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Looks interesting, I had to fix the game.ini manually for the game to start. The wrong DLL was referenced.

I had to delete the text "Standard" from Game.ini to be able to launch the game as I got "RGSS RTP standard not found" error.
After launching it crashed immediately as soon as I wanted to start a new game as it couldn't find the audio file.

Here's a solution:

Update the build so it includes the standard assets please. ^_^

This truly feels like an NES game or something, great work! It looks and plays great.

Pretty fun and quite hard! I have a feeling those asteroid have some sort of homing device in them, haha.

Interesting concept!

I have no idea what this is about and there was no sound so I'm not sure why the description mentioned it. Nice picture though.

I love the art! I wasn't sure how to attack so I didn't really play much. You should definitely use the art to either finish this project or for another one!

Reminds me of Worms! I like the terrain destruction, this is a great start.

I finished the game! It's very simple, but kinda fun. The controls are horrible, but I figured out that if you jump towards somewhere and then let go off the arrow keys immediately, you don't slide all over the place. I guess that could be seen as a feature? :D 

Your, uh, website needs some work as well. Don't poop your pants, friend. Cheers!

Lovely style, good music! The control needs some love though, they are way too floaty. 

Great use of colors and I like the style, reminds me a bit of 90s point-n-click games. The idea behind the game is super cute, well done. 

I like the mood and colors! I didn't figure out how to grab the knife unfortunately, I kept getting killed by it.

There definitely is a lack of comments on this jam, I'll be playing some more of your games and adding comments to those I enjoyed. I advise everyone to share the love and do the same.

Awesome little game, talking to the chracters was really enjoyable.

Thanks for your kind words! ^_^


w00t! Thanks man!


Hi! Thanks for creating such a cool tool.
Do you have any idea when the patch will be ready?

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How about a game jam where the only requirement is that all art assets have to be made with Doodle Studio?
I want to see more games made with this! It's just so much fun to use.

I've updated the game, it should work as intended now. Multiplying values instead of adding them is a bad idea! ^^

Oh man that sounds pretty bad as well. I'll look into it and upload a fixed version ASAP. 

Fun and original gameplay with cool graphics. Nice one!

Super fun! The graphics are amazing as well.
I like the fact that the main character is a pacifist, he's just trying to deliver the goods while avoiding the obstacles!

Very intriguing. It was fun to talk to the characters and figuring out what was going on.

I won! I like the idea of needing to find cover from the water, that's pretty original.


I like the simple graphics and the interaction with the top hat that keeps raising the entry fee
It reminds me of life, you keep working and working but it never seems quite enough to get you where you want. Maybe you can add something/someone to the entrance that collects star taxes as well for an even more crushing feeling?

Oops! That definitely a bug. :D
There's supposed be a limit on the speed depending on the chosen difficulty, I guess something went wrong there. I'll upload an updated version once the jam ends. Thanks for pointing that out!

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Interesting concept! For me, the difficulty curve could be a tad steeper, but it's pretty fun for sure.

Love it!

I love this! The premise is cool, the graphics are nice and the gameplay is pretty interesting as those guys running around sometimes start following you relentlessly! Keep it up!

This pack is sweet! What's the license on these assets?

What OS are you using? Do you get any errors?


Thank you! I'm glad you and your kids had a good time with my game :D

Online Multiplayer is here!

Get it while it's hot!

Really nice! I love the sounds, good job overall! :D

As a fellow Unity developer, I must say this looks really great, awesome job!

I love the theme!! :D :p

Hey there!

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Nice let's play, it's always fun to see how people play my games. :D


Thanks! It's always fun to hear when people enjoy your work.