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Keep your sheepView game page

An arcade with symbol recognition
Submitted by vmikhav (@vmikhav) — 7 days, 2 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#1512.0322.032

Ranked from 31 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Pretty nice game overall, here's a quick detail:


Nice unconventional idea, it's very playable with a mouse in browser (besides minor lag sometimes), however it gets repetitive fairly quickly


The art is quite nice, everything is in different styles which is a bit odd but it looks good


I love the music, sound effects would be great for rune feedback


5/5, different from all the games I've rated this jam

Theme interpretation

Not so sure about that one, pen bounds maybe?


Thanks) Bouns are showed by forest and village, so you should return sheep into grassland bounds.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

My best score is 2346 by touchpad.


Good tutorial and nice graphics. A bit frustrating it didn't accept the drawing and you realise too late.


Neat little minigame for mobile :)


Thanks) I will change current gameplay to  something similar to "I_packed_my_bag" or "Saymon says"


Like others have said, the art and audio is really nice.  I like the low rez forest in the background during the rune drawing section.  

It does need some more content though.  I like the idea of just a single level sheep rush or something.  I didn't realize that you could draw the runes anywhere on the screen until I watched the gif!


Thanks! I have idea how to convert this game into nice hyper casual game with single (endless?) level


Sometimes rune drawing is not accepted for no apparent reason. How do you measure "closeness" of drawing?

Like the music, is it synched to gameplay? Sometime it seems it is, sometimes that it isn't.


Music is background only and not related with gameplay.  You can open developer console and check recognition results. Maybe I need collect usage statistic to improve recognition rules.


I’ve played the game and it’s a good interpretation and very different!




Hi, i played the game and this is my review of it. Lets start of by saying the art and the music is really cool and chill. The dialogue system is also really nice, i think it's a nice touch. I also love the idea. This game is well polished and has some good mechanics. But i would recommend adding more content and challenges, this game could easily be expanded upon. Well done!


I remember playing similar game - 90 Second Portraits! But the concept is completely different. I like it but it makes no sense how imitating scriptures can help the sheep come back!


I wrote about in intro - rune is something like fortunetelling dice. You draw symbol to activate rune and get more info where you need to go to find sheep.


I'm sorry! I got past that intro!


If you would like to watch intro again, open game in private/anonimous window.


Had the same bug as the other comments. It happened when i fail a rune at level 10.

I like the concept but might be better with touch input.

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Thanks for feedback, I fixed this bug a moment ago, you can try it again.
Touch input works well, I tested both PC and Android phone. On phone game opens in full-screen mode.


I found the same bug as the last guy. I finished a rune at the same time I was about to fail a level, and the whole game froze in the forest.

Interesting concept, I feel like I should have played this on mobile instead.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for feedback, I fixed this bug a moment ago, you can try it again.

You can open game on phone and play, game will be opened in full-screen mode.


Really well done! I loved the art and audio on this one. I got to about 30k on 13/15 sheep, but then I think I found a bug!

I finished a rune right as the circle turned red and the whole thing froze.

Also, I somehow got half a point at some point along the way? Haha.

Regardless, really good concept here, good execution. And stellar job on the gesture recognition, I was doing some pretty sloppy squiggles.


Thanks! Sometimes recognition doesn't work correctly, I will fix it. But anyway you can just replay level again.


I fixed bug with freezing, you can check game again.