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Neat game, but unfortunately I don't think there's any way to make a digital rubik's cube be controlled as easily as an actual physical one.

When editing your game page, be sure to check what platforms the download is for so it can be installed through the desktop app.

Level 6 kills me very quickly, whatever I try.

The effect when swapping looks nice.

The crashing on the later levels is unfortunate.

It looks like you forgot to tag the download as being for Windows. That means it can't be downloaded through the Itch app.

The measurements are inconsistent. When you get +40 mL to the bucket, the counter on the right goes up by 0.4L, which is 10 times as much.

mL is milliliters, which is thousandths of a liter.

This seems like a really nice tiny game

Thanks for the comment.

Unfortunately I did not have time to figure out the collision  bug during the jam, but I have fixed it now and will upload a new version after jam voting is over.

We appear to have made somewhat similar games.

I like your graphics and that the enemies very clearly have distinct behavior from each other.

The monster dice are impressively freaky looking.

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it's a decent idle game, but I'd kind of like something to do during battles besides just watching.

I got in a battle with a monster with low attack and really high defense. It couldn't touch me at all, but it took a really long time to beat because nearly every turn I didn't do any damage.

Is the enemy luck bag used for anything?

I find it difficult to hit the enemies. My best score is 11 kills.

Even if throwing the dice directly at the eyeballs wasn't gonna kill them, I would at least have liked them to push them back a bit.

I see someone likes Geometry Wars

I find the game confusing to play. I think it might be too random for me.

I enjoy the chaos of the large number of dice all over the place

I was unable to download this through the Itch app.

Try setting the platform(s) of your file:

Cool game. Fun to play.

During the boss fight the boss left the room. It came back, but for a bit I thought I wouldn't be able to finish the game.

Really clever idea

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When parsing numbers, especially decimal numbers, it's often a good idea to specify System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture

This game is a lot better than I've come to expect from porn games. Also haven't seen a lot of futanari focused games and the art in this one is good.

I played this using a PS5 Dualsense controller (connected by cable) and while it mostly worked, I ran into some problems.

When rebinding controls, I had to uncheck the boxes for stick4 and stick5, or stick4- or stick5- would get bound instantly.
A lot of the buttons showed up as the wrong button. For example, pressing the circle button on my controller (where B is on an Xbox controller) registered as X.
Pressing up or down on the dpad did not register at all.

I'm used to games showing Xbox button icons or this controller not working at all without using external software, but I haven't seen these particular issues in any other games.

I couldn't download the game through the Itch app. It looks like you forgot to mark is as being for Windows.

The Space Control mode is rather original, but I think it is kind of the opposite of "out of control".

On the "edit game" page, your file has checkboxes for platforms. You forgot to check the one with the Windows logo. It makes a difference for people using the Itch app.

For some reason it launched SteamVR when I started the game. The game itself launched too and works, but I was a little confused.

It's quite relaxing.

The first time I launched it, the menu the didn't show up and I was very confused. It worked after closing and reopening.

Very nice looking art.

I couldn't download the game through the Itch app. It looks like you forgot to mark is as being for Windows.

This is a vey clever idea and it makes me feel a bit stupid.

Fun little arcade game.

Very frantic.

I like the blob monster.

Using the microphone seems like it could easily go wrong depending on the user's setup. The game seemed to think I was yelling when I wasn't saying anything at all and I lost instantly.

I couldn't download the game through the Itch app. It looks like you forgot to mark is as being for Windows.

I like things that bounce around

The jump happening even when you're in the air is fun.

I couldn't download the game through the Itch app. It looks like you forgot to mark is as being for Windows.

The graphics work well. It's easy to tell that these are evil ghosts and you need to shoot them.

I couldn't download the game through the Itch app. It looks like you forgot to mark is as being for Windows.

I didn't really understand what was happening. I just kept putting floppies on the board and pressed down and eventually I won.

If you mark the file as being for Windows it can be installed through the Itch app.

The art is great and the number of levels is incredible for a 48 hour game.

It took me 40 minutes to beat, which is by far the longest I've spent on any of the jam games I've tried. I did a lot of times on the last level.

Who doesn't love a good grappling hook

It's rather difficult to control, but I suppose that's the point.

I liked it.

Overall pretty solid game.

It took me a bit of experimenting to actually understand how the controls worked. I think drawing the full path and not just the waypoints would have helped, but I also understand not getting around to things that aren't absolutely critical during the jam.