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Informing Players of Updates in game via butler help?

A topic by CirceNath created 71 days ago Views: 306 Replies: 1
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Hi everyone, 

I'd like to inform my players that didn't upload my game through the app that the game can be updated! I know there's a way to do it via butler, but the manual doesn't make sense to me? Also, the 'GET' function doesn't seem to work for me. What am I doing wrong? How do I inform players of an update if they manually downloaded the game? Thank you!!


First, to be able to get version - you need to upload games via butler with --userversion. Itch default versioning doesn't works with it and GET method will return nothing.

After that - in game you can make HTTP Request to "" (You can visit it in browser to check if it's working) - it will return json with "version" - after that you compare it with version that stored inside of game with your preferable way and notify player about update availiable.