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Well done for coming 5th! Could you contact me through the discord when you have the time? Thanks!

Well done for coming in the top 10! You you be able to message me through the discord? Thanks!

Well done on coming 2nd! Can you contact me via the Discord to discuss prizes etc? 

Well done for winning the competition! Could you contact me via discord for your prize?

So I actually played this one much earlier in the week, but I forgot to leave a comment. I've replayed the game today, so I can give some up-to-date feedback.

The game has a lot going for it. I liked the gun sound effect, even if it did get extremely annoying after a while. The encounters in the game were actually quite interesting (Damn do I hate headcrabs) and the enemies are quite well done.

The NPC always gets in the way, which is perfect considering the jam we're in. It feels like playing a really bad half-life mod, but with some entertaining parts to keep you interested.

Overall, this was a great attempt, and it's not often you see source games at jams. Really well done!

Well, I decided to leave this one until last, since I really wanted to dig my teeth into it. This is probably one of the most original games in the jam, and perfectly fits the definition of a 'So bad it's good' game. 

The graphics are hilariously terrible, and the voice acting is horrendous but funny. The actual levels are very well designed, and the fact it's built as a doom mod makes it feel surprisingly solid.

Where this game really excels is in the references. Everywhere I look there's a sign that makes me chuckle, or a line of dialogue that made me smile. The references to games like daikatana & Duke Nukem are very nice to see.

So obviously this is the sort of game that you'd never see on the store shelves. It is not a 'good' game. No amount of improvements could change the bad game at the heart of this project. However, that's exactly what we're looking for, and the game pushed me to play through to the end.

(Also, thanks for commenting & rating all the games! It's been really cool to see you supporting everyone else in the jam)

This one is a really interesting one for me. First off, I love the whole premise. You'd never expect a flying car to be easy to control, and it turns out that it isn't. 

The extreme use of bloom is also a massive factor. You wouldn't believe how many times I've lowered my taxi, thinking I've made a perfect landing, only to realise that I missed it and my car was drifting further and further down.

I'd say that the controls are a bit of a knife edge for this game. On one hand, the game may feel easy if the controls weren't so terrible. On the other hand, The controls can sometimes be so frustrating that it loses the fun from the game. 

With that said, I think this is a really cool entry that very much fits the cyberpunk bill. Well done!

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Considering the limited time, this game is actually a really good effort. I like the whole premise, accepting contracts to hack for people (An idea I also used in my submission), and I think that it has a lot of potential. 

I think that while it's clearly not-quite-finished. hacking files with my fist felt very good, and searching for the file, etc was quite fun. I bet that if it had a few more days of work, it could be something thoroughly enjoyable. 

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the music/sound effects were stellar. Some of the best I've seen in the jam.

I have to admit, this is a pretty hilarious game. I loved it from start to finish. The game starts out relatively normal, but the build as you go on is probably what really sets it apart.

The combat at first felt rather bland, but actually the punches have to be well time timed, and the kick attack is pretty fun to use. All in all, the combat feels very good when you get used to it.

The story starts out very cliche, but the ending sequence was a complete surprise. I had no idea what I was doing with the bomb, but it all worked out in the end, and I finished the game with a large grin.

To conclude, this is a great example of how to make a 'So bad it's good' game. You can tell that a lot of effort went into this, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in the future!

Really liked this one. The graphics are surprisingly atmospheric, like a Tale of Tales game gone horribly wrong. 

The controls and music all add to the quirky charm. I think considering that this game was done in under 3 days, it has a surprisingly large amount of content. The ending was very nice, as well. 

Overall, a great experience. Thanks for joining the jam!

Fun little puzzle game. Bit buggy, but it's all part of the charm. Graphics are great. Bonus points for watermarks. 

I think if expanded upon, this could be a neat little game. Well done!

Really nice game. I love the concept of the game, and it is extremely well executed. It ramps up in difficulty quite quickly, and actually becomes quite challenging later on. 

This is probably another game that is overqualified for this jam. Then again, some of the dialogue made me laugh, and some things hint at the parody style you were aiming for. Well done!

Really great game. Nice to see so many construct devs for the jam!

The gameplay is really cool. I think the platforming aspect is a really cool concept, and having to remember passwords is always quite tricky. The game feels really good. Maybe too good even. But I think the odd premise, and the offbeat dialogue helps to counteract that. 

There was one pretty massive bug on my first attempt of the game. All the sectors were listed as the '0' sector in phone calls, and I had no idea what I was doing. Luckily restarting the game counteracted that. 

Anyway, this was a really fun game, and I'm amazed you managed to do it within the week. Well done!

Wow. This is a great game that deserves a lot more attention than it has gotten. The story is amazing. The gameplay is very solid. The use of music really helps to heighten the mood. The cinematic/dialogue sequence are good, and the whole thing feels very well done.

All of this comes to create a game that really fits the bill of this jam. It's short, but never gets too boring either. Talking to different characters and following the quests was great. I cannot sing this game's praises enough. Well done for completing this game within the week!

I was very curious when I went into this game, as the game's images and marketing were so secretive. I have to admit, I was not disappointed.

The game very accurately depicts the violent knife culture in the streets, and is a chilling mirror into our own lives. The game is multiplayer-only, and I feel that it was a good decision. When playing this game, I actually felt like I was stabbing my friend, which in the context of the current inner-city street crime, feels like a very strong political statement. 

The lack of sound makes the game all the more horrifying. It felt like silence before the storm. All I could hear was me and my friend. Waiting to see who twitched first. 

Very accurate depiction of gang violence in a modern setting. 10/10 - would never play again. 

Very nice game. To be honest, I couldn't get past the second level, but what I did see was really good.

The graphics are perfect. I love the whole clash of images, and it fits the spirit of the jam perfectly. The music is very nice, and the story/gameplay works really well. I have a feeling that this game will be a very strong contender.

Very nice little game. Interesting take on the cyberpunk theme, and I liked the concept.

Gameplay is simple, but well executed. I like the sound effects, and the wonky background.

Really fun experience. Well done!

I don't think any part of the game is 'random'. It's just very contrived.

Very fun game. My high score was 114. 

The game's lighting and atmosphere makes it feel like a perfect cyberpunk game. The gameplay loop always made me want to play 'one more time' and the music, character designs all perfectly fit. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this one, and played it for much longer than I probably should have.

Simple, but very fun game. I liked the whole Jeans trains thing going on, and when the working build finally came out, I wasn't disappointed.

The game is simple, but it works. I loved throwing jeans around, and I left with a smile on my face.

On a related note, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is my favourite game of all time. I was so blown away when I first played it, and feel that no game in recent memory has truly replicated the grand scale of adventure in the DX:HR. Bit of a tangent, but I liked the reference.

Nice little game. I love the terrible music, and the graphics fit the whole aesthetic perfectly.

The gameplay is very repetitive for the most part, mostly just consisting of spamming space. The boss battle is very well done, but I didn't see the crouch button at first, so I played through it several times trying to get to the boss.

Otherwise, well done for getting the game done within the Jam time!

When you get used to the controls of this game, it's actually very fun. It's quite challenging, but quite rewarding. It reminds me off VVVVVV, which is one of my favourite platformers. 

Somehow when I was looking on the website for help on this game, it actually managed to complete the first level by itself!

That aside, I loved the music, and the levels were tightly designed. I had some trouble with the generous hitbox of the player, but I got used to that eventually. Overall, This was quite a lot of fun, and very well presented.

Enjoyed this one. The gameplay is rather simple, but I really enjoy the kinda bullet-hell type games. T

The story was very enjoyable, and the general presentation is very well done. Music fitted the cyberpunk theme. Overall, a very good time.

First off, the game looks and runs really nice. I really like the endless cityscape background around the apartment, and the particle effects are a really nice touch.

I kinda love the unfinished feel to it. Getting stuck in walls, no gun sound effects, etc. It was funny when it happened, but wasn't frustrating or game-breaking. 

Otherwise, its a fun, if not quite simple game. Well done for getting it made within the week!

First of all, well done for completing the game within the week! I managed to play the game with someone else, and we played several rounds.

Although the concept is really cool, the AI kinda just kills itself very quickly, and doesn't really do much. It's much more fun when it goes down to just the human players. I was very sad that my OUYA controller couldn't connect, but luckily I has a spare DS3 which connected fine.

Otherwise, this is a rather simple game, but we had a good time, and that's what matters

Really liked the concept, and it kinda felt like a massive mess, in the best possible way. Missions were quite well done, and the general aesthetic really worked for the jam.

Otherwise, the intro was great, and bonus points for the music.

Really interesting one. We don't see too many visual novels for the jam, so this was a welcome change. 

To be honest, when I saw that 5 people had teamed up on the Crowdforge, I thought that it would be impossible to co-ordinate such a team. So far that, well done on releasing a game at all. 

The environments and character designs work really well together, and help create the cyberpunk setting. The dialogue fits the characters, and is quite entertaining. A couple of spelling mistakes here and there, but nothing you would expect considering the limited time. 

Music was also excellent, with some background sound effects as well which really added to the mood. Overall a very fun experience.

First off, I'm really liking the style. The neons and vivid colours, along with the music, really help to create the cyberpunk theme. 

However... I have no idea how to control this game. You can't hold down buttons; you have to keep on pressing them. Every 5 seconds, the arrow keys seem to do something completely different. It ended up that by stage 6 or so, the arrow keys would just not do anything. I don't know whether it's a bug or a feature. 

Otherwise, I like the idea of chopping fruit and avoiding cars. Besides the movement, it was a lot of fun.

So this game had some very cool ideas, and I really enjoyed playing through it. I'm not usually into JRPG-style games, but this game had some good visual sequences, amazing music, and a relatively short length, which made it much more enjoyable for me. 

You could tell that this was the type of game that messed with standard conventions from the very beginning, and you could probably go even further with that. There were quite a few parody RPGs in last years jam, but this one felt rather different & refreshing. Hopefully more people will experience this game, because it is... well... an experience.

Beat the game in 12:27. The levels were well designed, and I like the concept of the game. The aesthetic of the game really adds to the spirit of the jam (I love the menus, by the way), and while it did get tedious later on (partially due to waiting for blocks, and the higher point barrier), I had a good time with it.

Soundtrack was great by the way, and a good way to implement the modifier.

I really enjoyed this game, and beat it after several attempts at taking the boss. The concept is really cool, and I like the way the game alerts you of enemies. The fact that the alerts are inconsistent always puts you on edge, which I like. 

The real star of the show here is the boss battle at the end, and while 50 hits was quite repetitive, I wouldn't really expect things to be mixed up too much considering the time constraint. 

Sound effects are great. Bonus points for the Wilhelm scream. Otherwise, the animations were really nice. Well done!

Nice, glad to see a fellow C2 dev at the jam. 

I don't really know what to say about this one. It's basic: very basic.

But hey, it's better than nothing. Well done for submitting!

I knew this game was gonna be good when I was dropped in and saw a turtle in the background walk off a skyscraper. The whole game felt surprisingly polished, and very entertaining.

The exe file opened in a tiny window, but luckily I could open it up through blender and crank it to 4K.

Felt good, sounded good, played good, looked good. not much more I could ask for here.

Yep. This is some good shit here. References, gameplay was on point, and and it really captured the brief of the jam, as well as the modifier.

Considering this game was finished in the first 3 days of submission, it was a great attempt.

I have to admit that as soon as I saw the screenshots for this game, I really wanted to check it out. I love the low colour-depth 3D art style. It kinda reminded me of the early 2.5D games, which used heavily compressed pre-renders. It all contributed to an aesthetic that was perfect for the jam.

I don't think I actually understood how to play the game, but I had a lot of nonetheless, and it kept me trying for a surprisingly long time. 

On another note, what engine did you use? I'm guessing it's html5 based from the fact you used NWJS, but I loved the effects & shaders you managed to achieve the art style.

Overall, great job, and I'll look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

It's simple, it works. Not really much more I could ask for. Well done on submitting a game!

I have admit, that bird one is still one of my favourite submissions today. It was a very ballsy move to hide so much of the actual game away, but when people found out the surprise, it really paid off.

I think you can be happy in knowing that this game is probably too good for this jam. Like, it's fun to play and does exactly what you expect it too do. This would be very high praise if it was anything but this jam. 

So while it may not be the best fit for the jam, at least you've made a game you can be proud of.