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Thanks for the comments (and sorry it took so long for me to respond...  After the jam real life decided to kick my butt).  I'm glad you weren't disappointed!  Samurai Sam is also awesome (I'll be commenting over there soon!) and I'm glad we could add more Samurai Ja... uhhh... random samurai games to the world.

Your wish is my command!

Now you have 3 HP (and some other stuff was cleaned up as well) in the new version.

Thanks for playing and commenting!  

Agreed on all counts.  I've released a cleaned up version that addresses many of your concerns (3 HP, greatly reduced landing delay, movement speed reduced, etc) and it plays much better now I believe.  Thanks for playing and commenting!

Thanks for the comments.  I agree that the controls are clunky.  Too short attack range, too fast movement, weird delay when moving after jumping, one hit kill.  I've cleaned a lot of that up (now you take 3 hits to kill!) in the latest version and it plays a lot better I think.  

Thanks for playing and the comments!

I had more fun making the fog and petals (and the weird cutscene) than I did making the rest of the game  :)  I'm glad you enjoyed the aesthetic.  

I think the difficulty was mostly unfair and resulted from some bad design choices.  I've fixed a lot of those things in the latest version and it plays much better now in my opinion.  I'm glad you had fun with the jam version though!

Thank you!  I cleaned up the brawler mechanics a little in the latest version, but I really enjoyed making this one.

Thanks for the comments (and sorry I'm responding 3 weeks later.  Geez...)

I agree about the movement speed and the jump delay.  The game changed half way through development from a strategic brawler to a fast paced run-and-slash and it only made half the transition which is why it feels weird.  I released a post jam version a day or two ago that slows the movement and eliminates most of the jump delay and the whole thing feels a lot more like what I intended when I started.  

Thanks for playing!

The cutscene was a quick addition while I was procrastinating actually making any gameplay.  I'm glad I put it in through because it is honestly my favorite part about the game  :)

Thanks for playing!  

Thanks!  I appreciate the play through and comments!

You were close!  The Witch boss is the final boss of the game.  

Thanks for the feedback.  I agree with all your points.  I wanted you to know that I value it and take it into account.  I put up a new version of the game with a few changes.  You move and jump a little slower, your attack range is longer so the zombies are easier to kill without, and most importantly, you have 3 HP now  :)  I think the game plays a lot better now.

I'm not expecting you to play though it again (although you are welcome to!) but I did want to thank you for playing and let you know that I take feedback into account.  I don't normally make post-jam versions of games, but this one I had a lot of fun with and I wanted to clean up the gameplay.  Thanks for playing!

Hey!  Thanks for checking out my entry!  I enjoyed watching you play though it!  

I want to apologize in advance for the armored skeleton guy.  I think that he is harder than the actual boss.  Part of the reason is because he sometimes does a second attack after the first one.  He was supposed to give an indication (the red notification that the other skeletons do before they attack) but I completely forgot to put it in...  Game jam game...  

I recently rebalanced the game and put in some changes that make it easier.  I slowed your movement and jump speed down, reduced the delay when you land after jumping, increased the attack distance, and most importantly, gave the player 3 HP   :)  It is much closer to what I was originally intending the game to be.  

Also, that freaking armored skeleton is easier now with the attack indications and multiple HP.

No new content or anything, so you've seen all the game has to offer and I don't expect you to play through it again, but I did want to let you know that I appreciate the feedback and take it all into account!  Thanks!

Thanks for the review and sorry it took so long to get back to you!  A couple responses to comments you made during the stream:

It isn't Flash.  It is Haxeflixel which is built on OpenFL, which is a port of the Flash API into Haxe. So that's probably why it feels very Flash-like  :)

Some of the things you didn't like about the game (long delays after jumps, single hits, etc) came about because when I started it was going to be a slower paced, Dark Souls like game with more strategic fights, but somewhere in the middle it became more of a quick Ninja-Gaiden like game, so it was bad at both.  Jam games, you know?

Anyway, I updated the game with many of the suggestions you and others made.  The jump delay is cut drastically, the attack distance is larger, you move and roll much less quickly and you have three HP instead of just one.  It makes for a much nicer experience.  

Thanks for the feedback!

I really enjoyed the Doctor sprite!  The overall walk cycle worked well and you captured the character well.  Where was the Shift to run documented?  I played through the first game without knowing about it and it was painful to walk so slowly.  I'm not sure why that option is really in there.  Is there ever a need to walk vs run?

I really liked the procedurally generated maze.  Although I think that the overall experience would be better if you generated a much smaller maze, added some additional traps and upped the movement speed of the character.  Some additional environment work and tilesets would have made the experience feel a little more full.

On my last game it somehow generated a maze with only one branch in it  :)  It made the experience pretty easy since there was no need to backtrack and so avoiding the copies was trivial.  Maybe that was just a crazy generation though!  

Overall keep up the good work!

Great audio and visuals!  As others have mentioned, it was difficult to know when to hit the arrow keys because the visuals and the audio don't sync exactly, but it was a fun experience!  The animations in particular were very cool.  

For feedback, you could try moving the arrow keys more central and lower, rather than at the top of the screen.  for me at least I couldn't enjoy the visuals at all because my eyes were always up top.  Also, I seemed to be hitting the arrows right after the other one disappeared because of the music.  That or I'm just bad at rhythm games (which is also true...  :)

Nicely done!

I was excited to play this when I saw the previews on Discord!  I'm glad that the final product was as fun as I was hoping.  I enjoyed the humor (was a lot of it lifted directly from The Good Place?) and the dialog seemed to be right at home with the source material.  

This was a nice experience.  I really enjoyed the presentation and the visuals.

As far as feedback goes, it would have been nice to have a dialog skip button.  I read much faster than the text displayed so it felt like things moved more slowly than they should.  I think PICO-8 gives you two buttons, so maybe one could skip the dialog and the other change the track?

It would have been nice for a little more variation in the music and some repeating noises for the different characters would have been nice also.  

Overall a great job!  I loved this episode and seeing it recreated in game form was a treat!

I'd recommend putting the link to your Ludum Dare entry page on here.  I found this through but wasn't able to rate you because I can't find the game on the Ludum Dare site!

Thanks for playing and the comments!  JamesOliverMusic made all the music specifically for this game (technically Wooly Wombat was made for an earlier one we never released, so that is just a remix).  I'll be sure to pass along the compliments!

Infinite acceleration (setting velocity.x = input.x, or button press = instantly fullspeed) was a design choice.  So it plays like Mega Man (infinite acceleration) instead of Super Meat Boy (ridiculously high acceleration, so you reach top speed quickly but it takes time to get there).  On precision platformers I always prefer infinite acceleration because I think it gives more control.  To each his own though!  

I did 1-bit art for my past couple games.  I'm so over it.  I've graduated on to 2-bit art now (there is blue in there also!)  :P

Thanks for the comments!

1 bit graphics make for quick work!  The engine Haxeflixel makes these types of games really easy also.  It came out of the endless runner Canabalt.  

Thanks!  I enjoyed making it!

Wombat Man has no pity on cowards!

I live right next to Akron, Ohio, so I decided to demake Batman Arkham *whatever* games.  So that gave birth to Wombat Man: Akron City.  

I'm demaking it down to the Gameboy.  I'm hoping to keep the same fluid combat and punch, counterpunch flow, but I have no idea how this will work.

Luckily, Wombat Man has no problems with killing  :D

I noticed that this jam runs at the same time as the Demake jam.  Can I make the same game for both?  Not trying to step on any toes or anything, but I love both jam ideas and want to enter both but won't have time to make 2 games.  

Awesome, thanks!  I originally had up and use two different buttons but changed it half way though and I think I forgot to change the up arrow.  I'll load up a fix.  I kind of forgot about them  :(  

Now that I'm thinking about it I don't have a good way to change weapons with the arrow keys.  Any suggestions?

it should interact with the terminals for opening doors and the save locations. What areyou having trouble with?

thanks for trying.  I was able to run it on multiple pcs in ie firefox and chrome. It ran on my phone browser also. What are you trying to run it under?

I just sent you an email.  Feel free to respond in either place.

what type of art are you looking for?  2d or 3d?  Pixel or something else?

I hate waiting for updates but this was a neat experience.  Sound and sfx were great and everything flowed really well.

I never figured out the do not type this state multiple times screen.  I got through it by just randomly mashing keys on my keyboard...

I also think that the Do Not Move screen was a little backwards.  Throughout the whole time you advance by disobeying, now suddenly you have to listen.  

This was fun.  Well done! 

I hate you for the message in the middle of the game...  :)

I hate both loot boxes and clickers.  So naturally I unlocked everything and got all the achievements  :)

I like the commentary on the addictive nature of this.  It is silly that I feel the need to get all the items even though they don't do anything for me.  I agree that the game could use some sound effects, but I liked it as it is.

That was fun.  I liked the multiple game aspect going on and how you had to manage playing the game then defending the game itself from the bugs.  I'm generally not very good at these multiple games in one, but this was doable for me.  

I agree with the other comments that the animation and sounds on the bugs was very good.  

That was a little trippy.  And very meta.  I could only get about 4 computers in before the overlapping music made me stop  :)

Well this is just my opinion, but the player felt weightless to me.  I understand that part of the game is a jetpack, but he just seemed to float, like the jetpack didn't provide much thrust up and prevented me from falling down quickly.  If you increased gravity for the player by a bunch and let the jetpack provide more of a boost it might make the player feel a little more present.

Not that I want to push my own stuff, but I put together a set of control schemes just to play around with them.  The one in the lower right is a jetpack.  The acceleration is fast in both the + and - Y direction, so it feels like the jetpack is really pushing the player up and gravity really feels like it is pulling down.  

Again, this is all my opinion, and if it controls exactly the way you like it then ignore me  :)

Thanks!  I agree that the music is a little loud.  If I release an update I'll lower it, or at least have an actual menu and option to change the volume.

This was a lot of fun!  I managed to finish the game and beat the boss.  I loved the puzzle like nature of the whole thing.  Also, the fact that you kept moving my cursor at the end of the game was a nice touch.  

I think that the jumping mechanics could have been a little tighter.  Trying to land on the top of the pointy trees with the current jumping method was difficult.  This is a very small nitpick though.  Everything was excellent!

I'm not sure exactly how to rate this one.  I enjoyed the presentation and the sound effects, but the actual game confused me.  There wasn't anything for me to do other than abandon my family.  Then I just cleaned my house and randomly clicked around and nothing happened.  I advanced levels in the game but my rank never went up.  I was trying to get through to the ending, but never reached it.  

I'm not sure what the message was supposed to be.  Sorry!

I was really confused.  That was too meta!  :)

I liked the concept and the execution.  The humor was nice also.  At the end of the first level I totally saw the continue button too late and tried to exit.  Which then made the next conversation pretty funny.

Nicely done.  

I really like the concept.  Using the console is cool and the options to change the colors is neat also.  I like the idea of taking contracts and balancing eating, sleeping and coding.  

Unfortunately I found the actual coding part to be really tedious.  Maybe I was just missing something, but I just mashed the keyboard over and over to generate the scripts.  Maybe if the scripts you were required to generate were much smaller or there was a way to do them faster it would help with the pacing.  

This reminds me a little of my job.  If only there were another command for "attend pointless meeting"

This was a fun time.  Those are some extremely deadly spikes.  Casually brushing against them instantly kills you!  

A couple thoughts...

The enemies take a lot of shots but aren't very difficult.  I ended up skipping them later on because they were annoying to fight after awhile.  Maybe lowering the number of shots they take and alow lower the fire rate of the gun would work.  

The controls were a little loose, but I liked flying around and boosting up the walls.  I think you could have upped the speed of everything and it would have played a little better.

Good job!  

I love it when you are emailing the demon, you say Hi.  Lol!

Why would anyone open the attachment?

Very nice!  I was excited to see what happened next!  I was a disappointed when it ended.