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Congrats on winning! If you could send me a message on the Jam Discord, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Crisis averted! Now I just need to sort out the situation with the creator of "relaxing button clicker".

Well this is the last game I played, but most certainly not the least! (Or you could say it *was* the least, depending on how you look at it!). This was one of the best executed RPG games I've seen from a SBIGJam entry. It never outstays it's welcome, and is full of enough twists and turns that I was constantly engaged. Have to admit, this is one of the strongest contenders I've seen this jam. Well done!

This is one of the strongest, most complete entries I've seen in the history of this jam. Everything from the sound, story and gameplay was hilariously funny, and I loved that it had a complete world along with a tutorial even! 

One one hand, it may be too good for this jam, but I think the theming, storyline and FREEDOM really makes it a great fit. I really don't have much bad to say. This was golden!

Yep. This one really works. I love how you managed to do the shit physics and effects. To be honest, they make up for most of the game's shortcomings.

Solid effort, and a lot of fun. Well done!

Yep, this game is impossible.

I can't really say I had *fun* playing it. It was more a mix of anger, frustration and confusion. With that said, I like the backstory, and I think it's a great premise. Funnily enough, in one of my previous SBIGJam games, a big part was on solving Captchas. I think this executed the concept much more deeply though!

Well done!

I think this game suits this  jam to a T! I have to commend you especially on the intro, which was a work of art.

Honestly I couldn't beat it, but I had a lot of fun trying. The sound design works really well, and I think the gameplay is janky without being too unfair.

Well done!

Managed to get to the end. Luckily I was able to rely on some janky physics that gave me a few boosters! There's a lot of games in this jam with obtuse controls, but this one really stuck. I think it works, and I was constantly trying to come up with new ways to control FEJI around. 

Overall, a really solid effort!

Managed to get all 12, though it took a good few attempts! I liked this one: it really had a good vibe to it. Also loved that you included an Asymmetric multiplayer mode as well. Good stuff!

Very nice. It looks like the type of game one could give to their kids, if they wanted to give their kids nightmares. I managed to get 700! 

Plays really well. I like the style. Nice job!

Ooh, this was a really neat puzzle game. I liked that it wasn't impossibly difficult, but did require you to think. I also love the knock-off Mario brothers. They're a nice touch!

Overall, a great game all around. Well done!

Really nice little bullet hell here. I managed to get 8 enemies. To be honest, if anything, this game is too good for this jam! Really enjoyed it nonetheless though.

Enemy types are really cool. Sound direction is nice. Maybe a bit more feedback when you get hit won't go amiss. Overall though this is a really solid effort!

Really like the premise of this! The graphics very much look like a bad ZX Spectrum game, and the translation is completely unintelligible. 

I didn't really know what I was doing, but I still found it a good time. Well done!

I absolutely love the whole premise and setup of this game. It's one of the most hilarious intros I've seen in SBIGJam history!

The game is really polished, and I love seeing Edwardo fall flat on his face. The game is extremely difficult, and my main issue, if anything, is the lack of checkpoints or saves. I feel this would really help the overall playability.

With that said, I tried, and failed, many times, and I had a great time doing so. Well done!

Great little experience with this one. I played minesweeper for way too long!

Had a lot of fun trying this one out. It's rock hard, but controls well. I managed to figure out some tactics later on, like trying to hook the bus on top of the helicopter. Never worked partically well, but it was fun trying!

The art style is really cool. Kinda reminds me of the newgrounds-era flash games, but with a much more gritty aesthetic. Really nice stuff all round!

Really cool little submission! I do like how the transitions between places are so insanely quick it's pot-luck to get to the right place! I also think the art here really suits the jam, and there is a unique charm to it.

Well done on submitting a game!

This game is amazingly well executed.  The gameplay is fluid and works well. It's fun and involving, and the whole concept is absurdly silly enough to work.

The music and art really fits, and while is a relatively small game in terms of scale, it is so well polished that I really think it stands out as an amazing SBIG entry this year!

Well done!

Really loved this one! I had no idea what I was doing at first, but then I got a slightly better hold of the mechanics, an I had a really good time. I think the game works very temperamentally, but not in a frustrating way, which is a great fit for this jam.

Also loved the art: It fits very well with the theming, and I loved the way you managed to fit the modifier.

Overall this is a spectacular attempt, especially since you had to restart twice. Well done!

I'm glad that Dizzy finally got a new game, even if it's slightly derivative!

In all seriousness though, well done on submitting a game. I enjoyed it!


Ooh wow, this game has a really nice aesthetic, and I quite like the concept. The random jumps are absolutely devilish though! Great work!

Absolutely loved the controls in this game. Especially when you go into negative stamina and half to start controlling backwards! The art is really well done, and the sound effects are hilarious.

The game is surprisingly well-polished, and I generally had a great time with it. Nice work!

Managed to get 1475! Great job: especially considering how quickly it was made. Played super smoothly, and I had a good time!

Managed to get 35! Really cool that it's your own engine, and it runs super smoothly.

Really fun to play. Well done!

I really got into this one. I always used to love playing the xonix-like games. (I used to have one on my old Macintosh, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called). 

This plays really well, and I like the general aesthetic. The only criticism I have of this game is it might be too good. However I had a lot of fun anyway!

Kinda reminds me of the first stage of Spore. It's a really good start you have here. I think it could be greatly expanded upon though, as after about a minute, the game becomes impossible to lose.

Great bird sound effect though!

Nice little thing you've got here. I like the sound and visuals, and slamming down the ball to change colour is quite satisfying.

I don't know whether there's a way to know the next colour you switch to, or whether it's just random. I feel the gameplay would be much more tactical if there was either a pattern or indicator the next colour.

Overall though this was really good. Well done!

Thought this game would be 2 scary 4 me, but suprisingly. I managed to complete it without running away in sheer horror.

Well done on submitting a game!

Managed to get 183! I really love the sound design, and I love the feel of hitting the mallet. It's a real satisfying game to play. Well done!

Really nice shooter/bullet hell game. Had a lot of fun trying it. Perfect difficulty to the point where I died a couple of times, but never got frustrated. Overall a very solid entry!

Interesting little idea here. Well done on submitting!

This one was an... Experience. One of the most surreal games I've played yet this jam. Well done!

When I heard "platformer with hard controls" I instantly though "Oh no, not again". However when I played it, I was pleasantly surprised. The control method is actually quite clever, and I can't remember playing anything similar in recent memory.

With that said, I feel like this game would suit starting with a more conventional traverse, rather than instantly going into a climb. The main issue is that jumping with these controls is very hard when you first start, so easing the player in might help at first. 

With that said, this is a very interesting game. Well done!

Really nice little game. Was a massive fan of Hill Climb Racing back in the day, so this game really solicited some similar vibes. Well done!

Really nice effort! This game is hard to a fault, but I still had a lot of fun trying it. Well done!

This is one of the smoothest games to play so far this jam. Refreshing not to play a game that isn't absurdly janky. 

Had a lot of fun. I really like the endless generation, making it impossible to complete. Nice effort!

This one is absurd enough to the point where I found it very enjoyable.  Gameplay is simple enough, but I found it a good laugh, and that's what matters in the end!