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Thanks for playing the game. Yeah I was sadly rushed to make what I even have in the game for a so called tutorial as is. 

thanks for the feedback I am going to add a proper tutorial into a later version of the game what I had in there as the best I could do in the time I had probably made a game way to big in scope sigh.

Glad you enjoyed the game I had a lot of fun making the art and coding it.  With this game I learned a lot and I might be close to being able to make a rts game like command and conquer some day

all good sound isn't to hard to put in its probably harder to find free use sound effects then it is to code in stuff to trigger said sound effects.

Thanks glad you enjoyed it.

its all good I just had to slow down before the end so i didn't fly out and 100km/hr

yeah and that is all i got is a text with some images in the how to play part kinda rushed that in. I'll have to figure something out I have already fixed some stuff and added in stuff that I got feedback from to the game just waiting for the rating time to end before I upload the changed game. I even got the stupid image to follow the mouse around which I am not sure why I was really having issues with it last week all well.

nice little co op I like how when you get your friend the world starts turning more colourfull when you collect coins good job.

Congrats on completing your first c# and unity project

great job on the art liked it.  the air pipe thing got me a few times even though I don't think I was touching it

take that silly gun ships. Was a fun game liked the art style for it. Glad you stuck with it till the end.

no why the ***. I like how the basement looks in better shape then the house

neat little game good atmosphere 

good job on this one a feel good game . 

nice amount of mini games 

great job on the pixel art.

I see others have already talked about the office stuff so need to bring that up again.

to bad you didn't have time to add sound to the game.

I grew legs good job on the art and the level design. 

And good job in getting the enemy ai programmed since you said you found that challenging.

fun game like the good old beat em up games

nice job on getting your 2d sprites to work in a 3d environment as well

I made the mistake of giving him lasers I think because the third fight he liked to stay at the very top and do the laser attack which made it impossible for me to dodge properly .

Great little game liked the story to it

was taken back on how fast i could move from side to side at first. Then I learned how to fly over the fence and stuff didn't help me win at all though.  Good little horse racing game

nice game. You did a good job making the levels I had some issues picking up the key some times but just had to push it a bit so I could pick it up

well I am not sure if I want to hear I'm the best again for some time lol.

Like the atmosphere in the game was dark and creepy the art was great as well good job.

nice little game the good old you touched a collider so now you stop here on the side of the platform strikes its ugly head again I have had issues with that in my own past project as well

that was pretty hard the last 2 ice levels were a death trap for me but I was able to do it

I like how I was able to grab the dog and carry him around. I went into the first house and was unable to leave though and the 2nd map I tried going down the down path and I got this error

some really crazy drivers on those roads in this game. Even had a pile up that was in my way to get a thing on the map and ended up stuck 

that was a hit hard kinda story since I have lost touch with many of my friends due to going to school in the past. Enjoyed it on getting the story engine working  :)

the little people stand no chance. But then the moon was like no you lose 

nice took a bit to stop hitting the c before the v and losing all my speed liked the pixel are as well .The talking telling me that is the way and stuff did get a little annoying after a while but that is a minor issue and might just be me.

took me a bit to get past the spikes the last jumping part really kicked my ass though pretty touch little game. I was able to hit a pumped and fly to pretty high up once and almost cleared the entire level.

really nice job on the pixel art for the main character. It was weird to use c as the jump button though

Like how you are on the run so you don't need to sign autographs would be nice if the music loop was a little longer after awhile it got repetitive but minor thing good job.

Seem you were able to master time management since you were able to get the game out for the jam :)

so much ???? kept touching the wrong stuff. And didn't see any points to gather in the health side but I did end up flying right out of the tunnel into the sky to fall till it said retry lol.

thanks. not sure how to make said tutorial at the moment guess I could just make a video and add a player in the game that would be the easy way or code in stuff that flashes on icons and displays what to do on the screen hmmm wonder how hard that would be to make.

really like the pixel art good job on that front. The game controls were really well done as well the wall jump was a bit annoying at first but that was a learning curve thing

was nice tot throw all the bad news stuff.
good job and it is hard to judge scope for the length of a week game jam so good job on that as well.

really enjoyable game the end boss was pretty intense  but I beat him mauhuaha. 

Wonder if you let the player take more then one hit would make that a bit easier for others to beat It felt like the yellow devil battle in the old mega man games to me for some reason and had to beat it.

I really like the story part between levels and your level transition screens good job

And can't go wrong with pixel art which looks great on this game as well.

Thanks, Wonder why it crashed though.

As for the fuel types on the selling bar I did want to add a hover over and display it but I never did get to before the jam ended sadly. I'll add something to display that in the after game jam version

I never did add a end to the game I should have at least put in a you are the top dog or something  being displayed when you get to the top 1 spot, but all well something to add later on

But thanks for playing the game and glad you enjoyed it.

I guess I shouldn't have changed that title I had it larger before the finished version

glad you enjoyed it, I guess i need to figure out how to make it easier to understand what you need to do I did make the how to play part in a rush near the end might have been better just making a video and slapping that in there hm,

really like the pixel art the fire and forest look great so does the player character.
good job!

simple easy took a few shots to get used to the angles in which to fire to hit the enemy.