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Enhorabuena equipo por el trabajo que habéis hecho. Tenéis un guión interesante y habéis trabajado los personajes. Por lo que puedo entender creo que el mejor formato para vuestro proyecto es una novela visual o una página web interactiva. Para las novelas visuales el software más utilizado es Ren'Py y para páginas web interactivas hay herramietnas como Twine que os facilitan mucho el trabajo. Os recomiendo echar un vistazo.

Thank you for choosing and playing The Streak in your channel :) Really appreciated.

Quite impossible to play.  :) Good work.

Another title that fulfils expectations and delivers. I knocked, it knocked back. All good, I'm satified.

Ultra casual game with a title that matches expectations. Fine entry.

I don't know how you did the coding for the poo effect but I can of course admire it and praise it. Good one.

Catch-the-smaller-ones is another one of my favourite casual genres. The amount of hours I've spend with Thanks for the game.

Instant favourite. The songs take it to the another level. Simple game mechanics but all together work perfectly.

Weird mechanics, crazy transition speed between houses. But this is impossible, so well done. Very effective.

The eye-filled wafers is a good choice here :) The level of difficulty is well adjusted. I think it makes a good combination. Good work.

Couldn't execute it due to TPG Maker 2003 RTP error with itch desktop app. I wish I could have more time to debug and play. So I can only judge by the cover, which is good because I've always loved the scare-prank maze games. Making an impossible game get the player ready for the scare. Is there?

A game you want to play over several times. Setting well worked, art polished. Solid entry, congratulations.

Enabling the option to set the bike speed really makes the game more playable. Good one.

I liked the idea of forcing the player to stick to fixed positions. A nice touch to the classic avoider game.

First proper puzzle game I play in SBIG 2020. Simple and effective, thanks for that.

Graphics are histrionic, voice over is superb. Great submission.

The duck design is superb. Great fit for SBIG 2020.

I like the concept. Thanks.

The second snail is so frustrating. Good job.

This kind of mechanics is exactly what I thought of when I proposed the impossible modifier to the group. I finally ended doing something very different, more narrative, but your idea fits perfectly the jam. Kudos.

Windows 98 and impossibility make a good match and it's full of possibilities. Well thought.

Good minimalistic bullet game. Well done.

I love the sprites. The mechanics are good and make me want to keep jumping far and far away.

I see a lot of work here. Well done. I'll send it to my favourite role-master friend to get his opinion.

You've achieved something special here beyond the scope of the jam. Keep at it.

Who doesn't like Flappy Bird? I also have it on my TODO list. I find it very appropriate for this jam. Well done.

A little bit of weird, a little bit of crazy. Good work :)

A very catchy spot-on game title and idea. I understand all the fuzz about the game. Congratulations. One of my favourites.

You may have put a lot of effort on the audio part but it's great. Good work.

I liked your "hero".  It has some personality :) I'm not a big fan of RPGs. I've played very few in my life, so my opinion is not of great value here, sorry. If I had to say something, the spawn rate of enemies when you're walking out is too high for me. But I understand it's part of the genre. Thanks

A burguer-wannabe potato crusade with the music and mechanics of Katamari Damacy. Genius! Found the mouse control a bit complicated in the browser but your idea will give me inspiration for future games. Thanks!

I recently played a version of the Myth of Sisyphus in an expo here in Barcelona about the Culture in Videogames. And there was one game similar, much more simpler (you can play it here). Your game goes deeper with the myth and I liked it. I've also found your art election very adequate. Good job.

That was intense! I liked the idea of mixing genres. I haven't tried all of the experiences because I want to review as much of possible and I don't have much time but I enjoyed the rogue "autopilot" AI. That was fun. Frostbite spiders, so frustrating to fight them every 5secs at that dungeon. Massive work. Congratulations.

Just read it. It had to be Wingdings, of course.