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Salut! Ouais j'ai manquer un peu de temps pour les options de son. A l'habitude j'en fait.  Merci de la review. Je pense faite une petite update pour améliorer un peu le rendu du jeu!

Thanks a lot for this humble comment! I know I did the game a bit too hard for this Jam. I will focus on the difficulty on my next jam. I love the "Low Poly / Low Pixel" aesthetic. I wanted to do somthing that has not a lot of "Menus" but feels right enough to play.

Thank you and be good!

oh I see I was not really able to find the ice cream. I tried clicking but eh :/

But hey! Good job here!

Oh wait?! there is a video of it I didn't see any links! I'll find this out thanks!

big thanks! I don't know about the comment that vanished because the update didn't erase other comments but anyway. Thank you about that. I was thinking minimalist a lot there. I don't like "text" so i tried something new and I like it very much! The boss is the required shape ;) the background of the boss is the best one with 3D pre-render.

I see that many people are not able to get to the boss. I might make a video of the game this week then.

//luv frum GlitchyDust 

i see! Don't get me wrong but the game is really god for a first 3D. I didn't try once in 3D. Good job!

Big thanks here! Yeah it's hard. that's my king of stuff. I will remember to get games easier for my nexts jams!

The main character is so CUTE. The humor is really great! I've got stock at the ice cream thingy. I put the trash on the ground near the dog but it didn't toggle any ice cream. I don't know if it's a bug but great job here!

Nice game here! 

The lack of information about to play the game got me a bit but good job with the Firefly 3D engine here! quick arcady game god me every time. Good job.

Nice job with this!

I like the wondering about the overworld. There's a bit of lack of environment here but I liked the idea. Your menu selection is so clean I like it a lot. I've never worked in 3D but I might for my next game-jam. 

Feel free to check mine, have a good one!

Perfect. Yes I will keep the original of course :)

haha! Thank you so much! Yeah it's hard and I'm sorry for the control scheme. That is one problem that I need to find a workaround with my engine. 

There is only 2 level and 1 boss fight. The boss fight is my favorite part that I made. I think I didn't made enough player feedback to make it more enjoyable than that. But I might do a little patch for quality feature such as the Keyboard scheme and more player feedback.

//Luv frum GlitchyDust ♥

Can I add some quality of life feature throughout the month like a boss "LifeBar" and stuff that does not impact the game?

Oh my god! Yes thank you so much! I'll check it live!

Hell YEAH :D thanks

Pahblaaa bidibidi baba! poupou! BABA!!!!,,,,,, bibididi PA PA! HO BZ BZ GAZOU!

Graphics:   - Nicely good

Sound:  - Amazing soundtrack! WOW

Gameplay:   - Really basic 10 REALLY NICE

Overall Bad:   - Hem The BOSS :'( he's bad, He fired me. :( and the soundtrack is bad tho

Overall Good:   - Hmm Kinda good eh!

//Feel free to rate mine! [CHECK THE TRAILER FIRST] //Luv Frum GlitchyDust

I Know Right! :O The passion is RAIGHT there!

Thanks for this review! I tried my best and it's really hard.

The updated version of THPS4 Secret Level on PS1 is becoming better! I can say that... "I'm so confused about what to do". Right up the jam!

So here I am, trying to put a review on it!

 - So much details, THE TEXTURES! WOW

 - I've never felt that much HYPE on those SUPERMANS Songs! Good PUNKY vibe here!
 - Nice Slurpy Sound here :D

 - OH WOW! Amazin TRICKS! Almost did my 900 to lefty boardslide first TRY! :O :O

Overall Bad:
 - I Wish I would be able to hellflip! (It's really BAD and great!)

Overall Good:  - Oof. hemm I don't know what to say! Better than THPS 5 for sure!

//Feel free to rate mine! [CHECK THE TRAILER FIRST] //Luv Frum GlitchyDust

I'm not exactly sur how I did the game either ;). I'll sure check yours soon! Thanks for the review BTW :D

I'm wondering too but I can definitly assure you that you can glitchy out of bound! Thanks for the review!

The trailer is probably my favorite part of it! <3 I was laughing so hard on it.

For the typos I wanted so much of them but still be readable. This was kind of a mind twist.
Thanks for that review!

Thank you so much! I was laughing many times as I created this mess! One of the thing I wanted the most is to laugh about what I was making! I feel that I didn't put enough time on it but I'm sure that the lack of time was a good thing!

Thank you so much for checking it out!

I'm glad that many people like it! I was wondering about some of my first game I've ever made and thinking, what when wrong back in those days. I found some stuff and added new ones! This is like the same thing I used to do so badly but I wanted to make it working to be really funny!

Also I thanks the memes.

First of all, the quality is deliverying a lot here! I feel the time you put in this jam! The Protection System <3 Oh god. VAC BAN. First Mission, Better than Top Gun NES!

There is too much in this game that I cannot handle everything I guess:

Graphics:   - You seems to had time to implement so much thingy in and there! so much genra in one game really funny!

Sound:  - The musics, OH GOD those EDM TRAP TRACK BOOM BOOM! :D 

Gameplay:   - Pretty Intuitive since it's not much all the time.

Overall Bad:   - SO much crap is going on! WOW!

Overall Good:   - Feels good, I wanted to see more and more

Modifier:    - I don't know what to say, it's "Broken" I guess ;) 

//Feel free to rate mine! [CHECK THE TRAILER FIRST] //Luv Frum GlitchyDust

The first ComicSans I saw yet! Nice stuff here!

Graphics:   - This reminds me of the first game I've ever made! That's really nostalgic for me haha! 

Sound:  - Only Music? well that fits ;) 

Gameplay:   - Really basic 

Overall Bad:   - Such a unique "useless" stuff there!

Overall Good:   - The game is understandable in this madness!

Modifier:    - I like that it was quick about that!

//Feel free to rate mine! [CHECK THE TRAILER FIRST] //Luv Frum GlitchyDust

Graphics:   - Clunky and funny!

Sound:  - Gets a Alien Vibe but a silly one! that really neat

Gameplay:   - Really basic but it encourage for the "Bad" things. 

Overall Bad:   - The Mechanic is really GOOD yet BAD I love it

Overall Good:   - It is playable smoothly. Not that good but it's part of the charm of this jam!

Modifier:    - Really great implementation here!  I'm familiar with the first alien movie and it delivers!

//Feel free to rate mine! [CHECK THE TRAILER FIRST] //Luv Frum GlitchyDust

Thank you so much for this detailed review! 

It was really hard to make because I wanted somthing that work and it's not too "Hard" that you feel bored or anoyed quickly. (I was not sure if it was easy enough to go trough that).

I'll check yours soon!

eh thanks :)

HAHAHA! Big thanks! I'll check out yours soon :) yeah it was BAD but, Ehmm Not that good either! hahaha!

Big thanks! Yes the trailer was my Favorite Part of it!

 - CUTE yet Perfect!

 - I feel the silliness!\!!\/

 - Ultra Bad / GOOD, how the hell.

Overall Bad:
 - The Mechanic is really GOOD yet BAD I love it

Overall Good:
 - Basicly it!

//Feel free to rate mine! [CHECK THE TRAILER FIRST] //Luv Frum GlitchyDust


 - Expected by the title yet FUNNY!

 - Only one sample? At least it feels bad such good!

 - Basic! I like it and it's nice to work around with the timing of the jump!

Overall Bad:
 - No Music I guess and the disign is right on it

Overall Good:
 - idk

//Feel free to rate mine! [CHECK THE TRAILER FIRST]
//Luv Frum GlitchyDust


 - Not that much but worked.

 - None?

 - Good idea! Nice mind twist.

Overall Bad:
 - No visual Scaling, game not that good literally. Not to be rude.

Overall Good:
 - Gameplay idea is great!

//Feel free to rate mine! [CHECK THE TRAILER FIRST]
//Luv Frum GlitchyDust


 - The animation was funny!

 - I feel the VIBE.

 - Ultra Basic, not that bad, really funny

Overall Bad:
 - So much settings
 - WoW animations!

Overall Good:
 - Music

//Feel free to rate mine! [CHECK THE TRAILER FIRST]
//Luv Frum GlitchyDust

I use CF2.5 too :)


 - Pixel Purrfect!

 - I feel the 90's

 - Ultra Basic, not that bad.

Overall Bad:
 - Hemm Win98 I guess ;)

Overall Good:

//Feel free to rate mine! [CHECK THE TRAILER FIRST]
//Luv Frum GlitchyDust

I was a really fun game! I enjoyed the Intro Opening screen. A really responsive game.

Maybe you should add a feedback when the "Invincibility" is almost finished? 

If you have time to review my game I would be thankfull.

This game was really fun cute and good! I was really a good game that I enjoyed. I would be glad if you have time to test my game too! :)