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Go beyond the impossible
Submitted by XCVG (@xcvgvcx) — 1 day, 2 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall Good#103.6673.667
Overall Bad#203.7783.778

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

If you have implemented the modifier, how have you done so?
It's explained in the README (spoilers) but you'll know it when you see it.

Any additional information for voters?
Read the README, but only AFTER you've tried playing the game. Also, there are TONS of extras and bonuses, so go explore both the game itself and the game folder.

Use this key if prompted: 0000-0000-0000-0000-0000

Only the Windows 64-bit version is really playable, the other ones are a bit of fun but not the same experience.

Read the comment below if you're running into performance issues.

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Nice graphics, interesting story. I included it in my compilation video series of the ‘So Bad It’s Good’ Jam, if you’d like to take a look. :)

Developer (1 edit)

EDIT: I'm an idiot, disregard most of this. For those who are coming in and wondering what's going on here, basically I assumed they got bored with RiftBreak after a minute or two while in fact the intent was to only show a short segment.

This is a straight copy of the comment I've posted on YouTube. I wrote this under the assumption that you stopped after playing the section shown in the video; I'm not sure if that's true given your comment here.

Developer of RiftBreak here. Thanks for giving it a shot, even after suffering through the giant download, license key, and other (deliberate) annoyances.

Although... I must admit I'm kind of disappointed you gave up after less than two minutes of gameplay. That's barely scratching the surface; there's far more to the game than the plane VN/negotiation section. Without spoilering it too much, all the screenshots on the page are actually in the game. You're probably pretty busy if you're trying to play all 70-odd games, but if you have the chance, I humbly ask you to give RiftBreak another shot because it might surprise you.

Use the 1.1.0 version, though, because the 1.0.0 version is known to hardlock some PCs.


The first and second parts of the postmortem (more are coming) are live if anyone is interested:

Jam Judge

Wow, I thought my idea was ambitious! The switching of engines and gameplay styles is something I've never experienced in a game before, certainly not a game jam submission. The scope alone is awesome, but also the humour, overlapping narrative and little additions (like the skull in that dragon level, and znedds plane) really make this one special.

I'm proud to say that I was able to beat the Halo spoof level without killing anyone (immersive sim speedrun skills ftw), but I did die about 5 times from falling off the elevator. Frustrating but still funny, definitely has the tedious factor nailed down. Also for that level, did you teleport the same map object for each "stage"?

The ending music was pitch perfect, good job with the Tarja vocals!

And finally thanks for the shoutout! I was pleasantly surprised by the Out Of Order scene, and you managed to nail Frank Mallone's voice. I liked the drawing at the end, by any chance was the female characters design based off my own terrible 3d modelling skills?

Overall, excellent job man!

P.S. I swear to god I'll get a version of Ja Wizardman out soon... And Out Of Order Episode 2...


Thanks for playing!

I think Ja Wizardman was still the more ambitious project albeit in a different way. I'd say what you attempted was more work but this might have been more risk. I'd done some experimenting before the jam and went in about 90% sure it would work, but it's still quite complex which means there are more chances for project-killing problems and game-breaking bugs. Testing it was probably the worst part, with limited time and only a few machines to test on (development laptop, gaming desktop, and a virtual machine).

I've talked about it in my postmortem but this is something I've thought about doing in the past. SBIG Jam seemed like a good place to try it and I could still submit something if it didn't work out.

In testing we found that dashing through that level is the fastest and easiest way to beat it.

The Library knockoff level is actually copy/pasted 4 times. There's a trigger in the corridors between that disable the previous section and enable the next one. I thought about adding the "Loading... done" text but ran out of time to do it.

It still has performance issues even in version 1.1. I think I know why it's slow in general and I think I've partially fixed it, but performance seems to get worse as you move through the level and I have no idea why. The components were never meant to be used with a lot of NPCs at once, but Shattered had a level that ran badly but acceptably with more on screen than this so I don't know why it's so bad here.

I think I've mentioned this before in other responses but the tedium factor is something I was kind of really on the fence on. I don't like tedious games and I know some people are turned off by this also, but I wanted to play with making the game so bad it's good in that the moment-to-moment gameplay sucks but the overarching promise is enough to keep you playing.

I really regret not doing an ending song last year (I did one for TWAT but not for Beach Defend 2000) so it was pretty much at the top of my list of things to include. I made that by singing along to a karaoke version on YouTube and I'm kind of amazed it synced up to the MIDI that well.

The drawings are somewhat inspired by the style of your games although I can really only draw one style. The drawing of the female character was my attempt to draw a certain physically impossible pose that seems to be common in comic books. I struggled a lot with it because I kept trying to figure out where things went and nothing made physical sense. Frank Mallone was challenging for a different reason; since he doesn't have facial features in the game I had to fake it. I also reworked the gun a little bit though I don't remember why.

I'm looking forward to Ja Wizardman, and I've been looking forward to the next installment of OUT OF ORDER since the first one was released.


That was intense! I liked the idea of mixing genres. I haven't tried all of the experiences because I want to review as much of possible and I don't have much time but I enjoyed the rogue "autopilot" AI. That was fun. Frostbite spiders, so frustrating to fight them every 5secs at that dungeon. Massive work. Congratulations.


Thanks for playing!

I talk about some of my inspiration in the postmortem and I'll be adding more posts with some of the technical details soon. It was pretty stressful trying to get it all working but I think it did work out in the end.

It'd definitely not a quick experience (and some parts are designed deliberately to be tedious). If you have a change to do so later, give some of the other chapters a try. Few of them have actual gameplay but there are several easter eggs.


Obviously from a technical standpoint, this was ambitious and amazing that it all came together. It made for one of the most kit-bashed experiences I have ever had (besides actually bashing kits together). 

I think it's length is a hindrance though. I loved the core concept of switching genres and engines a bunch, but when there were long sections like the RPG quest or repeated FPS levels, I was just desperate to see what the next surprise would be. 

Also, I had a legitimate crash but couldn't tell at first due to all the tom foolery of the software switches and error messages. 

All in all though, this is a mammoth of a jam game. Very impressive and has plenty of badness around the good. 

Nice job!


Thanks for playing!

(spoilers ahead for anyone else reading this)

Technically, it's probably the most complicated game I've ever made, possibly the most complicated software project I've ever made. It was a risk but I'd done some proof of concepts and some thought experiments in the weeks and months leading up to the jam and I was 90% sure it would work.

I can definitely see where you're coming from. One of the core concepts I was working with was to build a game that made you want to keep playing and pushing forward while also disappointing you at every turn. I was trying to play with the so bad it's good, um, -ness, by promising an epic game and then handing over tedious, broken garbage. I may have gone too far in that direction- as you've said and I think I've brought up in some feedback on other games there's a point where it becomes too tedious to press on.

The tedious quest in the RPG section evolved organically, while the annoyingly repeated FPS level is actually based on a real level from Halo which I'd played

I think more shorter segments might have made a better game but I was really pushing it, time-wise, with the three segments I did. There's a certain fixed cost to creating each segment which making them shorter would not have reduced. I could have maybe squeezed one more in if I pushed it but five was right out.

You're not the only one to report an actual crash. It's unfortunate but I'm not surprised that these issues are popping up; there's a lot that can go wrong and testing this mess was a nightmare. The upcoming version 1.1 will fix some of the issues.

I'm planning to go over some of this in more detail in my postmortem which will be posted after the jam is finished (hopefully sooner than later).


A mixup of different experiences in one game.. good job..


Thanks for playing!

Building a game that juggles engines like this is something I've been thinking about doing for a while but I decided it would be a good fit for this jam. It was really tight timing wise and I made some deliberate decisions to limit scope and sidestep some of the harder technical problems.


This game must have been a ton of work! I didn't reach the ending, but there were so many different sub-projects in this. I've actually wondered before how it would be to combine engines for a single game, and this is an answer to that, pretty interesting!

Well done! I liked the music (sorting algorithms on RPGMaker?) and got some chuckles from the dialogue. My favourite was the old guy's house in the RPG segment.


Thanks for playing!

I've had the idea to combine multiple engines in my mind for a while, and have actually been thinking about the technical questions of how to make it work just as long. I thought it would fit this jam to build something that juggled technologies like that so I decided to go for it. I did make a few choices to deliberately limit the scope, which I'll talk about in my postmortem, but the big one is using a self-contained chapter-based structure where each chapter either passes, fails, or exits unexpectedly. There's very little exchange of data going on and I put aside some of the harder problems like getting saves to work or synchronizing settings.

Where did you end up? (minor spoilers) There is no true ending.

The old person's house was one of my favourite sections to build.

One of the "music" tracks is indeed a sorting algorithm turned into sound. I ran across the sound of sorting videos shortly before doing this jam and one of them was licensed CC-BY so I decided to work it in!


Ah, I can understand that, if there's no exchange of data it seems a bit more doable - still not that easy, I imagine. Cool that you managed it, though!

The game ended in a game over (logical and forewarned) after taking the Bard girl to a therapist. Unfortunately, that would have meant repeating most of that chapter, and since I'm trying to play a certain amount of these on limited time, that was the end of my run.

Yeah, I enjoyed him and his house!

Sorting algorithms make for some Twitch nostalgia, I must say. I liked hearing it!


There's only almost no exchange of data- we do get one thing from every chapter which is whether it was failed or completed. This should have been straightforward but I ran into some hangups, mostly with nw.js. The other major bit of complexity is handling the game over and shuffling in and out of the menu.

If you have time, try Chapter 7 (Pandora Unboxed) which is the other gameplay chapter if you haven't already. It's very different from the first and second gameplay segment.

I've never really been one for watching streams, I kind of just threw it in because I thought it would make for some great so bad it's good "music".


Between transitions, the screen turned off and on again. I couldn't make sense of that.
I felt like downloading assasins creed. what came out was very convenient to the concept. I had a lot of fun


Thanks for playing!

The weird transitions are because of how the game is implemented. I'll go into the technical details in my postmortem but basically every component- menu, game over, cutscenes, chapters- is a separate executable. When you go to a chapter from the main menu, the main menu program exits and the chapter program is started.


Okay, this was just incredible.  So incredible that I got totally invested in the story and was outraged when the fully intentional 'badness' of the game presented itself.  Every single piece of this would have made an outstanding submission and all together it's magnificent.  This really is so bad/good.  Worse/better than that even!  I would go so far as to say it might be the worst/best!

Also kudos to XCVG on the detailed reviews of everybody's games.  Above and beyond!


Thanks for playing!

There are a few things I wanted to do this time around that I didn't hit last year. One of them was to make a "big" game that gave the player a sense of epicness and adventure, and the other was to set the player up for something amazing and then disappoint them horribly.

I'm planning to talk about some of that in my postmortem, which will be out some time after the voting period ends.


Is anybody else getting "non-fatal error" warnings and then it skips chapters? I went from chapter 1 to chapter 3 to chapter 7.


It's part of the experience ;)


First of all, the quality is deliverying a lot here! I feel the time you put in this jam! The Protection System <3 Oh god. VAC BAN. First Mission, Better than Top Gun NES!

There is too much in this game that I cannot handle everything I guess:

Graphics:   - You seems to had time to implement so much thingy in and there! so much genra in one game really funny!

Sound:  - The musics, OH GOD those EDM TRAP TRACK BOOM BOOM! :D 

Gameplay:   - Pretty Intuitive since it's not much all the time.

Overall Bad:   - SO much crap is going on! WOW!

Overall Good:   - Feels good, I wanted to see more and more

Modifier:    - I don't know what to say, it's "Broken" I guess ;) 

//Feel free to rate mine! [CHECK THE TRAILER FIRST] //Luv Frum GlitchyDust


Thanks for playing!

I went in wanting to build a "big" game with a sense of epicness and a sense of adventure- and also one that's hugely disappointing at every turn. It was never intended to be finished either.

That's not how I actually implemented the modifier, or at least not how it was intended. Read the conversation with the conductor closely. In retrospect I think it was too subtle and I should have emphasized it a bit more.


I don't really know how to describe this game. It's definitely the longest I've played a game so far this jam, mostly because this game is absolutely huge! If anyone's wondering why this game has such a large file size, there's good reason, and I absolutely implore you to try it, despite the barriers to entry.

When I heard you were going to put 19 chapters in this game, I didn't believe you, and probably shouldn't have believed you. But yet, there they are on the chapter selection screen! I really don't want to spoil the game in this review, but I'd urge anyone who hasn't tried it yet to have a go themselves!

The game hard-crashed my PC, and there are a couple of sections that *really* don't respect your time, but they're only minor issues. I really don't want to go into too much detail, but this game is really well put together, fits the jam perfectly, and will keep a smile on your face much of the way through!


Glad you had some fun with it!

I think I mentioned this in the Discord, probably before the jam, but I had a few broad goals in mind this time. I wanted to overpromise and underdeliver, I wanted to build something big that would give players a sense of adventure, and I wanted to not finish or at least "not finish". I think I succeeded in all of those.

The exact structure here is something I'd been thinking about for a while though previously in the context of a potential collaborative project. It made perfect sense to do for this jam, with a bit of jankiness added, though my estimates put it as being really tight in terms of timing. It would have been a better fit for a two week jam, but I decided to just roll with it anyway since not finishing a game isn't the end of the world for SBIG Jam.

I'm planning on doing a postmortem where I'll talk about this in more depth and without trying to avoid spoilers.

Submitted (1 edit)

This game is leagues above the others. It has varied gameplay, quirky humor and it kept me hooked for way too long! A true gem, well done! I can't even imagine how you made this in a week.

By the way, great singing. :p


Thanks for playing!

I'm planning to do a postmortem after the voting period ends where I'll go into how RiftBreak was made.


Nice, I'm looking forward to that. I thought it was really interesting, especially with the different game engines all playing a part.

Developer (2 edits)


If you run into crashing or severe performance issues, you can try disabling Windows Defender or going into %AppData%\XCVG Systems\Arkansas\launcher.json and setting UseResources to false (you must run the launcher once to generate this file).

This may only occur on systems running Windows 10 version 2004, but further investigation is needed.


Very good bad!! :)  I loved this: dual attack & double attack


That part actually came built-in. The near-pointlessness of it (there are double battles in this but they are very rare) is something that came up during testing and I decided to leave in given the nature of the jam.


i tought it was a virus for 90% of my playtrough , but i realised it was a masterpiece "triple a game" for the last 10%. totally underated.