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Hah, your games are weird I like them

Hi there, I played your game recently and really liked the flat pixelly look you achieved while still having 3D physical objects.

Hey there, I played this recently and got a good spooking out of it.

I really like the illustrations and the paper-doll effect that you got out of them, it was really enjoyable and creepy wondering who would open the door next. Intrigued to learn more about the characters if you make another game like this :D

Man this family has a heap of metal lockers in their home.

This really got the feel and writing style of the mc down. I love how the calm, bureaucratic tones really fill you with dread.

Thanks for making it! Looking forward to anything you make in future :D

Hi there, I played this recently, it spooked me and made me laugh. Props on the character design, didn't expect a rabbit with a dump truck to walk into the scene .

Hey I played this recently, very cool, dream-logic psx experience.

Abstract and brutal way to show how it feels to grow up, now I gotta go cry.

Really like how you tell this story, or the tones and feelings around it rather.

The paranoia and dread this game conjured up from inside me was pretty fun, I particularly liked the progressive disfiguring growths that appear on our supervisor (or is it possibly the MC?). Very fun.

Good choice on the aspect ratio, I really want to see a grueling long-form of this game.

Holy moly that ending was a real emotional double gut punch, and the exploration beforehand was fun and pretty too. Thanks for making this.

I really like the design of sister-Maria, the modelling and animation at the end was particularly spooky, I'm intrigued to investigate the orphanage further if you ever work on a longer work :D

Hey there! I played this recently and had fun and a mini panic-attack, you really know how to convey a nightmare feeling.

Hey there! After playing "Water Womb World" I was really hooked on the evocative writing and art. I just started playing but I can't wait to get home and keep growing my grandpa. AAah my head is swimming with ideas, is this a tulpa but scientifically analyzed?

Heya, I played this recently and it made me feel enlightened and nauseous. I love the terrifying world you built in such a short experience.

I played through your game recently and got a real kick out of it! The creepy early-3d kids TV look is so well realized, and it was very cool to play something that felt like an interactable FMV, it's been too long. Really tight.

I played M.Stain recently and gotta say this was something pretty special! You really nailed the dual aesthetics of ps1 horror and David Lynch which I think created something unique, awesome work.

Hey there! I recently played Experiment:groceries and got a real kick out of it. I think the cameras that track you were the first thing that put me on edge leading up to the conclusion. It was really fun!

Chim Granks Ghisrtmas Stank is pretty fun. Kinda felt like trying to stay upright in zero-gravity

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>:D  Western settings are so ripe for goodbadness, great choice! The facial expressions and voice acting had me laughing, and the endless void had me vaguely panicked and dread filled, heh.

Oh and the wide stance walking animations! Hilarious!

Oh boy, this was kinda cathartic, you really got the format down for the cringey, slapdash workplace online training courses. Damn this was clever.

Wonderfully old-school-internet-random, l'onion was definitely my favorite. :D

The text to speech made me giggle every time, I really like the wacky tone of the dialogue too.

Funny ending as well, good job!