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A jam submission

To Bring This Tower DownView game page

An early in develop demo of a game conceived for the Metroidvania Game Jam of Semptember 2020
Submitted by gtorres
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To Bring This Tower Down's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Engagement & general#112.0062.167

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.


Ares Grenton

External assets
Music: Forest Dream by Fex

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This is really pretty!

The 3D perspective is very neat, but it does create some difficulty in moving. I can't jump the first gap, as I can't seem to jump while moving. I did finally manage to get a jump towards the gap, but ended up just falling off the map. XD

The music is very nice and calm, but I'm not sure it meshes with the narrative tone. Still, very pretty.

The art is amazing, and the story seems quite interesting. I'm looking forward to a more complete version!


Hi, thank you for your feedback. Regarding the "falling of the map" situation, I must say that it has happened to me a few tines when playtesting, but very rarely. I guess it's a matter putting some extra work on collisions. I will be keeping an eye on that. 

The unability to jump is something that never happened to me and I wasn't aware. It shouldn't be any problem whit running and jumping at the same time so thank you for pointing it out. Can I ask which operative system are you using? 

I'm glad you enjoyed the art and the story, this a project I plan to continue and every floor of the tower is meant to have a disctintive art style.

 Thanks for your insights!


I was playing the on Windows 10.

Good luck with it in the future! :)


I'm sorry, I cannot play your entry as I only have a mac. Is there by any chance to have an HTML5 version of it so I can rate it?

Developer (1 edit)

Hello Albert Valo, I'm not really sure about the nature of the problem that you are experiencing. When I created the build of the game I configured it to be compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. It is possible that I made a mistake since I am really new in game developing and programming in general but, could you specifie which particular problem are you finding? Have you been able to download the folder? Unfortunately I have no experience at all as a Mac user so I don't know what else could have gone wrong. Anyway, thank you for your interest in playing my game and for letting me know. I really hope I can find a solution for you issue.

EDIT: I have just noticed that I didn't speficied in the game page that it is compatible with the three operative systems I mention above. So hopefully that may be the only problem. Please let me know if the problem persists.


Hey! basically there's only the .exe inside the zip file. That's why I was asking

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I see. I can't find any reason for that to happen. When I download it the Zip contains all folders in my case. If you want to give a last try and download it again (now that I have updated the game page) it would be highly appreciated. Anyway, I'm dowloading the HTML5 plug in in order to try to add that version as well. I'm really sorry for your trouble. 


I’ll try again tomorrow. Thank you for your time, Ares! And sorry for the inconvenience but I really want to try out your game too, as you did with mine ^^ 


What Albert means is the zip file doesn't contain a mac executable. Generally, you have to make separate builds for each operating system. You can't tell Unity to make a single build that works on all operating systems at the same time. What you have uploaded is a Windows build. :)


I see. I will have to increase my knowledge of how to make the builds in Unity. As I say, I'm a total noob in games making. Thanks for clarifying this!


I really like the art style and movement concept, makes it feel more 3D even though it's all 2D. Nice job!


I'm glad you liked it, thank you for your feedback Ninjaxim!