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V-Hunter Puzzler DxView game page

Grid turn-based puzzler where you slay monsters and vampires!
Submitted by Yatch (@YatchStudios) — 23 minutes, 15 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#34.1584.158

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Dan Lungaro (Yatch Studios)

Software used
Godot, Reaper

Use of the limitation
Enemy blood that is left after they're killed is lethal to the player.

Cookies eaten
Unfortunately zero :(

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wow this is really nice puzzle game with unique mechanics, I really enjoy this, the art and music are also good.

My only problem is it feels annoying when using the mouse click when pressing the button because in the game it only uses the keyboard.


The main complaint I’m hearing is about the button needing to be clicked with the mouse, so that’s definitely on my to-do list. Thanks for playing!


neat puzzle game it got hard pretty fast but that is a good thing. Other people have said what I would say like the level being displayed and such so I will spare you that stuff.

good job on your game


Wow~ I really enjoyed the gameplay and the use of the limitation!! I especially liked how you ramped up the difficulty with each subsequent level - the strategy needed to proceed always felt just right! I thoroughly enjoyed it and have nothing but praises to sing, haha~ Excellent work, excellent!


Thank you!


Really really really enjoy this!
We really like the puzzle element and how the game teaches the pattern
The limitation fits into the game puzzle

Good work!


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!


Well done on this, really had to think and strategize when the skeletons appeared. 


Definitely gets even trickier with vampires added in! Thanks!


This feels like a complete game. Visuals and mechanics are well done. That's my favorite of jam. My only suggestion is when player dies( or respawns) , current level will be shown on screen , so we can know which level we stuck at.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback, it means a lot hearing it’s your favorite of the jam so far! UI can definitely use some work and a level label at the top of the screen would be helpful. As of now, the level is only shown on completion.


This game is awesome! I would recommend some changes that make the user experience better.

1. Let the player use their keyboard to go to the next level (since the mouse isn't required for gameplay)

2. Have a counter or indication when the enemy will attack. Having to keep track of a number in my head felt unnecessary.

Cool graphics, throw in some music next time :)


Thanks for the feedback! Keyboard control for the buttons is on my task list as a bunch of others have brought up the same issue. Same for Indicators on an enemy right before their turn executes. Also, there are music and sound effects in the game, are you sure you had sound on? Thanks again!


Nice game! I found it to be pretty easy to understand and the bloodstains made me keep track of my positioning and timing more than I thought I would. The only note I’d make is that if you made spacebar an additional input to restart the level then it’d make the gameplay smoother. It was a bit bothersome switching between keyboard and mouse, but it wasn’t a big issue. Overall great work!


Thanks for the feedback! Adding keyboard controls for the buttons is on my task list, as others had the same feedback.


Had fun, the turn based is cool and the limitation work well :)


I really like this jam a lot! I really like how the enemies attack every 3 turns. I found myself trying to optimize every single move to get a run done in as little of moves as possible. Really fun!


Really fun puzzle game! It's all about counting out your steps and trying to follow the rules of the game. The limitation was added in really well, as an enemy's presence can ultimately decide if it was the right approach to the room or not.

Controls: Not that they're bad, but when I tried to use WASD I was thrown through a bit of a loop.

But ultimately really fun, and I could see you making a really difficult series of puzzles with this concept! You get 2 additional cookies.


Thanks for your feedback. You’re the second person to bring up the lack of WASD support, so it’s on my list to add. I have a preference for arrow keys when you don’t need to use the mouse simultaneously, but that’s a short sight on my behalf.

Thanks for the feedback!

Submitted (4 edits)

Really fun idea for a puzzle game and I love the graphics! With some more polish would be great to play! It's hard to tell in which direction the enemies will be attacking and the timing of their attacks. It seems that there is a slight delay between when they hit you and when you actually die which makes it seem that you got away when you actually didn't. Would be nice to be able to use WASD instead of arrow keys. It is really a 1 minute change in Godot 😉 Also weird that you use the keyboard for the game but then you need to use the mouse in the menus to advance levels.


I need to find a way to make it more clear, but the enemies basically check for all adjacent squares (with Vampire having a longer range check) at the start of their turn and attack if they find the player there. The key to the game is avoiding their detection zones when an enemy’s turn is about to start.

Good feedback on the buttons and WASD keys. WASD is super easy to add in Godot, I just didn’t think of it. Buttons default to mouse, so due to time constraints, I kept it as is. Could definitely add in keyboard support. Also want to add in gamepad support as well, future implementation though!

Thanks for the good feedback!


Nice, hope to see a post jam version of this! If they only make the check when it is their turn to act, then visually seeing when they will act would be the best information. If they choose it before that, seeing the direction would be the best information. I feel that in cases like this the best approach is to just show the player where the enemy will be attacking, like Into the Breach does.


Yea, maybe a red arrow above their head to indicate they’re about to execute an action. I just wasn’t sure if adding an indicator would make the game too easy, but these are all things to test out and make configurable.

and yea, this is one of the first games I’ve made and thought “This is actually kinda fun” lol. So, I think I will continue forward with this and make a small game of it. Appreciate your feedback again!


I loved your game. The turn by turn is well mastered, it makes the game dynamic. The mechanics are very well thought out, a turn counter before action against the enemies would have been a little more but it's really a detail. It's the best game I've played so far from the jam! 


Thanks for your feedback, it means a lot to hear you enjoyed it!

Great idea on the turn counter. I have a turn manager coded up, but due to time constraints, it doesn’t physically show in each level, even though it’s keeping count. I also was considering adding a little arrow over the top of each enemy while it’s their turn. This would let the player know that the enemies are moving. Now for a turn count over each enemy before they move may make the game a bit too easy, IMO, but it’s definitely something to consider.

Thanks again and I’ll be sure to check your game out too!