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This is some deep stuff.

Cool! I will give it another go.

A very funny twist on the theme.  But also I could not figure out what to do beyond wandering around.  Still fun though!

Ha!  Great game.  Loved the ending.

This looks really intriguing but unfortunately could not get it to load for whatever reason.  Loading screen came up but just sat at 0%.

I'll be honest, I was dumbfounded for a long time until I noticed the text at the bottom.  Great idea though.  Really enjoyed this!

I'm not sure if you're allowed to have something this good as your first ever game.  I'm pretty sure there is some regulation against it.  I have probably sunk more time into this than any other game jam game I've ever played.  Just outstanding.

This is brilliant!  Although I can't get beyond about 30 seconds.  Excellent stuff!

Ah, thanks very much. Not really done a game like this before. It was a lot of fun. Cheers!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Really enjoyed this jam. Going to make a concerted effort to get something in every month. 

Love this game! Definitely one of my favourites so far.  Good concept well executed.  Great work!

This is really fun little platformer.  Great work on the robot animations/sound!

Amazing!  Very enjoyable game.  Great work!

Great game!  Really enjoyed this.

Nice work!  Pixel art is excellent.

This is a fun little game.  Loved the cabin artwork!

This is incredible!  Really polished and overall a nice relaxed experience.  Great work!

I could play this for hours.

Wow.  Hard.  Never made it anywhere near the boss.  Good fun though; I may come back to this.

Wow!  A great mechanic, very well executed.

I really enjoyed this.  Looks pretty polished and keeps you going.  That rabbit is infuriatingly slow!!

Ha!  Great.  Really enjoyed this!

Superb!  Really enjoyed this

Great game!  Sad there weren't more levels but amazing achievement in the time frame.

I love this!  The enemy animations are absolutely fantastic. 

Nice Game!  Dialogue was funny and voice acting was really well done.  I didn't have time to get through to the true ending but will definitely come back to this.

A great SBIG game!  Incredibly fun to play while still being just off-kilter enough.  Quite challenging, I struggled to finish a single lap on any of the levels.

Excellent!  The story was funny and absurd and I loved the Welsh narration.  Makes me regret dropping out of uni.

A nice little block breaker game.  Very enjoyable.

A brilliant idea executed well.  I loved it.

That might be the best ending for a computer game ever.

Amazing game!  Great story, and those models are just perfect.  Also quite a lot there considering the length of the jam.  Just very enjoyable all round.

Way way more fun than it has any right to be.  Hilarious naked antics.  Great work!

A fun little space shooter but needs some added difficulty so that it doesn't just go on forever.  Solid entry though!

I tried many times to escape the canal but the moster ate too many boxes.  Great game!

This red animal is among the top ten red animals who is an echidna and jumps.  10/10.

Wow!  So much content here.  How you threw this together in a week is mind-boggling.  I think you totally nailed the wonky corporate aesthetic and the voice acting was outstanding both in quantity and 'quality'.  Also, each of the minigames would probably have been a worthy SBIG entry on its own.  Brilliant. 

I don't know if I've ever seen this mechanic before, but it's brilliant!  A genuinely good game wrapped in some wonderfully haphazard graphics and sound.  Perfect SBIG.