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Super clever! The puzzles make great use of all the mechanics and are clearly really well thought out! Also, the art is great!

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SPOOKLUNKY! I knew this would be amazing as soon as I read the name XD The art is great and the gameplay is fun and feels really good

Great art! You did an awesome job making the typing super satisfying!

Thanks a bunch for the feedback! I wanted to add collectable coins, but ultimately ran out of time!

Thanks a bunch for the feedback! That is one thing that I learned while making this game. I'm pretty new to pixel art etc., and I didn't realize that the different art scales shouldn't go together until I had completed most of the artwork. Hope you enjoyed playing!

Super fun! Awesome concept and you implemented it really well!

This is an awesome concept! I love the sound effects! I'd love to play this again when more comes

Thank you so much! And great questions, I'll leave the lore up to interpretation :D

Thank you!

Thank you!

I totally agree, I just ran out of time to execute this better. Thanks a bunch for the feedback!

Super cool controls! It's so interesting playing around with all different camera controls!

Super fun! I love the car's physics!

This is such a cool game! And it has such a fun story! Great job!

This is so cool! What an awesome mechanic, and you implemented it really well! Great work!

This is super fun! Some pretty tough mechanics are being implemented flawlessly here... great job! 

Thank you so much!

This is so much fun! The art and sound are both great, and the puzzles are so satisfying to figure out!

This is a super fun mechanic! Great work!

Super fun! I love all the different kinds of robots and powerups!

Super fun! I love how you need to really think about whether you should be shooting or moving


Thank you so much!

That was a really fun challenge! And wowie, you sure did incorporate the flavor! Quite epic.

This is so much fun! I love the mechanics, they have a super exaggerated but fun feel!

This is super fun! I feel like it has a perfect difficulty curve, great job!

This is so cool! I love the concept of the two brothers having different mechanics!

This is such an awesome concept! It would be so neat if it were expanded into a larger game! Great job!

This is so cool! Awesome mechanics, and the art is great!

This is so cool! The grapple mechanic is so much fun!

Shoot! I hope this isn't an issue for everybody :( 

Thanks for letting me know!

Super fun! The puzzles are really clever! The art is also really fun!

I have never been as terrified as I was just now when 100 cows were shooting their lasers at me. This game is seriously so fun! And it's also super creative how you tied health and ammo together!

Seriously great job! This is so much fun, and the art is great! I really like the feel of the movement mechanics, it feels like I am seriously in control of the meek-mooks!

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! I really appreciate it!

Awesome game! The art is great!

This is seriously super fun! Great work!

Awesome job, Roscoe! This game is so much fun!

This is so much fun! I really love the enemy AI! (I'm sure 404coder is just some troll, ignore them!)

Awesome game! Can't believe this only took you 5 hours!