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It was such a pleasure to work on this with you! Even with such limited time I think we have created something pretty cool!

Wow. I won't spoil it. But it's worth it... and check out Emmas other games, they're super fun!

This is incredible, picking this up soon!

Hell yeah, day one purchase when you do!

These are incredible, any chance of a 90's themed office asset pack? >_>

Hahaha this game got ridiculous as the levels went on, really liked the Katamari style aspect. Also I was so shocked when another player came and kicked me off the ATM, that was such a nice touch. Also the panic of trying to find your car was super nice.


So hyped! Followed you since the inception of Budd during the game jam!

Managed to get the good ending, proud of myself! Great creepy atmosphere.

Love the art on this one, I actually managed to save all 30 lives and escape! -- lets just say a lot of folks are about to be water tortured though!

I am hyped for this!

I remember loving this game, and showing it to my partner from the game jam and going, "Oh yeah this is a winner right here!" Glad to hear you're still working on it!

Haha this is actually super neat. I got about 8 Zombies before getting bested. This is honestly a very very unique/smart way to learn different ways to program. Just when you think you've seen them all tv1rus comes at you from the left field. Really enjoyed the graphics, atmosphere, and mood of this one. I didn't hear any sound or music, but it's shaping up pretty nicely, and I can't wait to try a more polished version!

Just finished my playthrough! I am so glad Billy stuck with Steelpaw; the design is whimsical, and stylish -- with a pretty neat arsenal of moves to boot. Wallrunning, and dashing feel comfortable and slick, especially when in combat; running along a wall, charging up, and headbutting an enemy into the lava brings great satisfaction. There are hidden mechanics as well, such as when hopping from lily pad to lily pad on the beach. Your Hero will kind of center towards them so you don't over/under shoot. This was pretty helpful, and much needed when being chased by enemies. Towards the second half of the game you'll encounter much more hostile creatures such as the knights, which really test your chops. However, the game never feels unfair, even against a swarm of enemies I would think, "I've got this," and find a way to dispose of them all. Be it through headbutts, charged slashes, or sheer will. Steelpaw also rewards you for exploring in the form of Chests, and unlocking companions. While some are trickier than others to achieve, the journey to them is always worth the ride. The scenery is gorgeous, their are mountain vistas, dilapidated mazes, murky caves, and even poison beaches.  It may not be a super long experience, but it's one that's worth the effort, Steelpaw packs a punch, and will put a smile on your face the whole way through.

Daaaaang, this one had me scratching my head a couple of times. -- But it's so rewarding and makes you feel like a genius when you get it right! Tvirus always makes some seriously well crafted stuff in a short amount of time!

Pretty neat title! Knowing it was for a game jam was crazy the amount of work that went into this. Very original kind of concept with the far out zoomed semi-fixed camera thing, haven't played any other games like it. Seemed very polished for such a small window I almost don't believe you guys! Congratulations!

yeah unfortunately I can't do anything about that. Sorry

Got sloth so many times I had to shoot opposite direction which made me click out of the browser and lose :(

Maybe making the room bigger and not having enemies spawn on you would be a good change. Really neat little title though, like binding of Isaac. Very charming.

Ah! I got tricked the first couple of tries. I didn't realize the controls were changing. You're getting much better at art Malek, it's been super cool to see you grow! Another frustratingly hard title with a fun reward!

Woah, this came out INCREDIBLE! Such an ambitious jam game, and totally beautiful too. The atmosphere is akin to those old horror movies where some teens stumble upon some crazy evil in the woods. That mixed with the grindhouse gore-elements gives this game a lot of staying power! I'd love to see more of it!

Thanks Malek!!

Tried the game again in chrome and got it to work! I don't know what everyone is talking about level 8 is a piece of cake ;) I've actually found a method that works for every level but 8-10 but I won't spill the beans, figure it out for yourself. Suggestion, don't make the music stop and start over when you die! Another nifty little game from the mind of Malek, congrats brother!

At first I was like, "Oh no he left his debug x,y coords in," but then I used them to help navigate the map and I was glad they were there. The controlling is a little finicky, but you cranked out a game my man. Welcome to game-jams, I would love to hear about what you learned from this one and how you could use that towards your future games!

As a filmmaker I loved the dramatic structure. It tells the heroes tale and trials and tribulations perfectly. The only thing I would say is fix the shooting. The bullets curve so much and they're so slow it was near impossible to not die to every boss. I did like though that when you die the narrator tells you it's not supposed to happen and resets the stage so to speak. A healthbar or some sort of indication that I'm kicking ass or getting mine kicked would be very useful. All in all solid and tidy little jam game.

This game was perfect. The atmosphere, the sprite work, the way it felt like it could have actually LIVED on the NES was amazing. The only thing it didn't have was flickering (which I'm grateful for haha) Seriously it was the perfect length too. Loved the ending, seeing my girl on the beach all happy telling me, "see you next game." Masterful.

That art was amazing. Couple of weird things happened though, I wasn't able to accuse even though I was sure I knew who it was. I don't want to spoil for anyone so if you haven't played don't read this part yet. Firstly I had two Bruces who had very similar stats and the same exact character model which was kind of a pain but I knew which one it was. It was funny because one of my first clues was, "I ONLY KNOW HIS NAME, BRUCE!" then the next was his height, and weight so I had the guy nailed but it never let me accuse him. I exhausted all options, I moved every character all over until I couldn't do anything else. So although I didn't "win" with a win condition I know I got the right guy! Clever use of jam guidelines by collecting information. Something like this further developed could be very interesting!

A little hard to see your character on screen during the fight sections. Your use of particles is pretty incredible and it didn't lag even a little bit which is something I imagine is pretty taxing on most machines so good on you for that! Sorry to hear about the bugged version, I think that DQ's you but you should still use everything as a learning experience to develop more interesting and engaging titles. Great job Mister Chicken!

Oh man, I'd get sick if I had someone throw shrimp at me all day.  Just kidding I like shrimp, and I like this game.  The Art was stellar and so charming. This could be further developed into something awesome!

I can answer this one, I tried to make ZONES where different colored rocks were in different areas as well as different enemies. You're rewarded for exploring. Notice how you only got there on the last day? ;)

I laughed when the bullets collided. This one was pretty challenging and took a while to get through, I didn't get the 'there-and-back' elements but the collecting stuff for the car totally made sense. Had a bug where the boss would try to turn around over and over if I went slightly up and down and I used it to cheese him. Fun little title!

The font was super hard to read, I guess that's also my fault since I didn't use full-screen, and aside from some tricky controls It was a pretty sad and unique experience. You're a very good story teller.

Super polished, and very atmospheric. The gameboy color pallet mixed with these mannequineesque zombies relentlessly coming after you really had me immersed. How this dude managed to make this in such a short time baffles me. I'd love if you expanded upon this because It got me through a really boring lunch-break at work! The controls are seriously perfect, I institutionally pressed shift to go faster and lo-and-behold it worked without having to go through a monotonous tutorial. This game works on every front, and works HARD.

Holy shit thatw as so cool. I love the aesthetic of this. The 3D Gameboy look with eerie old London cobblestone is perfectly suited for a feature game. If this was expanded on even just a little bit I could see this being a hot seller on steam!

Those are bosses once you aggro them they'll hunt you until the end of time!

Tab is a debug button that resets the room, which I didn't get to disable before the jam ended haha.

This is a MUST play. The atmosphere and mood is next to none. I don't even like poker and I had to play to the end! GIVE IT A SHOT!

while fighting the archer his arrows get stuck on my ball making the ball nearly immovable and then he comes close to me and hit me, I don’t know if that was what’s supposed to happen or not but I didn’t really like it

haha that's not a bug, thats his intended purpose to slow you down. The game holds your hand into letting you know the more you pick up the slower you get so by the time you reach this boss you know not to get hit by his arrows. You can lose his arrows when he hits you with his dagger, or at the trash bin in his arena :)

This is certainly the hardest puzzler I've played all jam. The smoothness to the mouse was a super delicate and nice touch. My suggestion to anyone who wants to play this game.

D O   T H E   T U T O R I A L