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Thanks for playing the game and giving me feedback! I really do appreciate your criticism and general comments.

Although the art is part of an aesthetic I like, I felt like it could be done better and it’s something I hope to improve on. I think the background colors in particular is something I’m not really satisfied with it since I was shooting for more of a disastrous tone. I’m very glad you enjoyed the scratchy look though, it was something I wanted to experiment with for a while.

In terms of gameplay, I think you’re spot on with the powered-up state. Along with visuals, the mechanic wasn’t really worth going for nor felt rewarding with the system I provided. The dash also relied on this since its main purpose was to provide the player with a movement burst option so they can quickly get the dropped items.

I found having to locate the enemy I want for the next combination was chaotic and fun. Overall great work!

I found the game entertaining, but it felt a bit too simple after I found out you can just walk in circles. We only had 3 days to make a game though, so I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Overall good work!

You did an excellent job with the visuals! The game was interesting and the atmosphere felt great. I was a bit confused on how to play the game at first but got the hang of it after some time

Thanks! The skeletons being stuck isn’t intended but I couldn’t figure out how to fix that bug before the jam was over unfortunately

Fun concept! I had a good time playing the game, although I think making the player respawn on a previous level is a bit too punishing for this gameplay.

I think this was a very solid game idea and was well executed. The visuals and music worked well together. One thing I’d consider adding is some punishment for typing the wrong key when a tower is about to fall over. I wouldn’t make them lose a life immediately, just something to add more chaos like reducing the timer to type correctly or starting a timer for another tower to topple. I think this could make a minor improvement on an already great game. Good work!

Neat game, I really liked how you went about incorporating chaos in your design. I enjoyed moving around and playing with the physics of the boxes.

Amazing work overall, I felt like this captured the feeling of Hanoi pretty well. The movement felt smooth, the visuals were great, and the sound design brought it all together.

Thanks, I’ll try to add that feature for future game jams

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep it in mind!

Very great work! I really enjoyed the boss fights

The enemy movement made for an interesting challenge with the snake setup. Good work!

Thanks! I also think adding collectable hearts would improve the game, giving the player temporary goals while low on health. Having weapons power ups would also provide more gameplay variety

Thanks for letting me know what you think! I pretty much agree with all your feedback. I was also thinking that increasing the bullet count would improve the current gameplay. After the player shoots the beam, they’d be stuck with limited movement options for a brief period of time, and I was thinking the feeling of the game wasn’t great during this moment. So the solutions I could think of to fix this is to either reduce the duration of the beam attack, or to let the player shoot more than one beam

I think the color choice is pretty good and the gameplay idea is potentially interesting. Since you can only jump at certain intervals due to the auto-short hop, there are times where I’ll land on an obstacle regardless of when I decide to go for a big hop. Although, I’m not sure if I misunderstood the game mechanics, so disregard my statement if I did. Maybe you can make it so holding down the mouse button can briefly delay your jump to prevent this issue from happening? Overall, the game needs more polish, but there was good effort put into it so far

I really liked the gameplay design. Having to aim at enemies and jump over obstacles on the ground are two easy tasks on their own, but having to do them at the same time makes the game a bit more challenging. Overall great work

Thanks for the feedback! I was trying to prevent the player from being stuck in the corners, but I couldn’t come up with something with enough time to implement it. Definitely wish I thought of making the player appear on the other side of the screen

Thanks for the feedback! Also, I don’t take credit for making the art. The artist’s asset page is linked in description

Thanks for the feedback! For the puzzle you’re stuck on, you have to go back to the tree trunk at the top and push it all the way down. The rock at the bottom was intended to trick you into going down, but it accidentally misled a lot of players to think you’re supposed to avoid the trunk item

Thanks for playing the game again! I was concerned that giving each character a secondary role wouldn’t be a good idea, so it was really nice to get your feedback on it. I’ll keep your advice in mind when I get to balancing the game again.

I also think you’re right about it being too early to judge the game with its current amount of content. I do plan to keep working on this game, so I’m really grateful for continued feedback!

Thanks for giving this game a shot! I’m really grateful for the feedback you gave, and I’m still trying to balance the game to make it a more enjoyable experience.

The swapping issue is something I’m currently trying to fix and haven’t been exactly sure what could improve it yet. Your comment on how it’s too long, but also too accessible was helpful for me to pinpoint the problem. The comment on the shift key exploit was also really useful since I wasn’t fully aware of it.

Once again, I very much appreciate your feedback. I’m hoping to improve this project and make it something people can look forward to!