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I've played all but 21 of the games so far some i can't play due to not having a mac. I don't think i will get through them all but I did play a good chunk of them. Tried to leave feedback on all the games I have played as well. I have an hour and 40 minutes pretty much to try and get some more done But I think I am doing pretty good at the playing and rating. 

I like the art in your game reminds me of little big planet.  

I enjoyed the voice over laughed at it the first time I heard them. The only probable I was having was the camera being all jerky in area. other then that good job.

thanks for the feedback I am working on the game still. I'll try to have another version out for people to see some time next week  aiming for the 7th of august. Wonder why it crashed well you were chatting with Shane I will have to look into that one.

sounds good I will give it a try after you update it again then.

Nice little game found it pretty hard never did get 5k points but I unlocked the other levels and gave them a try.  Is the height you are thrown off random since sometimes I would barely fly off and others times I would go way into the sky.

Hmm interacting is q on the keyboard that is how you switch from forward to back shooting in the space shooter game as well. As for saving you have to open the menu in game and select save game by pressing esc I will try to reproduce this error and see if I can figure out the cause and get rid of it. I'm assuming something was entered into the gameManager and wasn't changed back to its original values. All well I'll try to get to the bottom of this. 

and here is My twitch channel did you stream your as well?

I like how you did the electricity effects on the enemies and there shots. good job on the backgrounds as well. I did manage to beat the game was killed once on the 2nd last level by the boss he sat on top of me and ate my health away and I couldn't get away fast enough.  Good job i enjoyed it. I did find the last boss easier then the 2nd last boss but that might have been your intention though.

thanks. I am pretty sure I have played your game if i have not I will do so right after posting this reply lol.

thanks for the feedback weird that is crashed out right on you. And you couldn't interact at all with anything eh? That is even weirder there should be music in the game for some reason it likes to default the sound and music to zero so you have to go to the options and move the sliders up and press save.  As for the ui and stuff I am working on fixing that right now have been off and on all week trying to get some thing that works a lot better. so far I have a better main menu(Still working on it) And got the interaction stuff working more easily as i have it not just detecting if you are staying in the collider which is weird since that works just fine with the interaction text on top of your head. 

As for setting up the scenes wasn't to bad used supertilemapeditor making the sprites to put in the scenes were the fun part. I streamed making some of the pixel art and coding last week well working on the game fun times.  I just hope I don;t burn my self out on this one and never finish what i set out to finish. What button where you pressing to interact with objects anyways? 

cool cool looking forward to the update after this Friday then. Wonder how much you would have gotten done if you had the full 7 days you did really good for 2 days of work.

yeah 7zip was able to extract it winrar kept saying it was damaged not sure what that was about. I got the idea to try a different zipping program after my anti virus was able to scan the files inside.

enjoyable I assume you just keep going till you die or say that is enough went one for a bit destroying rocks. Others already talked about the controls so need to say much else.

hmm winrar doesn't want to unzip the file for me keeps giving me a error.  saying format is damaged I'll have to try again other people got to play it unless you uploaded a new version of it since they played it? 

I like the pixel art on this game. You can press space bar while you have a conversation and make the jump sound effect play not sure if you want that to happen. I won;t mention the menu stuff since every one else has already done that on here.

and the guys some how ended up on top of the rest. You can shoot through the ground as well if aiming straight down or at a slight angle . If that is how you wanted it then all is good on that part.

neat good game for getting people better at typing as well. The tutorial worked for me the only issue I had was the score being cut off from the top bar of my browser might be a Firefox thing  though. And I ran into one jump that my guy was not able to make the block was a lot higher up then he could jump unless you had to type fast and do a double jump. kept getting stuck on this jump made it here 4 times no dice maybe I just suck who knows.

pretty fun easy to understand what to do as well good job.

I like how you can make your little satellite bigger and bigger had it covering most the screen.

yeah make it vanish unless there is information that you are showing the player right after the choice like dialogue. Maybe a little chime noise when you select stuff as well to give a bit more feedback to the player so they know they actually did chose something?

nice little game. only got a score of 1k on my third play through though.

I liked it took me awhile but I got 100k. A little mini map might be nice in this one. At  first I was like why do you not take damage well on the hitting the bridge wall then when it told me to go to the left island I figured out why.

Not sure if you want more then 2 decimals  places they showed up like that on the job timers some times as well with 4 to 6 decimal spots.

Now I just need to make a clock like your game has to show the player how much time they have left to do stuff in the day.

neat little game. I didn't realize I needed to get all the time capsules at first was probably my fault for not reading about the game just played it. Nice choice in music, controls were good but a bit to sensitive.But if that was how you wanted them to be then all is good with them . Plan or expanding on this game? One track just seemed to short .

good luck with the updates I'll give it a try when you have some more done.

I like the concept. maybe adding in a booster so you can get a speed boost would be neat. I was unable to find other planets just rocks not sure if that was all you had out there in the game. A background letting you feel like you are moving would be a nice addition to the game. Plan on working on this game anymore or just binning it off after the jam?

yeah I know all to well. i didn't even get enough time to play test my game so I had poor phil stuck in the ground. I just noticed the other day I didn't add any dialogue to his scripts either so that is why he wouldn't talk to anyone sigh.

You going to try and add that stuff now or just saying this game is done and moving on?

I am assuming there is no option menu? I am assuming you will be adding a cpu player to compete against later on? Work and life always get in the way of finishing anything but at least you were able to submit something. Took me a bit to figure out space would make you go up and shift to go down. I was trying to look down and move towards the ball.

This game was well made didn't notice any issues with breaks in the game as you get to high levels it gets easy since your shield gets very large 

That as far as I wanted to go nothing was really changing so I was like well that is that I guess lol. but that score is really high.

sort but sweet, The only major issue I had was when you made a choice the bars would stay on screen for a short time making it hard to see the maze.

good little game the timer seems to go into the negatives when you press next level.

sucks about the hdd failure you plan on working on this game anymore?

Might want to change the fire button to the space bar as J is kind of awkward. Liked how you had a story with the game.  A skip button would be nice or a button just to make the scrolling text just all appear my 2nd play through i was stuck waiting for the text to go away. 

I kinda cheesed the enemy out when they just barely showed up on the screen I thew a fire ball near them lol. Nice little game like the 3d models and  magic system

push the cows into the barn and win. To bad you didn't have time to add something that came in to try and take them unless you did and I just beat it to fast. Glad you were able to get the pause menu working in that stream I watched before submitting.

neat little system on the repairing the ship I jumped right in so it took me a bit to figure out what was going on there.

I'll have to wait till you release a new version of the game and give it a try then as well.

Nice so that was the final level t hen so i almost beat it lol I got pretty close only had 3 items left to grab but they were stuck against big stars so it was gameover if grabbed them. I had similar problems with rushing to get stuff out and had some pretty bad bugs in my game.

Really liked the old crt scan line effects. Game didn't like me getting past 30 kept putting opening at opposite ends. I like the shop idea although I will sadly never own the bubble gum ship. Not much else to say really solid game good job

The only real problem i seemed to have with this one was the alien ships would some times spawn on my head and kill me but all in all good little game. Like I said in my stream it reminds me of the old super Mario arcade game or the the smb3 v.s game.

I liked how you did your audio options on the main room of the game nice little touch. Took some tries to get far in the levels kept getting killed by spinning spikes Good job on this one.

The first time I played this I was waling around and hit esc trying to open a  menu or some thing not sure what I was trying to do but it went and closed the game was like well then lol. I streamed playing this game the night before the deadline. Not sure if you updated it since your first upload or not if so I will give it another go.

oh cheat codes yay :)