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the only issue I ran into was for some reason the audio was only coming through on my left headphone. I guess a explosion animation well destroying planets would have added more flair to the game but either way nice job on the shooting planets to get time extension game.

had fun blasting away stuff the planets were my death most the time sucking me into poison like the machine gun power up. The filter effect made it a little hard to read the text on the intro screen but other then that great little game

all good thanks for giving my game  try

at first I thought you had to be on the side of the moon to shot down the rocks coming in so was like this is going to be really hard then I noticed you could shoot no matter what side of the moon you were on so that was good. Nice job on your simple tittle defend the moon game.

very nice art great job on that. Kinda wish you had a run ability not sure if that would break the game balance though and make it to easy to never start losing loot.  Good job to you and your team though.

well that was  fun little game pretty hard as well if you mess up a boost then it all comes falling down good job.

dedication nice job you will probably be 1st place for some time if not forever lol

nice vibe classic relaxing music and brewing some drinks had a crap ton laid out on the table so I could serve as fast as possible good game.  That is a large team of people great job.

yeah just re played the game I was taking damage because I was not hitting the boss with my dash not from the souls you said they are. I thought it was him shooting out the stuff but it was me not sure how I got that confused at all to be honest.

Nice congrats on beating every one else 4 minutes is a long time good job and thanks for trying out my game.

thanks for trying it out.

just mean the boss was shooting out stuff at me was it not suppose to do that maybe it just looked it it was shooting it out but it was an attack because I was to close to it?

well it worked. When I first loaded the game because it took a bit to fully load I was like did the game not start lol.  That was the only real issue I noticed when I first loaded it up.

I found that some times my slash wasn't killing the rockets and getting me hit instead other then that i didn't see anything that seemed to be wrong. A good old slash em up and waves every 10 seconds style game. Always something going on which is nice as well. Good job.

the game is suppose to tilt the platform if more then 4 spike balls are on the platform no matter what . but yeah the dangers are all random  so you can get really unlucky. as for the heart thing figured it would be better to have one last chance to stay alive. I guess in hind sight I could have just made it 4 hearts on the display instead hmm. Thanks for the feedback and for playing my game.

yeah just having it light up where they are going to fire off is not enough the spikes balls have pretty much no warning at all. Thanks for playing

I think I figured out what I was doing after I lost 2 times neat card game. Weird choice of letting the cards by on the screen with what ever you had open as the bg but nothing major.  I didn't run into any bugs that I noticed anyways so got nothing to say about that. good job on your game.

pretty neat game I was killed by the forest I think in the end was going to try and restart and see others but the restart and main menu buttons at the end didn't work. That and the text overlapping in areas if you press next twice were the only issues I ran into well playing.  Good job on the story as well didn't play out all the choices but the ones I picked varied pretty nicely.

looks really good like how it generates the area a new each time you play. The movement controls took some getting used to to used to pressing forward and going the direction of looking. Good game

thanks for giving my game a try the leader board is a must for these types of games.

Thanks for giving my game a try

yeah it does come at you out of nowhere if you are really lucky/unlucky it can be one of the first things that happens. Thanks for playing

I do agree with that I was way to stuck on the idea of they have to be 10 seconds to fit the limitation. A few people have said the same thing the only time something really is going on between is when you have the line of fire balls flying up which once you dodge doesn't matter to you anymore.

That boss wrecked me pretty good well the 2nd time he showed up he was blasting me with eye shots or something which I for  some reason thought was me.  Good little dash and kill game though.

I liked the jumping from celestial bodies to another neat little touch. The cheese was a bit hard to see on some of the planet surfaces since they were similar colours. Good job to you and your team.

nice use of the limitation not the best of limitation this time around. Easy to control and figure out which is always nice as well.

yup yup they are lol

nice verity of mini games. Good work on your game didn't see anything that stuck out to me for issues.

once you get moving it is hard to stop lol. Neat game simple easy to figure out and space lol.

sadly I was unable to really figure out what I was doing liked the look of the game though can walk off the grass area not sure if you wanted that to be a thing. I think I need to sell some of the things I can pick up the tidal wave was neat didn't really notice what it did to you probably mess up your crops?

well that was different kept getting stuck on the 3 or 4th planet. Like how your weapon fire just sits there made a wall of blasts for fun.

cute game simple and easy they are so demanding though lol being god most be a pain to grant every ones  wishes.

level 2 on story was like and here you thought you were good eat some missiles to the face. Level 3 I was pretty hard as well kept getting stuck between the shield walls and rocks and blowing up. The rocks seems to be bit a little bugged out on their spinning some times.  

Arcade mode was pretty fun enjoyed that  great job adding that in

well done like the toonie art style. Gets pretty crazy the longer you stay alive.  player is a little slippery would be the only issue I really noticed. Great job to you and your teammate.

very nice mechanic. Kinda weird how the character moves slowly on its own well on a button might be a thing you were aiming for. but very well job on your game.

stupid gears keep breaking and falling off. The gear bouncing around on the screen where kinda hard to grab well the small ones anyways.  Good job to you and your team on your game.

very well down visual on your project.  the enemies are pretty easy to dodge for the most part I ended up killing my self with firing to many stars out and one came back around and got me at least it looked like that was what killed me.

got super hard on wave 11 on at first was like this is pretty easy then got overran on wave 1. Nice job for your first game jam.

nice puzzle game was kinda weird getting some really easy level in between other levels but nice little breather if that was what you were going for.