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BOX KAR RACINGView game page

A Janky Racing Obstacle Course: Not for the faint of Heart!
Submitted by Cluckmyster (@the_cluckmyster) — 2 days, 11 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall Bad#243.1103.563
Overall Good#342.2372.563

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

If you have implemented the modifier, how have you done so?
Added 1 Level which includes 1 Button as and Obstacle

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A great SBIG game!  Incredibly fun to play while still being just off-kilter enough.  Quite challenging, I struggled to finish a single lap on any of the levels.


Its all about the timing, take it slow and don't rush things. Pretty much like how I approached this jam!


A lot of fun to play! Surprisingly well-developed menus! It's kinda got a barebones but raw feel to it that works really well. I like the idea of the one-button road! It was a good way to implement the modifier!


Thanks man!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This one was interesting and incredibly challenging. I didn't get past lap 3 on the first map and didn't even make it that far on any other level. The inability to reverse really bumped up the difficulty for me. But honestly I think that may have been intentional.

It was fun to play though, the wacky physics combined with the obstacles was great! And I appreciate the graphics options.

Also out of curiosity did you intend to let the player change the camera angle or is it just a fluke that I found out how to do it?


Yeah, that was intentional with the camera lol! Also there is a reverse but you have to shift down with the left control key to get there. Its an issue with the Advanced Vehicle System Plugin I was using. Thanks for your comment!


the physics for this game were easy to understand, as well as the principle of timing your way though the obstacles. both of those were done well, but the camera angle was much too low. Props for using unreal though, bonus points for that :D 


Actually I figured out you can change the camera angle by clicking and moving the mouse, the game doesn't tell you this I just try to press every button when I play games


good interpretation of one button! fun to play. Handling is difficult.


The implementation of the modifier is brilliant. The camera made me a bit dizzy when falling off of platforms.


The graphics have a look of "I used all the fancy effects in Unreal, but didn't use nice models or textures". Which... actually, you know, works for this jam. It's not a common interpretation of "so bad it's good" but it certainly fits. Surprisingly for an Unreal game, this one didn't destroy my system.

There seems to be no sound at all.

The menus are ugly and a bit glitchy, but there are a surprising amount of options on hand.

Unfortunately, I just didn't find this game fun to play at all. The camera angle made it very difficult to see where I was going, and the glitch physics and mediocre controllability made driving more of a chore than a pleasure. With only a rudimentary lap counter and no opponents there wasn't really any clear objective or impetus to succeed, either.

I know making driving games are deceptively hard, and I think this one is actually pretty close. But I think it really needs that last bit of tweaking to even get into so bad it's good territory.


Not to make excuses or anything, It is my first Unreal Engine game. I learnt a lot from all of the tutorials I watched. Oh, and I used the Advanced Vehicle System for the vehicle physics. Thank you for your valid criticism! 


Honestly, I never would have guessed that. For a first Unreal game it's quite polished and well made; though an imperfect game it had the feel of one made by a developer who knew their way around their tools.


Why thank you!