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Any chance of getting a Linux build so this can work on Steam Deck? For me it's not working at all, Fatal Error in Vertex Shader compilation. Could be a DirectX issue when running in Proton, I suppose.

Beastly game, love it. Please make it so there is a button click to press after the spin and before picking the next symbol. Sometimes you want a moment longer to work out why something vanished or doubled!

Thanks for checking it out! I am sure the ending wasn't worth it anyway. You know I can't make it easier, as stupid difficulty is the whole point!

I love this, so much.

There was a game way back that used to edit the registry to prevent that, but I don't think you can do that from the browser! I did expect techie folks entering a game jam to break it and explore. But the important question is, which route did you pick first, ergo your "canon"? :)

Thank you!

That's super. I made a little interpreter for commands like :background=party: from the script to change things, but it looks like you achieved much more!

Sounds like you made your choice!

You might be able to find your way around your save data another way, but it won't be within the game.

I did the kung fu montage, which was lovely, but did not help my defenses.

For me on Windows, it seemed like I needed to press 'I 'O' 'P' for the respective options! A pleasant little experience.

This is really good, and I'm very impressed with the art design of it all. Couple of little things;

- Turtles can breathe underwater through their anus!

- Almost no saltwater fish breed in captivity, unfortunately. Clownfish, banggai cardinals, and precious few others.

Is all the code for showing character portraits your own, or a library? It's very nicely done!

This has a charm to it and really nice visuals. I'd suggest removing the "swipe to unlock" text until the phone is able to be unlocked, and also just make it "tap to unlock" - that'll make it easier to start!

I really like the use of the maps to add to this! I feel like the next step would be to have a branching journey taking a different route through the map; though that's the Sorcery games!



Even from the blurry mobile thumbnail I guessed that was Rachel Bloom!

You even have the perfect conceit to skip close to it - time travel!

Mate, I had to check the description to make sure this wasn't going to be endless. But once I got there, I was glad I did. Plus some funny stuff en route - hope that kid enjoys my Brand New Microscope.

I am disappointed in his spitting skills considering his llamaliness.

Really nice concept, I always respect a strong opening choice. I didn't complete it in the end as the preamble to get to the code was a bit long after making a mistake - and it's hard as crap with 2 codes going!

Hey Ariel, it could be fun to collab! Are you on the Discord? I'm "Radical Thomas#6253" on there. Cheers!

Hey folks, I'm Thomas and I'd like to team up! I'm a good programmer and have been working on ways to extend Ink to do a little more than the default. I've also done NaNoWriMo a few times - so I like to think I can write fast and under pressure. I'd love to work with an artist, and perhaps someone good at sound design. Hi!

I can relate. You could always do what I did and buy the soundtrack - it's even on sale right now on Steam!

I really enjoyed this. It does currently feel like a lovely 2 hour game, not something to go back and optimise like the Factorios of the world - and that's fine, it's great that way. I know Royal Decrees add some variance, but perhaps there's room for something like challenge maps for new queens - maybe extra small, or filled with obstacles, or lacking some upgrades. The always-cumulative nature of the current system is very kind, but it also gives it an end point where the risk is gone.

Have you considered putting the .apk here too? Seems like a perfect mobile game!

Hey Angela, have you thought about putting the .apk here? It would be really nice to try this on my phone!

Thank you! Yes, making it easy to draw rails is surprisingly difficult, I haven't found a good way that pleases everyone yet...

This game is absolutely wonderful! So positive, and a lot of very cute dialogue. I shared it on my Twitter because I hope more people can play it!

I see, I hadn't found that you could click cards, so I was just getting whatever I had from the deck!

Aha, I was feeling very confused, but I pushed on and that was a nice "punchline" of the game. I'd encourage others to keep clicking through - it's not long and it'll make sense!

Is the poker part basically random? I'm not sure if there was anything I could do to play better or worse.

Awesome! Thanks for the kind words!

That's nice, you're very patient. Thanks for the kind words! Version 2 is coming out on Monday, with a few more levels of increasing severity and no more teleporting blood!

I like the concept going into this! However, the execution was sometimes a little iffy. Like, the bridge that slowly comes down requires waiting for a full minute it seems. If you want to take this project further, you should definitely watch some people play this alpha and see where they find it frustrating.

It's a good game! I definitely found some of the challenges too hard. Also, I'd have preferred the music to be a bit quieter, as it is really "foreground" music rather than "background". Good work either way.

Thanks a lot! I know what you mean about tightening the controls a bit, I got a lot of respect for twitch-platformers that nail everything. I got close, but it feels like it would take a month of playtesting to really perfect it.

I'm really not sure how to play this. I see E is how to copy an element, but I don't know how to rewrite an element or paste it...

That's what I want to see when I'm playing with my food, uh, OS

Doki Doki Pasta Club. Really enjoyed this excuse for pasta puns! I only wished for tab-completion.

Very good looking joke, just the way it should be.