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Awesome! Thanks for the kind words!

That's nice, you're very patient. Thanks for the kind words! Version 2 is coming out on Monday, with a few more levels of increasing severity and no more teleporting blood!

I like the concept going into this! However, the execution was sometimes a little iffy. Like, the bridge that slowly comes down requires waiting for a full minute it seems. If you want to take this project further, you should definitely watch some people play this alpha and see where they find it frustrating.

It's a good game! I definitely found some of the challenges too hard. Also, I'd have preferred the music to be a bit quieter, as it is really "foreground" music rather than "background". Good work either way.

Thanks a lot! I know what you mean about tightening the controls a bit, I got a lot of respect for twitch-platformers that nail everything. I got close, but it feels like it would take a month of playtesting to really perfect it.

I'm really not sure how to play this. I see E is how to copy an element, but I don't know how to rewrite an element or paste it...

That's what I want to see when I'm playing with my food, uh, OS

Doki Doki Pasta Club. Really enjoyed this excuse for pasta puns! I only wished for tab-completion.

Very good looking joke, just the way it should be.

Thanks! I was at crunch time when making the levels, so I prioritised a fair learning curve rather than those mega-hard levels. I'll totally make a "complete" version of this game soon though, really make those finger-breakers!

This is hugely impressive. The story definitely worked, and the visual style was really strong. Only would have liked a quicker turn speed!


I really love so much about this - great entry! However, I also wish you'd made the text left-aligned. It's hurting my eyes trying to read it when the whole line keeps moving!

Ya can't jump while moving Mario sideways, which seems like a fundamental flaw. I like the sense of humour.

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I have no idea how to finish cleaning the room. Put trash in bin, cleaned window, tried standing on chair to reach the clock/cobwebs but no luck. Computer doesn't have anything to click besides the two folders. What am I missing?

Really great aesthetic, mind.

I really love some of your ideas going into this! It has some bad glitches though, mostly to do with how it doesn't seem designed for a larger screen - text doesn't go in the box, and the eye boss' third stage seems unwinnable.

I'd also say that you hide a very good idea behind a slow start. It's possible that some players won't manage the jumping on trees that get you to the first areas with your main mechanic, and some of those sections after are also too difficult.

Like I said, really nice ideas underneath it.