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You are the Chosen one destined to overcome your evil twin brother.
Submitted by MiniBobbo — 2 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay Innovation#742.3182.318
Metaness Quality#782.9552.955
Uniqueness of Metaness#822.7272.727

Ranked from 22 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Relevant Metaness Categories

Genre Deconstruction

How is your game meta (within each relevant category)?
Deconstructing Prophecy tropes. It all happens during the final cutscene of the game, so I made that scene runnable right from the first screen in case players can't/won't play through the whole game to get there.

Please list any pre-made art/music/other assets that you used.
I used public domain music. There is a link to the composer's portfolio on the first screen.

How many members in your team?

Team of 1

List your team's social media!

Anything you want to say to players before they play?
Instructions in game. The game is short and should be completed in about 5 minutes depending on how many attempts it takes to get through the last screen.

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Woah. So that was punishing.  It took me so long to beat the last level... BUT I DID, much to the streams dismay!  I liked it overall, I though the mechanics were a bit sticky and hard to control in spots.  You'll see when I get the video uploaded HOW MUCH I COMPLAINED hahaha

Really though, great work!


A solid platform game you got there, with nice graphics. I think I would have liked the jumps to feel a bit heavier, it felt a bit floaty.

Your game is part of my let's play video. Check it out!


It's a good game! I definitely found some of the challenges too hard. Also, I'd have preferred the music to be a bit quieter, as it is really "foreground" music rather than "background". Good work either way.


Thanks!  I agree that the music is a little loud.  If I release an update I'll lower it, or at least have an actual menu and option to change the volume.


Nice work! I'm glad you put in the option to skip to the final cutscene, though. One of those rooms just kept kicking my butt...


thanks! I'm glad I put the skip in also. That last room is difficult and I doubt that many people would have seen the ending. 


Awesome game!!! I did not get through the game, I'll admit, too challenging on some of the larger rooms :( but yeah, very polished, great mechanics, very well written ending, the option to skip to the ending was also very well done
Great graphics! You're a cool artist too :D best of luck


you were probably stuck on the last room. It is pretty difficult. It is sometimes easier if all the guys randomly end up facing away from you. 

Originally the ending was going to be the beginning of the game and the whole game was going to be you trying to put the sword back. So the ending was the first thing done. I put the shop in because without the ending the whole meta thing doesn't make sense...



I really liked the player animations! Must have taken some effort to make those sprites.


Thanks for the comments!  One of the great thing about using 16x16 sprites is that animation is pretty quick and painless.  It was mostly copy and paste, actually.  The harder part is getting the animations to line up with what was happening on the screen!


The challenge was tight in this one, although that last level was mindbogglingly difficult to deal with each enemy so I just cruised through. Very nice AI work, and that ending was a nice twist. Love the music too!


Yeah, the game changes when you realize that you can run right through the minions with the swords if you want  :)  That last screen is punishing.  I was hoping that the difficulty scaled nicely, but that last screen could use some balance.

The music wasn't mine.  That is the only thing in the game I got from somewhere else.  There is a link to the creator's portfolio on the intro screen, so be sure to check him out and pass the compliment along his way!