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Thanks for playing, cool video! I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

Thanks for playing and including footage of it in your video!

I guess it worked in the sense that those games got more ratings. Of course they shouldn't get 5 star ratings all around, that wouldn't be fair. So yes, it does work, but only for getting more ratings, not to get a higher ranking.

I'm not sure if anyone is still reading posts here, but here I go!

First of all, thanks to everyone for participating in the jam! It was a lot of fun playing your games.
I also like to than all the people that played my game, In The Mind, and provided valuable feedback on how it could be improved. I released a new version today that improves upon the initial concept by providing settings for a better experience on your particular devices. The main complaints where that the game was too dark and the mouse sensitivity was too high, so I've added options to adjust these to your liking.

There are a bunch more improvements, so check out the game if you want to experience a short thriller/mystery game.

Nice piece of crap! Quite challenging, especially the one that sits still and spams bullets at you is difficult to deal with if you don't have a gun. The art style is simple, but charming.

I loved the intro! The graphics and music were on point and it almost felt like I was playing something much bigger.

When the main game started though, I had some serious issues.


  • Intro is fantastic and cinematic
  • Nice use of color
  • The music was pleasing
  • I like the idea of the rewinding mechanics

Could be improved

  • The controls feel very clunky and there are no instructions on what do exactly
  • The character was floating above everything, meaning I couldn't hit enemies and they couldn't hit me. I was also able to float between platforms. This is a glaring bug, but I'm not sure how I managed to do that.
  • The game doesn't lock the mouse, so the game constantly lost focus with my 3 monitors while I was trying to look and move

This game has potential, but I feel like too much effort was put into the intro while the main game could've used some more love.

Here's mine:

I'll take a look at yours in a bit and provide some feedback. :)

This is a really well made game. The puzzle mechanics and the graphics are excellent and the gameplay flows well. Here's my feedback:


  • The retro graphics are great!
  • The rewind mechanic works well and is a lot of fun
  • The levels are quite easy once you know how the rewinding works.
  • That music is super nice!

Could be improved

  • There aren't enough levels at the moment, the current levels are great, but I feel like there need to be more challenging ones as well.
  • There isn't a real ending, the game just returns to the title screen after finishing the last level. I feel like a simple screen with "The wizard returned finally found the door back to its world. Thank you for playing!" would make the game feel more complete.

Cool puzzle game with an excellent vibe! Here's my feedback:


  • The art style and the colors are awesome!
  • The rewind effects are done very well. The color shifting makes it come alive.
  • The music is sweet, it's a mix of great beats and eerie sounds.
  • All of the levels were interesting to solve and kept increasing steadily in difficulty.

Can be improved

  • There wasn't a button prompt for progressing dialogue and space worked at the beginning. Once I started taking the rewind pills though, pressing space not only advances the dialogue, but also makes the character take a pill. I later discovered I could press W on my keyboard (AZERTY) to advance the dialogue without taking a pill. It might be best to ignore the Space input for the pill if there's a dialog box open.
  •  The controls seem to be oversensitive. I had to carefully use the arrow keys one push at a time in order to move where I wanted. Maybe snap the character to each tile and wait a little while before letting him move further when a key is being held down?

I think I saw an easter egg when I switched to fullscreen, the text read "Elo: Cuando se acaba este sufrimiento llamado gamejam". I translated it and it said "Elo: When this suffering called gamejam ends".  You guys did great though! :D

In a nutshell, great game that deserves a full release IMHO. Well done!

This game is short and sweet! I'm quite bad at games requiring exact jumps, but I managed to complete it after quite some deaths in the second level. Here's my feedback:


  • The sound effects the hazards make are awesome.
  • The way the story is told in the beginning is awesome. I expected to be bombarded by all those missiles!
  • The graphics are simple, but I love the contrast  between the rich colors and the black background.
  • You don't punish the player to badly for making mistakes. You immediately restart the level without any delay for another try. This is a good thing!
  • The last level was great, it felt a bit like a boss level. Especially the part where it goes impossibly fast and then stops, giving you just enough time to pass and finish the level.

Could be improved

  • This game could use some chiptune background music to go along with the look.
  • I'm not a fan of pixel perfect jumps where you need to jump off at the edge of a platform to reach the edge of another. Might just be me though, I don't play many platformers these days.
  • There aren't enough levels. Just 2 more extra levels would have been great.
  • There isn't an ending sequence to tie it all together. A little tale like in the beginning to let the player know what happened next would be killer. I want the little blue alien guy to be safe!

Thanks so much for your detailed feedback! I agree with every single point you brought up. I'll be sure to fix the major issues like lack of mouse sensitivity options once the jam is over.

Due to time constraints I had to scrap a lot of content like extra rewind puzzles unfortunately. I love your tools puzzle idea, especially since it would add extra depth into the backstory.

There are quite some people asking for a full game or a sequel of sorts so I'll have a good think about that. Creating this game was a lot of fun and it was my first dive into the horror/thriller/mystery genre so thanks for your kind words.

Very addicting and challenging game! You did a lot with simple graphics. Here's my feedback:


  • I love how your main menu incorporates the shooting mechanic, making it clear from the start what your goal is.
  • The way the balloons move with different speeds makes it nice and challenging.
  • The UFOs and big balloons were a nice change of pace.
  • The game feels really fair. You don't get a penalty for missing except a lost opportunity. 
  • The music falling apart when you're out of juice is a nice touch.


  • I was shooting the balloons in the main menu a bit longer than I'd like to admit. Maybe have the Start sign up there straight away so any new players don't start shooting the balloons holding it.
  • It's hard to gauge when you're ready for another shot. Some kind of indicator would help for this.

Honestly, you made a great arcade game! It was hard to put this game down.

Very mysterious game! It was interesting to explore the little world. Here's my feedback:


  • The atmosphere is top notch, I was constantly looking around as I was expecting to be attacked at any moment.
  • The rain,  heavy footsteps and low-fi graphics did a lot to get that creepy vibe.
  • You gave just enough information to let the player explore on his/her own.
  • I love the black monster, very Lovecraftian.

Can be improved:

  • I was exploring and the game straight up closed. No game over screen, no nothing. I'm not sure what happened there.
  • Resizing the window so it fills the whole screen and back makes it impossible to use the mouse cursor, it disappeared.
  • The mouse sensitivity was very low, making it hard to turn (the opposite of my own game haha). Consider providing a slider in the options to change this.
  • There was a distinct lack of sound effects besides the footsteps. Picking up the orbs for example would give a better experience with some sounds.

Great work!

I really enjoyed your game! I managed to finish it while being in the adult phase.

Here are my thoughts:


  • Nice, cute graphics
  • The laugh of death was cool and made things feel more urgent
  • I like that the spiders didn't simply home into the player character but had unique patterns they move along instead
  • The ending sequence looked great and was a nice touch
  • You properly credited the asset creators
  • I love the intro text and the idea behind the rewind mechanic, we all want to escape the clutches of death!

Could be improved:

  • Some more feedback for taking the pills would be nice. Maybe some kind of animation, color change, etc. of the player character.
  • I wasn't sure if I was playing the game correctly as there's no timer and no way of knowing how many pills I needed to take before anything would happen. I stayed an old man for a pretty long time, even while chugging pills like a madman.
  • Some kind of visual health bar or lives would be great so it's clear how many more hits you can take. I'm not sure if something like that is happening "behind the curtains" as I didn't die luckily.
  • This is more of a suggestion than anything else on here and probably hard to implement in the short time frame, but maybe make death the end boss. He could run up to you and swing/throw his scythe for example. Seeing him being destroyed in some way with the player character living another day would make for an even more emotional ending.

Well done on the game, I hope to see more from you!

Instead of simply rating games, I want you to play the game and really think about what you like and dislike.

A good way to do this is to make 2 lists: one with things you like and one with thing that could've been better and how you'd like it to be instead. Next, add these lists to a comment for the game developer. For example:


  • The music was excellent and fit the game well.
  • The rewind mechanic was well implemented, I especially liked how objects would move back to their original position.


  • The jumping felt a bit floaty. Try to make the character move up and down a bit faster.
  • There's no game over screen for when you fall down. Adding this with a button prompt to restart the level would make the game flow even better.

As you can tell, this is far more valuable than simply leaving a rating and be done with it. The creator actually gets a chance to improve the game and his/her next games.

I try to give valuable feedback as often as I can, and I'd like to ask the same of you so we can all improve together and make awesome games!


I actually think 2 weeks isn't bad. Especially with the 1.8K+ entries. I try to play a bunch each day and give constructive feedback where I can. Some of us can only play the games in the weekends or late at night after work and other duties so having some extra time is a good thing.

Personally I don't mind waiting for the results, although not being able to fix any bugs for two weeks is a bit annoying, I'll give you that. My own game has a few minor bugs and annoyances I'd love to fix, but can't right now so I can relate to that.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked the experience! I've never heard of Devotion, so I'll be sure to check that out. 

This wasn't that good to be honest. While the DVD format is original, the game wasn't even made for this gamejam so it doesn't fit the theme.

As for the game itself, there are some major problems:

  • No clear goal
  • I stumbled around the rooms while getting attacked by creatures with no way of defending myself.
  • I "faced my fears", but didn't get any reward.
  • One of the rooms I entered didn't do anything except for saying "you died".
  • Clearly missed opportunity of having FMVs scattered around, since it's on a DVD

Better luck next time, this is a format I've never seen used for games before, so you might have something cool here if you work out the kinks.

I wasn't able to play without downloading and installing a different version of Java than I have installed. :(

I recommend using a game engine for your next game, or at least finding some way of exporting to an .EXE.

I would advise not to have a setup in future game jams, people don't trust those (and rightfully so). It's best to supply a zip file with the game in it and/or a web version.

Stop spamming in caps everywhere. That's a good way to get banned. If you can't communicate in a decent and civilized manner, then don't.

I loved the music and the main game mechanic. The minimalist style is also pretty nice. I do have some points for you to improve your game:

  • Some of the jumps are almost impossible as you have to time it pixel perfect. Consider making the jumps more forgiving, except when there's a huge reward if you make it.
  • The first level should be even more simple and quick to complete to teach the game mechanic.
  • The player doesn't fall down when hitting the side of the "block switches". I got stuck when I jumped up and hit the side of the block instead of the bottom (see screenshot). In this case, I'd expect the character to drop back down or maybe even die.

Good work on the game and congrats on your first release on!

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you like it! I'll go ahead and give your give your game a spin as well.

Also, yeah I'm also from Belgium, I guess the BE part of my username is a clear giveaway. ^_^ (Merci voor de feedback!)

Pretty good game. I liked the graphics and the idea behind it. Having to use certain items to defeat enemies was a good use of the game mechanics. I do have some points where you can improve the game:

  • Use a standard control scheme for the platforming (WASD to move + Space to jump/shoot). Using the mouse button to shoot and not using space to jump felt a bit weird.
  • The game just stops if you accidentally shoot a mirror and get hit by your own bullet. You turn into a baby and dissapear. It might've been better to show a game over screen to let the player restart quickly.
  • The rocks should stun or disarm enemies.
  • The difficulty ramped up too quickly starting from the second level.

All in all a fun game, well done!

Sure, I'll play & rate your game and add some feedback. Here's mine:

In that case I'll refer you to the FAQ:

What updates did you make?
You mentioned a download button, but the zip(s) seem to have been removed.

This thread has gone down the drain. Don't link your own game here, but link a game that you played that someone else made and you liked. 

Good game, but the execution is way too frustrating. I managed to manage the first level after a good while, but it's too punishing for a first level. I actually think the wind mechanic might work well, it just needs a less steep difficulty ramp IMHO. All in all, great job!

Be sure to give my game a try as well and let me know what you think!

Thanks for giving it a shot and providing valuable feedback! You made some excellent points. Thanks for playing!

The rewind mechanic didn't seem to work for me (Chrome). Holding space just ramped up my CPU but everything stayed frozen. Apart from that, pretty fun game and it's nice that you made it with your kids.

Doesn't load. Tried it in Chrome and Firefox, same results unfortunately.

Wow, thanks for your in-depth review, I really appreciate that!  It's interesting how everyone has a different take on the story that's being told and what's actually happening when using the rewind ability. 

I love your constructive feedback and I'll definitely be using it for my next games. Even a game jam entry needs some options like mouse sensitivity and brightness. :) 

Thanks for playing!

Challenging little game!

Thanks for playing! I enjoyed watching your playthrough and I'm glad you like the game. Cheers! 

I don't want to be pushy, but it's been 15 hours and there's still a lot of broken submissions on the list.

How about a little spooky game?

The main mechanic allow you to travel back in time to help you escape a house where some things have been going on.

Great game! My memory sucks so this was hard as balls. The graphics were old school and very fitting for the theme. I'm going to heed the chief's advice and continue doing gamedev... :)

It looks great, but it should be made more clear what keys to use. I was trying to use WASD + E, X, C & A but all of those didn't work. Some button prompt at the beginning would've been awesome.