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Ned Reid

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Well done on coming 4th! Could you contact me on the jam's Discord server?

Well done on coming second HAUO! Could you contact me on the jam's Discord server?

Hi all,

First of all, congratulations on making this jam the best worst thing ever to come out of itch.io! I am amazed that we  have had so many great games, and I'm immensely pleased with the success of your games. 

The next thing I need to do  is compile the "Best of the worst" bundle for the jam. The plan is to compile all 10 games into one executable. Basically, there will be a launcher, and users can get the top 10 games from the jam all in one place. This will take some co-operation from the devs: especially the developers who have chose to make web-based games. Since these games have been made on many different engines, it's not going to be a particularly pleasant task. 

Itch.io does not have a private messaging system, so it would be best if you contact me through the discord (My username is Znedd1):


If you just say who you are, we can start a private conversation. Hopefully we should get the collection out by the end of this week. Hopefully...

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Here. Just follow this link to enter the jam.


Wait until the project is uploaded and ready to show before sending me the link. Make the page public, and then send me the link.

Hi everyone.

Some of you  may have missed the deadline for whatever reason, and still want to submit your game. That's fine! Late submissions are allowed for the next 24 hours, and maybe longer under specific circumstances (Engine crashing, loss of data, sickness, etc).

If you want to submit your game late, simply create a page for your game, and message me the link. You can reply to this thread, or message me on the Discord (Username: Znedd1)



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I've removed the other post, as this one has more votes

This game is awesome: Thoroughly fits the brief. 

It depends what you want to do.  Of course, you should start to gather a team before the jam. If you want to learn a new engine before the jam, feel free. Basically, any preparation that doesn't involve making the game is fine. 

What you can't do is write down ideas for the game, start thinking about what features & such will be in the game. Natually, it would be impossible not to think of ideas, but it would be better if nothing was down on paper until the jam starts.

Thanks, and good luck!

As a smaller jam, it will be judged on the game as a whole, in  order to simplify the judging process. The criteria when judging is just "Is the game so bad it's good?". 

Basically, just try to create the best worst game you possibly can.

Good luck! (-: