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B.U.D.D. (Classic)View game page

Make new friends on this isolated alien planet!
Submitted by EngineerKappa (@engineerkappa) — 3 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#34.3854.385

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
You have to collect ship parts and new abilities to finish the game, but to do so you have to revisit old areas with your new partners.

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very cool idea, having drones as your abilities, and a well realized mini metroidvania. The visuals and audio were very good, and i liked that the game got more complex as i progressed. The only thing weighing this game down is the controls. They're unresponsive enough that fighting wasn't very fun, and I found myself frustrated by deaths that didn't feel like they were my fault and trying to avoid enemies all together.

That didn't stop me from finishing it though, so the overall package was still good, and definitely a lot of meat for being developed in just a week, I just would've liked the combat to feel as fun as everything else.

Check out my entry if you'd like to and have the time! I wasn't happy with the controls in mine either, but i'd like to hear more feedback.


Thanks for the feedback! I was trying to go for a more methodical control style where you have to plan things in advance, but I could definitely see me speeding up the attack by a few frames.


Yeah, i could tell it was something you were going for on purpose. Maybe it's the speed of the enemies that's the problem or even that the knockback from getting hit often knocked me into a pit and felt like too severe of a punishment for playing it a little too tight. Either way, the animation itself definitely captured the retro feel i assume you were going for, but in the context of everything else it kind of wasn't as fun as i think it could be, at least for me.

Not being able to attack while jumping also added to the controls feeling cumbersome i think.


I have no words... making a metroidvania in 7 days and the final product be this good... I`m really impressed, very fun, great art, tight controls, loved the little different use robot friends


Stunning work! I can't believe somebody made a whole Metroidvania! The visuals are gorgeous, the audio compliments the action perfectly, and you really understand the pacing and level design conventions of the genre incredibly well. The only negative thing I have to say is that the jump height is super unforgiving. I lost count of the amount of times I'd slaughter a bunch of aliens with a badass laser, only to die by falling into lava because I caught my shins against the opposite ledge.

I've said this a couple of times, but I think this is the best Jam game I've ever played!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Wow! Just wow! You nailed the retro vibe so perfectly. Very good attention to detail. The player knock back when hit, the way things appear and fade in and out, even the sounds and text boxes were just so spot on. If someone told me this was a ROM of a legit Nintendo game, I would have believed them. 
The checkpoints were well placed. The level design was brilliant. The items and powers were unique. The theme fit.
My only feedback is I wish the up arrow key could be used to jump as well, but the game was still perfectly fine without that!



This game was perfect. The atmosphere, the sprite work, the way it felt like it could have actually LIVED on the NES was amazing. The only thing it didn't have was flickering (which I'm grateful for haha) Seriously it was the perfect length too. Loved the ending, seeing my girl on the beach all happy telling me, "see you next game." Masterful.


What an awesome game! I love the old school vibe. This brought back so many fun memories of my first time through a metroid title. Would love to see what more you could add to that! I'm a big sucker for metroidvanias too. Thanks for making this! I can't think of a single improvement other than a few tight spots with the enemies, but definitely nothing terrible. That's a perfect score from me!


Oh gosh! Thank you for recording your playthrough! I definitely agree that the enemy placement can be improved, I just felt it made the game into more of a puzzle where you have to take things slowly and carefully. In hindsight I should've slowed the character movement down, but that would've made backtracking take longer than I'd like. Thank you again for the feedback!

Submitted (3 edits) (+1)



congrats :) !!! I enjoyed your game so much!

Once I started i didn't close it until finished. I got all the collectibles too :D

Your game is super polished, the level design and progression is well done. The pixel art... amazing, the theme is extremely present. Metroidvanias are actually pretty fitting fo this game jam because you have to collect lots of power ups and upgrades.

I'd love to play more levels of your game :D

It remembers me of Gato Roboto, a metroidvania a enjoyed a lot too.


I'd love you get the oportunity to play my game and tell what do you think :D


I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I kinda wanted to see if I could make a tiny metroidvania, and the theme and focus of this jam was like the planets aligning to give me the perfect excuse. 

I'll definitely have to check out your game in a moment too!


This is one of those games so good you can't believe was made in 7 days! Enough polish to feel like an old school metroid (or castlevania - pick your flavor haha).  Particularly loved the foreboding atmosphere of the inside areas reminiscent of mother brain tile sets. Really great work with this one. I wish I had more critical feedback but it was such a fun experience! 


Thank you! One of my strategies was coding the ending first, that way I could cleanly wrap things up if I ran out of time. The atmosphere also sorta came from me not really knowing how to make music and going with something ambient instead. I'm glad you liked it!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is reallly good. I'm very impressed at the level of polish here. The game also does a great job sticking to the 8 bit style. The colors feel right, the gameplay feels really on point for the style emulated, and the actual game feels very solid technically. Honestly when you go that hard to get this sort of style right with making sure that even one of the mushrooms has that sort of black outline indicative of the NES limitations its absolutely amazing. Music is good, game is fun, and I enjoyed beating it.

Also the idea to do a metroidvania is so on point. And not only that but it was all done by one dev for their second jam, bloody amazing.


Glad you liked it! I've had experience trying to make an NES style game in the past (that I never actually finished) , so I'm familiar with a lot of the limitations. Only having to worry about 3 colors without trying to make a custom palette definitely helped me get the art done faster too.