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Much appreciated feedback! 

I won't update the game in terms of gameplay, but you gave me good ideas for redefining the controls and fix the volume resetting.

This game was created in a few hours to experiment with only one script theme, so yea, it can be improved.

Again, thank you for your feedback, I'll update the controls and fix the volume part soon!

Espero que ahora esté más balanceado haha


cool game. Sometimes when i try to activate the terminals seems it's not detecting my input

The colors remind me a lot to game boy games

Good job!

I don't quite understand how the theme has been implemented. 

a part of that, nice use of the palette and cool music

(1 edit)

aarg! let me try it again because my only neuron just gave up on life

edit: fixed!

yea. wall jumping is still something I'm trying to polish for my games

thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Great concept! a bit tiny on resolution, I couldn't see the text until I turned fullscreen

I liked a lot the mechanic of temporary powers to trace strategies on how to advance.

Good job!

Congratulations and amazing job !! :D

Thank you so much for taking the time with this feedback, I really appreciate it!

I'm gald you liked the game and for sure I'll have your improvement proposals for an update ^^
Once again, thank you!

Hey! thank you very much for your feedback and for playing the game! We'll have it mind for an update and polish it with all the information I gathered so far ^^

I’ll try again tomorrow. Thank you for your time, Ares! And sorry for the inconvenience but I really want to try out your game too, as you did with mine ^^ 

Hey! basically there's only the .exe inside the zip file. That's why I was asking

I'm sorry, I cannot play your entry as I only have a mac. Is there by any chance to have an HTML5 version of it so I can rate it?

Yes, you are totally correct. One thing I learnt from all the feedback is that low friction to simulate body weight seems like a good idea, but it needs a good implementation. Otherwise, better to omit it.

Thank you so much for playing I appreciate a lot your feedback! ^^

First of all, good job to all of you for the amazing projects we saw! I liked a lot every one of them

For me your opinion is key. Hearing feedback helps me a lot to improve my next projects, so I would kindly ask you, if you want, of course, if you can rate my project and leave a comment with your impresions and what can I improve

Thank you for your time!

totally agree, after playing my own game a few times I also detected some areas a bit confusing in terms of collisions. I’ll try to improve that in future games. Thank you for playing and taking the time leaving a comment! 

thank you very much for playing! You are totally right: the player being slippery is a common feedback I received  so far so I take note of that for sure and the robot part, I completely agree with you. 
I’m glad you liked it and thanks for your comment!

Awesome concept! I like a lot the animations, very original and feels handcraft rather than digital. Music is on point, and the boss battle was hard but fun!

Thanks for building the browser version as well :) 

Good job!

Awesome! thank you very much :D

This is super cool! Amazing work with this entry.

It has an old school feel it reminds me to megaman + metroid. Also the music, you did a great job there

I encountered a bug pausing the game during game over screen and I got a black screen with credits music.

A part of that, everything is well made. Congrats!

It has the elements I can expect from a Metroidvania: the map, the rooms, the minimap, unlockables

Music also is great and the game feel in general is good.

Minor observations would be: I would like to see some feedback when hiting the orange dudes because at the begining I though the hitbox was a bit off. Also, when you obtain an item or upgrade, the Update method is not paused for the rest of the game, so you can be hurt by enemies.

A part of that, good job, I love it and I'm sure this is one of the best entries!

I would like to rate and play your entry. Is it possible to have the web version as well? I don't have windows :(

It's nice to see another godoter in the jam :)

Controls are a bit stiff: it takes to long to accelerate and it feels like the character weights a lot

Graphics are really cool, and the game feels like a metroidvania. The block mechanic is interesting, for sure

Good job with your entry!

I like the graphics but I miss one of the key elements of this genre, in my honest opinion, which is the rooms and room transition

The level has some walls that can block your path unintentionally, like the colliders are not well separated, and in terms of game feel is a bit hard to control

But, having in mind this is your first game, I think you manage to build something interesting and also, even if music is missing, I encourage you to take note of all your learnings, not only in terms of game engine or code, also time management, estimation, etc.

I truly believe you can be very proud of your final result :)

thank you very much for your explanation ^^

I followed a similar approach, using areas2d, but, as I used different scenes per level, I used position2d to know where to instance the player on the other side. I think it's a bit messy, but as a firts time doing this, the result was satisfactory!

I loved a lot this game, it's simple but also the physics puzzles are really good implemented. Also I love the fact it's made with Godot, same as ours. You have to share how you made those cool transitions I struggled a bit and probably over engineered my solution to that.

Nice job and awesome work!

We had to remove the browser version as the frame rate was unstable

yay! Beta for v2 is here!

did you manage to get it? ^^

How exactly are you importing it? I used Pixelorama in the past and had no issue. 

You can simply drag and drop the png to your project tree, and from there to the desired scene

Thank you for playing and for your feedback! and yes, I agree. Next time I'll mark the areas, It's a better game design approach

I appreaciate a lot your feedback and opinion, thank you for taking the time giving me a detailed analysis :) 

I'm glad you had fun with my entry! ^^

Thank you for your kind comments and for playing my entry ^^

Thank you very much for playing and for your feedback! ^^

Thank you for playing my entry ^^

There are certain areas that makes you grow again, so the level design is made around that concept as well.

It's not labeled and I think it's a better idea to show the player where they are, but maybe for another update :D

I wasn't expecting somethig like this concept, I really like it! super original. Cute graphics and the audio is really good

I died a lot, tho and I had some difficulties seeing some asteroids change their elevetaion

Apart of that, I had a good time playing you entry ^^

Thank you very much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed my entry ^^ I hope the levels weren't too much punishing or not well balanced