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A 10-minute, semi-documentary first person shooter about five different-but-similar stories, the people behind them, and a tank each of them claim they destroyed. Based on an actual incident during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, and the tank that became a local legend.

Get it here.


I agree that I leaned a bit to hard on my inspiration. Then again this was made for a competition in a very short timespan and under a strict word limit.


I'm not one for virtual museums, or IRL museums for that matter, but I was quite engrossed by this one. It felt to me like a documentary piece about friendship and sadness and anime memes. Very cool, great job <3

and if i had to criticize something... please remove the headbob and footstep/jump sounds :p

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What really stuck out to me were the very bleak musings while joyriding. There's one about sleeping through war and needing to live up to the consequences, while chill music plays and you deliver packages in a peaceful, non-combat setting. The writing clashes with the atmosphere and the calm gameplay to the point I felt kinda confused about what the game wanted me to feel.

Also, on the gameplay side, the combat minigames feel sticky and lack that satisfying "punch" when you hit or kill an enemy. They're a lot less fun to play (or 'engaging' if you will) than the more calmer games. I get that they're supplementary, though, and I just stuck with more non-violent affairs.

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A beautiful game with some basic interactions to zone out to, which was really my main draw to it. Writing's sharp (perhaps a bit too dark?) and the music's pleasant to listen too. Great work!

No, that is the intended ending. The existential horror that this launch is doomed from the start and every restart means another crew dies.

Yeah it's a shame this jam wasn't advertised properly as it were last time. It's a great concept. Good luck next time!

Thank you for playing! In hindsight I understand the game asked too much for players without giving them much to work with, especially if you're not accustomed to text adventures. Glad you liked it! :)

It's a shame you couldn't complete it in time. This prototype has the capability to be a spooky adventure title. Like others have said, I loved the feel of walking around (espeically the sprite rotation effect) and interacting with the world. The black-and-white Gameboy asethetic is also distinct and interesting. 

Sound effects were on point but the music was more obnoxious than creepy. Also, I think that the character moves a little too slow for my taste. Overall, a great prototype!

I love the little tidbits of humor sprinkled throughout and the artstyle is very charming. The puzzle itself was simple but the challenge for me is to interact with everything and read every joke. 

It could have used some sound effects and music, a full screen option (or, at least, a bigger resolution) and the pixel art is too small and dense in my taste. But it certainly gets my full vote when it comes to Charm :)

Thank you for giving this a shot. Figuring out what commands to type is part of the challenge and this game assumes you have experience with text adventures. There is some prompting in the UI (for instance, the empty checkboxes next to each engine) and in text adventure tradition  you can type "help" to get a hint about what you should be doing.

The spooky part comes at the end :)

Thank you very much, I appreciate that a lot!


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I've missed this jam!

I took part in the first one with Typing... and it's still my most popular game. I love how you opened the gates to all genres rather than just text adventures. I hope I can submit  a game for this one, too! At any case, good luck to everyone!

Try rebinding the Use key in the launcher.

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Yeaaaaaah, sorry about that, old engine bug. I'm going to upload a 2nd anniversary update next week that fixes that (and other bugs) as well as new content.

The latest installment in the Wolfenstein series was hilariously censored in Germany and banned in our native state of Israel. Disappointed, we decided to make our own little Wolfenstein title, with all the Nazi-killing we so dearly missed.

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Never in my life I thought I'd want Half Life 3 as a first person shooter text adventure

We have finally reached full circle. What a time to be alive. Thank you for taking part in my narcissistic game dev pride.

Have some justice while we're at it.





Emotional and genuine, just as long as it needs to be. Amazing little artgame.


You recharge health by killing enemies but shooting drains health. That is the concept. I'm sorry I didn't have enough time to make that clear.

You get health from killing enemies, I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to clarify that. Thanks for playing!

I don't plan to add more to it. It was a game jam prototype made in 48 hours and I don't see much room to expand on the concept

A short-but-sweet visual novel/interactive fiction/Grump piece. I love the hand-drawn charm and the lack of dialogue. Good job :)

Thanks for your kind comments, everyone! Unfortunately real life duties prevented me from investing more time into the game, which was planned to have multipule endings and more branching choices.

Thanks everyone for your nice comments :)

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The thing is, I never figured it out outside of "fuck it". As I said it's basically a giant mishmash of ideas, references, and parodies, somewhat tied together with my disdain for super-serious art games and the word "pretentious".

P.S. I don't think I will ever forgive you for classifying UADHD as "vaporware".

I never knew I wanted an in-depth analysis of a nonsense game before. The political quips were also nice.

Really though, thanks for the review! Your conclusion was indeed accurate, and I didn't know what the fuck I was doing 99% of the time. I believe I once described it as "Fuck it, let's put everything I like in a game": The Game" to my friends.

Thank you for playing, and thanks for your kind words :)

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

I've already made a small indie horror game called "Typing", you can check it out if you like.

Thank you for playing! I filled this game with references and humor I personally like, without any serious plans or scripts.

Glad you enjoyed it, I like your style a lot :)

Start of August - Start of October, so almost 2 months, but this is mainly due to the fact I had no idea what I was doing

Thanks, glad you liked it!

8mm was a weird experiment in creating a Visual Novel/FPS hybrid and I think it works fairly well, even though it is a very scripted experience. It was also the first time I wrote a script, from top to bottom, and taking on a dramatic story was a trial by fire.

While I'm not confident in my writing skills at all (hell, I included an Israeli soldier in there as a giant Waltz with Bashir nod), I still do like the gameplay concept, since some of it carried over to UADHD, and I really want to make another VNFPS, albeit more polished.

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Toda Raba, glad you enjoyed it! I was waiting to see when someone will get the small Israeli references I sprinkled in. As I have said countless times, this game was almost entirely improvised, and I just put them in for fun.

Vsync and the exit key were admittingly oversights; it's the sort of things you put in for development builds and then forget to build upon. Since it's a small, freeware game, I didn't really mind these frankly, but I will improve this in future games.

Tom Scott is wonderful indeed, and I frankly don't know how many Israelis watch his stuff; I recommend his channel to pretty much everyone, though. I do know there are at least 2 other translators other than me and I have even spoken with one of them. Glad someone reads the credits :)