slowing you down a lot.

Why Marisa dies if she doens't make soup out of iron ore until night? I don't know, but I hope adding Alice's pill won't make anything bad happen!

Wonderful game, I have nothing to object

Neat simulator, but sheer volume of monotonous repeating work need to be done to complete it scares me. I'd wish there would be more ways to influence songs and concerts besides picking characters and ways of passive income (selling albums of songs to promote writing new ones), but guess jam game is jam, especially with working save system.

Quite good, I think can find the crowd

Getting error at launch:

I checked that .Net Framework 4.5 is installed

Will be honest - I found a safe spot and completed it that way, without it - character is too uncontrollable (no focus and diagonal movement) and bullet patterns switching too sudden while shields are not a problem and comets can be tanked at stage they appear at.

Good as an idea - destroying moon, and having phases changing look of "boss" along with new attakcs, but overall wasn't good

Very interesting designs, I like story and live music is nice touch, albeit sometime volume is inconsistent like hitting wood of guitar.

I'd said not good decision to put dialog progression on mouse button, was hard to get controlls untill visited game page and clicking when main game is played both hands on keyboard is tedious.

It's unusual to change rooms by throwing youself off the map in half cases, but fine, guess that will work with paper cut style.

Other than that - only small peeves like not needing to actually take food from Yama or blur effect affecting text or not showing food in ending scene left and game is great conceptually, it was good experience

Glad you liked.

I've made weapons a bit innacurate for horror aspect, but didn't had much time to propertly balance things and drop rates, main focus was lighting (normal maps too) and enemy spawn (difficulty curve and not spawning them in player's face).

I have an excuse that random song page gives End of Daylight for "mouse" seed, and frankly, this song name works so well for game name.

My time is 6:08, what's yours?

At first I thought there is only a tutorial, that's why it's Unfinished, but didn't realised I need to hit door with 10 combo to exit.

Now after I did that I tried boss fight and it increased my opinion of the game :D

This is wonderful game, I play it way too much than I should :D You did a good job.

I know time constraints limited you and you going to improve game later, but still would like to say some things I'd like to see in it:

1) Preview of figure action. Machine Gun should show 3 squares it's gonna shoot, artillery show where cross area of explosion will land, Naval Bomber explosion radius and so on. As an addition, maybe this should include pincer attack preview, so it would be easier to see that some figures don't have this attack, like Fortress.

2) Visual representation of armor on top of figure, especially when this armor gained throught Fortress. They could be represented with little blue shields somewhere on figure. Currently there is no way to see it, but remember when figure got a shield.

3) Bot (Satori) actions should have some delay, currently she places her figure immediately, which sometime makes game look chaotic and difficult to comperhend.

4) Probably difficulty should not be named that, but instead different games or gamemodes, as they change rules compared to Hard difficulty.

5) RNG should be toned down, sometime it's way too unfair. I had a game where Satori got 3 LG almost in a row. Meanwhile player's chances of getting LG is extremely low, up to making me believe it's Satori only figure, untill I got it once. I hope you will sort everything out by time you will add multiplayer.

6) Meanwhile it would be great if you add hot-seat multiplayer on one PC, that should not require a lot of work with networking, people craving for any kind of multiplayer right now.

I am looking forward to what you will make this game into, good luck

Not bad submission, having different weapons dropping and upgraded during the danmaku run is something somewhat new.

Lack of any responce when your character gets hit makes game feel lacking, as hitbox is big, so player may not notice they were hit, but boss themselves is very functioning and not boring, nice job

I... am little confused, instructions say you need to hold space to reload and same in the game, but really I had to do the opposite - hold space to get out and shoot?..

I'd wish there was some effect when enemy actually hit, instead of shoot having same sound and visuals if you shoot space or invulnerable boss (There are invulns between spellcards, right?) and arcade white flash would be better turned off by default, especially as it plays in menus too, you mentioned it, so hope for good.

Spells from boss herself feels great,  they really hit you if you greedy and require parttern memorisation for  putting the most into fight.

Don't speedrun it with dashes you say? How else gifts will be delivered in time *dashes away*

Looks quite good, but Time is difficult to notice, I thought Mana is the only restriction untill got Game over.