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Thank you so much!

This project includes an enum, an array with a few strings, and an object that draws a string from the array using the enum. It works fine when the room starts for the first time, but it gives the error I mentioned when the room reloads. This doesn't happen if the object uses the default value or an integer.  You'll also have to re-import GMLive's included files, because I didn't want to reupload those here. 

Thank you in advance, and I apologize if it's something that can't be worked around right now. 

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Hello! So far GMLive has been super helpful when it comes to testing code, but live rooms have been giving me some trouble. I notice that I get errors about an array being out of range whenever I use an enum value for variables assigned in the room editor. This only happens if it's an enum, if I replace it with a number of the equivalent value it works totally fine. I'm making a metroidvania right now, so enums are something I use a lot to keep track of things like items. Is there anything I can do to get around this?

Thank you!

Thanks! It isn't super hard to replicate an older system's limitations if you keep them in mind. Stuff like the palette, aspect ratio, sound effects, that sort of thing. 

Thanks for the feedback! I was trying to go for a more methodical control style where you have to plan things in advance, but I could definitely see me speeding up the attack by a few frames.

Thank you for playing! I definitely agree that I wouldn't have used 4:3 if I weren't going for the retro NES aesthetic, I was just in the mood for a bit of intentional jank.

Oh gosh! Thank you for recording your playthrough! I definitely agree that the enemy placement can be improved, I just felt it made the game into more of a puzzle where you have to take things slowly and carefully. In hindsight I should've slowed the character movement down, but that would've made backtracking take longer than I'd like. Thank you again for the feedback!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I kinda wanted to see if I could make a tiny metroidvania, and the theme and focus of this jam was like the planets aligning to give me the perfect excuse. 

I'll definitely have to check out your game in a moment too!

Thank you!!

Glad you liked it! I've had experience trying to make an NES style game in the past (that I never actually finished) , so I'm familiar with a lot of the limitations. Only having to worry about 3 colors without trying to make a custom palette definitely helped me get the art done faster too. 

Thank you! One of my strategies was coding the ending first, that way I could cleanly wrap things up if I ran out of time. The atmosphere also sorta came from me not really knowing how to make music and going with something ambient instead. I'm glad you liked it!

It took a bit of getting used to, but I really like the atmosphere you were going for! The planet physics were fun to mess around with, and the resource management side is a nice way to work in the theme.

I could definitely see this being expanded into a full game for sure. My only criticism is that there's no prompt that tells you that you can click on items to collect them, but it's not too hard to figure out on your own. I also noticed that  sometimes when you respawn mid-flight you totally keep all your momentum from before.

Thank you for playing it!

Thank you! Glad you like it!

Thank you! I really appreciate it. I'm probably not gonna turn it into a big fancy commercial product, but I would like to give it a couple updates later on.

Thank you! If I patch this later I definitely do want to increase the difficulty on subsequent loops.

Yeah, maybe I could add some kind of "PERFECT!" bonus at the end of each level for getting them all?

I'm just joking around, good job on the game!

This is by far the most challenging game I've played this jam, and I mean that in the best possible way.

It's a neat take on the theme, the graphics are cute, the music is charming, and overall the execution is rock solid! Good job!

...but now my head hurts from trying to do math.

The platforming itself is decent, but the audio seems to be playing from only one speaker and it got pretty irritating real fast. 

The atmosphere is really cool given the time frame! 

As for the gameplay itself, I feel like I get stuck in the floor constantly and I can just randomly jump again in mid-air. It's not quite a double jump but it feels like something out of my control. I'm also not sure if the game is supposed to loop or not?

I do like the weird anti-gravity fields, it seems like you could do neat things with that.

I noticed that you'll sometimes get a level with platforms that are just plain impossible to reach, but given you can instantly it's not a big issue. 

I also feel the menu is pretty unnecessary. It even kinda breaks the "WASD/Arrows only" limitation by requiring the Enter Key. If it had a "Press any Key" prompt to reset I feel retries would go smoother. (Also having the exit button in a browser game feels... odd)

That out of the way, the physics here are pretty fun to mess around with and the music is pretty neat! It would be neat seeing this expanded with more obstacles.

Thank you! I get what you mean about the difficulty. I wasn't sure how to make it harder without making the existing levels literally impossible. (Or at least impossible to collect the gems)

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback, I appreciate it!

I don't think I'd call the music depressing? I just chose it because it fits that cold isolated feeling you'd have on a mountain. Moreso it's just kinda Chill.

I like the way the Snail animates and your graphics in general are charming. It is kinda weird that the second level has no music and there are often areas with no enemies at all. I'm not sure if it's the shell killing everyone first or what. Still, this was pretty neat.

(Also the window still says Super Mario Bros, you might wanna change that.)

Cute! I could see this style being expanded into some sort of exploration puzzle game.