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Uni Adventures | SBIG Game Jam 2021View game page

Enjoy a stress free university life.
Submitted by Katanoueki, Bnig98JR (@Bnig98JR), EnderLlamas — 6 hours, 12 seconds before the deadline
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Uni Adventures | SBIG Game Jam 2021's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall Good#93.3603.360
Overall Bad#213.2403.240

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

If you have implemented the modifier, how have you done so?
The game can be played using the left mouse button only.

Any additional information for voters?
To experience the good and the bad. Please play through the entire story.

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Spectacular experience:  a heartfelt story, with great graphics, dialogue, and mini-games. 

This is possibly one of the best visual-novel style games I've seen in SBIGJam, and it's really fleshed out, with a satisfying narrative. Well done!


Excellent!  The story was funny and absurd and I loved the Welsh narration.  Makes me regret dropping out of uni.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Well this one certainly surprised me. There's only a handful of narrative games that have been submitted to SBIG but they've largely been funny and this one is no exception. The dialogue was funny, that text-to-speech was unexpected, and the mini-games were pretty fun and broke up the monotony of clicking for the next dialogue line.

I admit I'm not sure how much of this plot related to university or college was satirical or intentionally weird. Because in my experience professors can't assign students to manual labor, and even if they tried nobody would likely follow through with it. So I can't fully relate to it but it was funny nonetheless.

Oh and I'm not sure if it was intentional but when playing the second tax evasion game the green block would stop moving if my mouse moved off of it. Kinda made moving faster in the longer stretches of open areas difficult.

Nice work!


Thanks for playing our game! I agree some aspects are weird, but we thought it would add to the 'bad' aspect of the theme. As for the green block. Yes, it was intentional, just to make it feel a bit buggy. Once again, thanks for playing!


This is one of the more interesting entries I've played thus far. It's narrative driven, which isn't common for this jam. The setting and premise are absurd and unique.

The narrated lines threw my brain for a loop. I thought it was another language... but some of the words clearly match the text. Is this the text fed through a broken translator or a text-to-speech designed for another language?

I think this one is a bit risky in that it's going to click with certain audiences and just won't work for others. It hit kind of in the middle for me; it's somewhat familiar but far enough from my own post-secondary experiences that I couldn't strongly relate or connect to it.

Unfortunately the game glitched after day 4 and sent me back to the beginning so I was not able to complete it. If I have time I may come back and give it another go.


If I remember correctly, the text-to-speech is in a Welsh accent, and so some of the words are pronounced very weird, like "scene" sounds like "skinny". Before submitting the game, we had a few problems with the code. Our programmer fixed the problem, but a new one may have appeared.. once again, I'm sorry to hear the game glitched. Hopefully no one else will have these problems!


This game is fantastic, I've had a really great time playing it! Good luck!


This game is a standout for me so far in this Jam. Great drawings, fantastic story, just all around good. however, that being said i couldnt really find a "bad" aspect to it. Take it as a compliment or a criticism in this case, either way, its a great game. Really really well done.


It’s funny, both in its writing and its SBIG-ness. I don’t know why but… the premise vaguely reminds me of Persona. The pacing is a bit too slow, both in terms of plot and text speed. Took a while ’till things really got going. The minigames were j a n k, as to be expected, but they were a good way to break up the reading.

Yeah, it is a bit of a mess, but it’s a constructed mess, and one that I assume accurately describes the academic experience in whatever country the “narrator” is from.


The text to speech made me giggle every time, I really like the wacky tone of the dialogue too.

Funny ending as well, good job!


Lol! Great "Bad" Work! Taxes are my pasion

- Josh


beautiful art,  fantastic unicorn, and amazing taxes


I was about to spoil some stuff on accident. Vague description, uhhhh. I can't believe it was THAT person of all the people in the game that didn't believe me....

Btw, I think there is an issue with your control set-up, you can use Right click and space bar in addition to left click.


Nice art. Evading taxes is my passion.