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I’m aware of it. I can’t replicate it for the life of me. Even the speedrunner who originally discovered this bug doesn’t know what’s causing it. From what I understand it happens in very specific circumstances that do not hinder casual play. Unless this becomes something truly gamebreaking I’ll let it be, if only for speedruns :)

Thank you very much for playing, O, חשמאלי סמכותי

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Are you using the latest version (v1.0.3)? I thought I fixed that particular softlock bug. Or are you referring to something else entirely?

Nice job, put it on

תודה אופק שמח שנהנת :) מטרת המשחק היא באמת להאיץ בך לרוץ ולהתקדם כדי למממש את המומנטום של השיר. זה נכון שאפשר להספים קפיצה ולנצח, אבל זה די בכוונה כדי לתת לרוב השחקנים את החוויה המלאה של המשחק - אחרי הכל זה מיוזיק וידיאו עלילתי עם התחלה אמצע סוף.

לגבי כמה זמן לקח לפתח את המשחק

Damn managed to beat me, nice

If you recorded it, you could prob submit it to and get world record

Any specific bugs you’ve encountered? I am looking into the clipping, but the game is fully playable and beatable at the moment at any case.

תודה אח(ות)י שמח לראות פה קהל ישראלי :)

Thank you for playing, and for your kind words! I’m very happy you enjoyed it. As for the bug you’ve described, I’ll look into it.

קצת יותר מסובך מזה… בכל מקרה, יצאנו לאור :)

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לאיץ’ מסתבר אין מנגנון שחרור לפי שעה אז המשחק ייצא אחרי שאחזור מהמנגל עצמאות שזה בערב המוקדם כזה

(צחוקים והכל אבל זו הייתה התכנית המקורית כדי להתסנכרן עם הבוקר/צהריים האמריקאי)

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One of my favorites. It’s simple but addicting and challenging. Controls had the perfect amount of smoothness. Loved how the camera zoomed out as you progressed - a very clever way of showing your progress. There were times where either squares or enemies would spawn really close to me and it wasn’t fair, though considering the time period it’s to be expected and accepted.

Yeah, it’s a solo project

Lots of Israeli references in here too

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Yeah, obviously you can’t pull it all off in 3 hours, but what you do have is a good prototype I suppose you can call it.

I dunno, I think you can give it another day and release a post-jam version on Newgrounds on something, get some frontpage time.

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Very cool modern twist on snake: simple, effective, and addictive! Your implementation of the theme gives the game a regular cycle of tension and relief that really works for its benefit.

I feel like the difficulty scales up pretty slowly making the first few cycles a bit too boring in my eyes. Still a very impressive and fun game, especially considering the time period!

Bi-tawfiq :)

Thank you very much for playing! The game is very much built around that little incident, a weird janky experiment in adapting a small historical moment (and also a book about it) into an actual game. It’ll take a smarter (and more daring) person than I to make a game about the entire war…

Ah yes, Tony Hawk’s Jet Set Radio for the Sega Genesis

The chorus told us to “dream of Californaication” and eventually it came into being. Absolutely amazing

It takes place during WW2, but not in WW2, if that makes sense

Eh, fair enough. I did try to experiment with multiple music cues in one level but that doesn’t seem possible at the moment.

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Also: I found the Russian manual on VK. “play sound” and “play music” don’t seem to work. Here’s my test code (placed on a terminal):

sound Sound Sounds/Test.wav

play sound Sound

play music Music/TestMusic.ogg

map return

Yeah I did import a .ttf file as you instructed.

Anyways, I’m aware of the fact you can manually copy-paste files into the project hierarchy, I just need to know how the engine expects me to call them first - which is what I did after importing dummy fonts and sprites and then changing them accordingly.

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I swear I read the entire thing and couldn’t find it. Maybe I’m just blind :)

Thanks for that heads up about a TTF file - I thought it required a sprite sheet the same way the numbers are. In general (I feel like I’m asking a lot in one thread lol) I would also suggest clarifying the file type the engine expects from certain fields. I didn’t know that little tidbit for instance.

(Edit: welp I tried importing a TTF file and the engine crashed. It did create the proper files in the Fonts folder though. Error log)

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About the renaming issue. I’m not concerned with the engine not doing it automatically so much as I am concerned about it completely flipping out without notice. It took me a bit of trial and error to understand the issue. It also happens when you have any sort of space in any name, which is understandable, but still strange - and it also makes the project “corrupt” unless you manually edit the data

I think a simple check for spaces (abd removing them if nessasary) and a notification about changing sprite names is a good first step. “Breaking” a project because you dared having a space or changing a name is unintuitive as hell.

Also - will you provide a default font sheet the same way you provided a default numbers sheet? I don’t know how to change the game’s font - there is no default template to work off.

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  1. Changing the name of anything from decorations to weapons causes the engine to flip out, drawing blank sprites when the project is active and corrupting the entire project when trying to load it. The name change is done by selecting the entity in its respective editor, changing the name, and hitting Accept. This is the error log file I got - from what I understand the engine did not change the sprite reference after the name change.

  2. (Edit:) In the weapons menu’s “Import Sounds” editor, the “projectile collision” label is wrong; it’s actually the reload sound.

  3. (Edit 2:) Is it possible to implement save (CTRL+S) and undo (CTRL+Z) shortcuts?

For some reason when I started playing I was under the impression it was a memory game and that rules were additive rather than constantly changing. Once it clicked I really liked it! It even functions as a bit as a rhythm game, too.

I agree with Ori that the rule algorithm should have been more closely attached to the people generation algorithm for better flow. Either way, it’s a charming casual game that’s simple to learn, hard to master, and a nice way to spend a few minutes. Newgrounds would probably love it too if you’ve yet to upload it there.

Good stuff. I also don’t think itch should adapt a full “superindie Steam” push, but that ties into its internal identity crisis where it’s unclear if it’s Newgrounds, Bandcamp, or, well, Steam.

As you point out with community profiles, itch’s UI/UX is generally a mixed bag. Took me a while to understand that people use collections as a sort of backlog, too. They actually have all sort of uses: as wishlists, as a way of featuring games you liked, as a way to organize certain things you want to play on stream, as a way to sort out your “library”, and even as a way to organize and design your own creator profile. It’s a versatile system and I understand itch’s hesitation to put in a “proper” wishlist collection when collections would suffice, but it does harm the site’s “flow”, if it makes any sense. It’s like the pieces are there but they’re all just slightly off.

I agree it’s a complex issue, and maybe I bit off a bit more than I could chew with that segment - I will accept that.

To answer your question however: assuming I had the knowhow and the means, I think I would take a note from Steam’s playbook. The tag system is already a well-established and well-known system here on itch, and the front page already uses it to give users personalized recommendations. I’d expand the tagging options and make them more robust, and sharpen the personalization methods.

I wouldn’t get rid of the “most popular” page so much as I would make the “games for you” page a default option. Give the people more of what they love alongside some products mildly outside of the users’ niche to prevent an echo chamber and keep people open for more things. If that user follows other creators we can factor in their reviews in as well.

I’m not vain or pretentious enough to claim this is what itch should do. This is obviously not a perfect solution, and it has its own share of problems. For one, it leads to “tag wars” as everyone tries to mix and match the various metadata elements to get the most page views and clicks and hit that discovery sweet spot. Personalization algorithms also have a bad habit of digging people deeper and deeper into their per-established “rabbit holes”. But itch is not as competitive as Steam, not by a long shot, and it may (or may not) solve the issue of perceived monotony and sameness.

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  • I understand the rationale behind reviews, in the sense that they should not completely govern how the public sees a game, especially in this era of review-bombing and public brigading. That’s fine and acceptable. But you can’t have it both ways; you can’t have a rating system and then hide half of it. You can’t have the site ask people to rate games when they don’t understand the impact of their rating. Hell, even you agree that they should be redesigned, too. So we both agree there.

  • The search system is definitely not the worst, but in a world where auto-complete and suggestion repos exist, “this is how it has always been” is not a good counter-argument. You can have a full-title search system while also accepting semi-complete titles - Bandcamp is a good example.

  • Now, the algorithm. The fact that it’s obfuscated to prevent exploitation is not the problem - it’s something I expect and respect. I also fully understand the problems with balancing such a system, and I outlined them in the review. My point is that the system has already been unintentionally “gamed” by a positive reinforcement loop, and it should be fixed or at least tampered. One can keep a trade secret while trying to fix it.

Thank you very much for reading through, though I think I might have been misunderstood. The main thesis of the article is that itch is great for devs and kinda awkward for anyone else to use, as it was built that way from day one. Nowadays it is in a weird limbo where it is neither a standardized storefront nor a Newgrounds-esque community space. This base assumption fuels every single criticism. If you disagree with that assumption - that’s perfectly fine! We’ll have to agree to disagree about the issues and the way to solve them. I love itch, otherwise I wouldn’t use it for the better part of nine years.

Hi everyone,

With (and my own personal account in it) about to celebrate its 9 year anniversary in March, I wanted to voice some tangents and thoughts regarding the site’s design and approach. These thoughts eventually emerged as an essay I wrote about the site over the past two days or so.

Gotta warn you - it’s overlong, has some weird analogies and mediocre attempts at dry humor, but hopefully some of it will resonate and reach the right people.

PASSWORD: goodbadugly

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Hi there, thank you very much! Also cheers for reminding me to write an actual organized track list. You can find it here. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for there :)

Eh, fair enough. Been interested in making a shorter more interpretive story for a while and I agree it’s too obtuse in hindsight. Thanks for giving it a try tho

Seminal blood. The best blood that ever blooded. Great to finally see it here.

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Absolutely delightful. Text File Creator was so surprisingly useful to me. I’m glad you decided to expand it. Lightweight, simple, no hassle. Cheers.

fair enough

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Spoilers, obviously. But here are some very telling hints for you, as well as anyone else who’s stuck (Don’t worry, it’s just a pastebin link).

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Lol, yup. That’s the sort of compromise one has to take to make sure players can find a puzzle item in a low-res, high-FOV game

Damn, hope you are feeling better. Impactful stuff, especially considering it’s a true story. You did a great job at marrying mechanics to story and the entire thing gave me Edith Finch vibes.