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Pizzavania: Cosmic SliceView game page

Uncover an intergalactic pizza conspiracy in this action-packed metroidvania
Submitted by SzechuanSteve (@SzechuanSteve), Da4RealDeal — 22 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Engagement & general#14.1254.125

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Construct 2 (yeah...I know....I'm working on getting more acquainted with GMS2)

SzechuanSteve, Da4RealDeal

External assets
Just some free to use fonts - Millennia, Press Start 2P & v5xtender

Comments on the jam
Loved this jam! Learned a lot while making my game and being a part of this jam helped me manage my scope and focus (which is usually a problem for me). Looking forward to playing everyone's submissions and participating in future Metroidvania monthly jams!!

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Really liked the megaman vibes, Wally was the one part I really didn't liked. I felt like he often talked a lot to say things that were obvious. I don't find much else to say this is a very well polished game and I really enjoyed playing it :)


Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah I would agree that we gave Wally a bit too much dialogue (especially in the first screen). I'm definitely not a fan of obtrusive tutorials and would have preferred to give the player the option to call and speak to Wally for hints/guidance but it just didn't fit within the scope of the jam. Hope he wasn't too annoying :) Thanks again for playing and commenting!


This was a lot of fun!  Clean and well put together.  Those jumping purple guys are super nasty!  If they get you once I couldn't get enough space away from them to effectively kill them.  

I got stuck at one point because I thought that all the doors would show up on my map, but maybe they only appear after you use them once?  Also, I fired off all my missiles and went around the loop killing all the enemies twice and I never got more missiles.  Was I missing something?  I'll have to come back and play again later. 


Glad you enjoyed it!! :D

Yeah, I agree those purple lizards are a bit tougher than I had intended. I will definitely be making a lot of tweaks to enemy AI as I continue to work on the full game beyond this jam.

As for the map, you should only see rooms you've physically been to. Doors don't really show on the map, but the connected entrances between rooms should so you can see what areas you might not have fully explored yet. In the full game, I'd like to add colored doors and item/secret indicators to make the map more readable.

Hmm I'm not sure about the issue you encountered with the missiles. I'm thinking you were at max missiles already and just forgot to swap weapons (L/C key) as they will not spawn if you're already at max capacity. Or perhaps you just had bad luck. Every enemy type has a different spawn rate for health/ammo and some are low so it's possible to go a screen or two without seeing them. Also, for the exploding enemies, you have to actually defeat them for items to drop as opposed to letting them explode on their own. One suggestion I can offer is to look out for crates as they have a 100% chance to spawn a bunch of missiles when you blast them open.

Thanks again for playing the game and I really appreciate the feedback :)


A really well executed game in all its aspects. It's impressive the amount enemies and environment designs and all  the different mechanics and upgrades you have managed to implement in such a short time. The level design is solid and I love how different aproaches are needed for each one of the areas. Really engaged with this one, congrats!


Thank you so much for the kind words! :) There were actually a few more mechanics that I built but couldn't really fit within the scope of the demo. I added a jetpack double jump ability, charge beam, wall climb and a few others. Also, beyond the demo I had built a top down galaxy map where you can navigate your ship to other planets, dodging debris and battling enemy ships. Thanks again for playing our game! I'm glad that you enjoyed it :)


Great job! Definitely reminds me of megaman more than anything, but does have a metroid feel to it as well.

I got confused for a moment when I couldn't jump on the giant mushrooms, but then figured out that K works to jump on them, but not spacebar.

Overall I enjoyed playing through it! 


Thanks! Yeah I was missing a key binding there lol. It should be fixed now. Sorry about that! Glad you enjoyed the game :)


Nice work!

I loved the retro-feeling of all the game and the original story

I got stuck on the carnivouros plant and I didn't know how to kill it! :O

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks! :D

Think Kraid from Super Metroid. Feed him missiles when he opens his mouth :)  You can restock on missiles by shooting the falling spores.


This is super cool! Amazing work with this entry.

It has an old school feel it reminds me to megaman + metroid. Also the music, you did a great job there

I encountered a bug pausing the game during game over screen and I got a black screen with credits music.

A part of that, everything is well made. Congrats!


Thanks!! :D That's precisely the vibe we were going for. I believe I've patched that bug out now (there's a 24 hr grace period for submissions).  I wish I had spent more time play-testing and squashing bugs during development.


This is fantastic. :D  I'd been looking forward to this one since your early progress messages on Discord.

I love the off-the-wall story, the gameplay is good, and the graphics are silly but clear.

I did not get very far before dying, sadly, but it felt very solid up to that point.

The music and audio design are very well considered and executed.

Feels more like a Megaman game than a Metroidvania, but I enjoyed it just the same!


Thanks!! :) Yeah I definitely pulled a lot of inspiration from Mega Man classic/X/Zero being a huge fan of those games personally. By the way, I updated the game and lowered a lot of damage values to make it a little bit easier. Maybe give it another go sometime :) Not sure how far you got, but there is a save/load system. You just need to skip past the credits to get back to the title screen and load your save file.


 I've known Szechuan Steve a L O N G time.  He's always made little games and has wanted to do a bigger project for a while. He usually doesn't share the little projects and I'm fortunate enough to get to play those and see his passion and skill at work. He always puts 110% and more in and it really shows in this piece. This is not so much a review but a public congrats to him. He's been working on this for the entire month and I've seen it grow from a single screen to what it is now. I love everything about this game:  the controls, the music (CRUSHED IT TIMBO), the character design. It stings that due to work obligations I wasn't able to help with what is probably his GREATEST creation to date. But that sting is quickly replaced by the overwhelming feeling of pride I have looking at the final result of his hard work. You did it man, It's awesome.



Thanks, man! I really appreciate the kind words :) This is the most complete game project I've ever worked on and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Although it was definitely a LOT more work than I had anticipated it being lol