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ah that would explain a few things then.

after the 2X = 4 question the game was like enough playing around. Good amount of levels and felt like playing the old do a maze with your finger I did when I was a kid good times.

entered 2 games for the game jam eh must have been a nightmare managing your time . but there was a lot of levels to this one good job. 

Liked the visuals in your game to bad you had no sound. The only major issue I had was if you jumped into a wall and press the direction you just got stuck there same with falling from edges you can get stuck to them if you are to close to them for a bit not sure if that was left in intentionally or not.

Other then that good job on your game.

neat I the music is really good  and catchy. I look forward to improved versions of the game and congrats on your first game jam.

loved the art on the game it all mixed very well. The game play was fast and easy to figure out a enjoyable game.

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I ended up playing this game for a some time things started to get super expensive to buy and upgrade. The enemies always seemed to be just that much stronger then my party. great job on the amount of content and addiction of your game.

I think i broke it though since it won't let me do anything  and for some reason it won't let me click anything on the main menu all well it was fun well it lasted.

yeah i see what you mean about the losing points and no firing. although you might be willing to lose points to get rid of some enemies to prevent the screen from getting to flooded with enemy fire.  I kinda just rushed making up the effects really quick so didn't really think how to make them feel unique from each other thanks for the feed back.

so many different types of enemies to deal with. did levelling up do anything for the player or just another way to keep track of score besides survival time?

very well made game not sure if i am playing the version with the bug fixes or not but didn't really notice much for issue wise.  I really enjoyed mixing and matching up the dungeon trying to get my gold away from the evil heroes,

well the game is extreme on its difficulty for sure.

like how you collect fruit to fire them off. And the different jumps mixed up the game play nicely. good job on your submission.

nice and simple concept but can be hard to get the enemies to over lap good times. Good work to you and your team mate.

nice looking game so far. time management is always issue I have with my builds as well sigh. Good job on your game.

good job on the blind part of the game. The game really liked yellow and red for me. I got yellow, red, yellow, yellow, yellow, red ,red ,yellow  that was as far as I went.

would be nice if you you didn't stand still on the platforms that are moving side to side but other then that good little game.

like every one else is saying the music was really good. So  much bad fruits at first was never getting any green no luck for me I guess.

nice game punching people and seeing them go flying  back is always fun.

I was doing pretty good till i got some weird colours and was like hmmm and just started to try all combos and got a really nice negative score lol. The game doesn't seem to work if you go to the menu after playing and try playing again no paint cans go down the belt any more and the timer stays put does not tick down.

nice game was a very large map and a lot of stuff to kill and find. I am assuming you are not suppose to be able to walk through the bushes at the edge of the map though. The only other issue I would say is the music clip is a little short. Good job on your game.

interesting little semi pong style dodge your own shots fired game. I am with James on the score system as well would be fun to gain points based on dodging or amount on screen over time.

pretty epic song for just pushing blobs around lol. I didn't notice I was dieing at first when I went to close to the edges was like did I beat the level was going to say the music should keep playing but then I was like maybe I am falling into the pit as well so just pushed them far enough that they fell in and not me and then I got to hear the music and push blobs around as they spawned in.  Good job on your game to bad you had so many issues till the last hour of the jam though.

I was using w and d to move at first and the camera was zooming in and out and moving around so threw me off a bit till i was like I'll just use the mouse.  Good job and hope you are able to get the stuff you were unable to finish put in at a later date if you feel like finishing the game  anyways.

no biggie you had a very large game for 48 hours so there is bound to be issues.

pretty fun messed up a large amount of potions at the start. really like the art in the game was really well made and out together.

flying body parts every where I like how when you die you blow up and fly off the screen then get control of the thing that killed you it seemed for a little bit.  Good job on the pixel art i think you nailed it for you game.

took me a bit to find all the sticks to make my bridge but I did it. Then I had a dialog box that wouldn't close because I got close to the other npc and fell into the water lol so had to do it all over again. Liked how giant the carrots and stuff were though made it easy to find them. Had to alt tab a few times to get my cursor to show up so I could make the recipe though.

Nice job on the game was a pretty large scope for a 2 day jam but you were able to make it.

interesting concept. I am assuming your scope for your game was to large for the time frame to build it the menus need a little more polish and maybe a tutorial.

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sadly I can't play it just like the rest are commenting so hopefully you can upload a fixed zip of the game before the voting is done.

took me quite a few retries just to get to level 4 game kept giving me 1 -3 and the enemy 4-6. But its a nice concept good job

nice I get to mix up the drinks and mess them up lol. Good job on this one. Congrats on your first game jam.

interesting concept I was defeated really fast since I didn't relies I needed to move the block creator around that is what i get for not reading how to play the game.

ah never noticed that lol good to know that evil evil boot. Unless you messed up the colour then its a good boot.

really enjoyed my self blasting away zombies. I really liked your intro menu reminds me of the good old arcades are nes games. Good job to you and your team

yeah If I had more time I would have made some kind of visual display on the ship as well so you didn't need to read stuff all well. Thanks for playing my game.

really interesting concept  the art was really good as well. I take it the boot doesn't do anything but chase you around I let it stomp on me on my 4th play to see what it would do but it just landed on top of me and stayed there. 

Great job for this game jam.

throwing stuff around is always fun. I made a omelette really good as well lol. Good job on your game.

nice little game catching and throwing bread at enemies is interesting. Not to mention when you catch enough you throw out super sized bread. Good job and yeah time management can be a pain.