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Thanks for the feedback!  Sorry I'm just seeing it...

I agree that a key remap would have been great.  I have a standard input library that I use that I just haven't finished that yet.  

You're correct that the level skip was left in just for the jam  :)

This was a lot of fun!  Clean and well put together.  Those jumping purple guys are super nasty!  If they get you once I couldn't get enough space away from them to effectively kill them.  

I got stuck at one point because I thought that all the doors would show up on my map, but maybe they only appear after you use them once?  Also, I fired off all my missiles and went around the loop killing all the enemies twice and I never got more missiles.  Was I missing something?  I'll have to come back and play again later. 

Can we tell explain it?

Yes we can!

Stanley is correct. I should have been more specific. No special rules for the jam because the intent is to get ready for Ludum Dare.  If you need to test a new tool or something, use that. If you don't care about practicing art or music grab stuff off the internet (that you have rights to use)  what you submit I'll play and give feedback on. 

That was a lot of fun!  I liked the puzzles and the overall feel of the game.  Obviously things like sound and music would improve the experience but this was fine for a warmup  :)

The only suggestion is you could make the breakable floors more distinct.  Noticing them isn't really part of the puzzles and only serve to frustrate the player.  I tend to think that puzzle games should have all the elements easy to display at the start.  But if that's not what you were going for just ignore me  :)

We should do the real theme slaughter this way.

Nicely done!  I liked shooting sideways.  Adding some quick particles might make the whole thing feel a ton better for an extra few minutes work!

Lol!  I don't think that I won, but apparently I did.  There is a certain amount of charm to the artwork and the appeal.  You need some equally awesome mouth created sound effects to go with this!

Is it possible to create the game without requiring an install?  Just a self contained exe?  I only ask because it would help get exposure for your Ludum Dare entry because games that require installers get much less play than the ones that don't.

Anything goes in warmup weekend!

This one?  No idea.  You should be able to hold the jump button to jump higher.  

What browser are you using?  The game could not be getting the key events from the browser correctly.  That's the only thing I can think.  I've never run into this problem before though...

Not sure exactly what you mean.  Do you mean this one?

I started a game for one of the Metroidvania game jams that uses dynamic lighting and normal maps on 2D pixel art surfaces.  I ran into a problem where the engine I was using didn't pass of the normal maps correctly when going from the tilemaps to the sprite atlas occasionally and rather than fix it I just gave up.  I recently read that my problem was fixed in one of the latest releases so I'm going to revisit it and see what I can do.

Thanks for the feedback!  I hate level design and love coding new mechanics, so that's why every level is so different.  Almost all of them have a new feature or something to learn about.  

I'm glad to hear you thought some of the levels were challenging but fair.  It is always a little tricky to determine these things because I ended up playing it so much that I got pretty good.  

I enjoyed the music also!  Each one (except Shinobi) was created for one of our previous games together and it was fun to put them in and listen to them again.  

Thanks for the feedback!  The climbing mechanism really is just a physics oddity where you tunnel into the wall for a frame and get pushed back out in a single frame.  I was going to restrict jumping to 180 degrees away from the surface you are clinging to but there were a couple times where I wanted to be able to jump around a corner on a near miss, so I left it in.  That might have been a mistake since you and some other people mentioned it.  :)

Yeah, clicking outside the window is the most annoying part of the whole thing.  I used Phaser to build it and it has a mouse lock feature but it changes how the mouse works so unfortunately I can't just turn it on.  I was thinking about going back and implementing it and releasing this on other platforms like Newgrounds and Kongregate.

Thanks!  I had a lot of fun making it and enjoyed the chatting and mutual encouragement in the Discord!

I think you misspelled awesome.

I only was able to make it to the second level, but it was fun.  It is harsh that you don't get a life refill or anything between years.  Like others have said, the collision is definitely a little wonky, which makes it slightly frustrating.  There were times I would pass right through an enemy without any problems and others where I would take damage with no contact at all.

Nice PICO-8 game.  

It was fun and I enjoyed the concept a lot.  I think that some of the physics are a little wonky though.  I had problems doing something like walking off an edge even on the second level.  

I feel like this shouldn't be hard to do.  I'm not sure what I was expecting to happen though.  I think when I walk off the edge I was expecting to have gravity pull me to the right, not up suddenly.  Maybe gravity should start pulling you to the closest surface towards the center?

I always got annoyed at the kernels that remained unpopped at the bottom of my popcorn bag.  I never realized that one of them was doing all the work popping the others.

Overall very nice.  

Simple and fun for a few rounds.  I like the idea of limited shots and time which requires you to make decisions about maximizing both.  

This could have used some sound and/or music like others had mentioned.  Maybe a little extra polish, like animations of the balls exploding or something like that.

Also, snow?

I generally don't like precision platformers and this one was no different  :)

Nicely done!  all the elements worked together well.  I got hit with some major mood whiplash.  

Nice audio and the simple graphics with the cool particle effects made everything clear.  

It would have been nice to tell how the scores were calculated.  I wasn't sure if I was supposed to shoot the ducks until they finally exploded because they took a lot of hits at the end and it seemed like every time I hit one it dropped and egg and my score went down.  That made me believe that I was only supposed to shoot the blue ones and make them yellow/red.  I'm still unclear exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

Nice audio and the simple graphics with the cool particle effects made everything clear.  

It would have been nice to tell how the scores were calculated.  I wasn't sure if I was supposed to shoot the ducks until they finally exploded because they took a lot of hits at the end and it seemed like every time I hit one it dropped and egg and my score went down.  That made me believe that I was only supposed to shoot the blue ones and make them yellow/red.  I'm still unclear exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

This did turn out nice!  I really like the mechanics!  You managed to get a bunch of different puzzles out of some relatively simple gameplay which I really enjoyed.  Graphics were plenty adequate and I think overall things worked.  Some music and extra sound effects would be nice, but not necessary to enjoy the puzzles.  Nice work!

Like others have said, the art and audio is really nice.  I like the low rez forest in the background during the rune drawing section.  

It does need some more content though.  I like the idea of just a single level sheep rush or something.  I didn't realize that you could draw the runes anywhere on the screen until I watched the gif!

thanks!  You can press R to restart the level any time or M to get back to the menu. I included that in the game description but I should get it into the game somewhere so it is more obvious. Thanks for the feedback!

Ah!  Makes sense!

No worries!  I didn't think that I died though. I definitely still had health left. It was the first time I hit a spike.  I did have fun playing it and got a few chuckles out of it, which is great for a game jam game. Plus you had a story with a beginning, middle and end which is something to be very proud of also!

I was going to have it not play and add a "Repeat audio log" button, but didn't have time.  Good suggestion!

That's funny you mentioned it feels like Megaman.  It actually uses a movement scheme that is very different than Megaman (My game uses acceleration while Megaman is infinite acceleration. My game has variable acceleration in the air and drag values, etc) but when I was in tuning the movement I kept adjusting the values till they felt right and it ended up feeling just like Megaman...  :/  

I guess I just really like the Megaman control scheme  :)

Graphics and audio were simple but worked well.  I really enjoyed the feeling I got when I competed the first level and everything clicked.  I like how it didn't explain anything but the discovery of the mechanics felt very natural.

I would have enjoyed more levels.  You also didn't need a quit button  :)

I enjoyed the top down shooter aspect and the items being mimics was a neat touch.  I definitely got a little paranoid walking around, which was a neat feeling.

I would have liked my character (and the camera) to always be facing in the direction of my mouse cursor instead of in the direction of my movement.  There were times where I would be backing up away from an enemy and it would scroll him off the screen so I couldn't shoot him.  A quick and easy thing you could do is to reposition the camera half way between the cursor and the character in world space.  It leads to a nice feeling, I think.

Loved the mechanics and the controls.  I'm really bad at these multitasking games, but I persevered.  I also thought that this entire game was a joke, but was pleasantly surprised when the game opened up and everything started working.  Great graphics and controls.  

So I talked to the king and got the sword.  Then I got hit or something in the level and lost the sword.  Then when I found the princess and went back I think I got stuck since I couldn't kill Mr Illuminati.  Unless I missed something, which is very possible.

I jumped into the chicken soup just to see what what would happen  :)

Thanks for the comments (and sorry it took so long for me to respond...  After the jam real life decided to kick my butt).  I'm glad you weren't disappointed!  Samurai Sam is also awesome (I'll be commenting over there soon!) and I'm glad we could add more Samurai Ja... uhhh... random samurai games to the world.

Your wish is my command!

Now you have 3 HP (and some other stuff was cleaned up as well) in the new version.

Thanks for playing and commenting!  

Agreed on all counts.  I've released a cleaned up version that addresses many of your concerns (3 HP, greatly reduced landing delay, movement speed reduced, etc) and it plays much better now I believe.  Thanks for playing and commenting!

Thanks for the comments.  I agree that the controls are clunky.  Too short attack range, too fast movement, weird delay when moving after jumping, one hit kill.  I've cleaned a lot of that up (now you take 3 hits to kill!) in the latest version and it plays a lot better I think.  

Thanks for playing and the comments!

I had more fun making the fog and petals (and the weird cutscene) than I did making the rest of the game  :)  I'm glad you enjoyed the aesthetic.  

I think the difficulty was mostly unfair and resulted from some bad design choices.  I've fixed a lot of those things in the latest version and it plays much better now in my opinion.  I'm glad you had fun with the jam version though!