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Thanks! Adding a map was definitely on my list of next things, but I just ran out of time.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Not specifically, but I think we've all played it so it may have influenced us passively! :D

We actually have a level reset function, but it only triggers if the player ends up without a body. We should have added a keybind, you are right!

It's at least possible to go back to the ladder and reset that way, but I can definitely see the value is being able to reset from anywhere in the level.

No worries! And no need to be hard on yourself. :)

Sounds like you had some cool ideas, and I'd be interested to see the physics-based approach you had in mind!

I'd discourage you from working in your own engine. It can work, but, from experience, if you are working on a game in an engine you built, what you actually end up working on is the engine, and the game never progresses. I recommend sticking with Godot, or using another existing engine if you prefer. You can achieve all the same fine-tweaking in Godot, without needing to do ALL of the fine-tweaking. It's worth it to build something on what is and improve it rather than making something new from scratch.

None of us got everything we wanted to do done, so we're all aware of the calendar issue. :D Hope your life events were at least positive and constructive.

If you are looking at doing a very "oil surfing" physics platformer, you might get more mileage out of looking at Tribes than Celeste. If I can think of something more appropriate or come across dev diaries that look useful, I'll let you know. :)

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My save points were solid color rectangles and only got a notification of game saved on the last day, so I get it. :D

I had different "corridor" music but on the last day I killed it and just played the menu theme when not in the boss, because I realized it was too distracting. Again, even when it's something you know to actively pay attention to, it's easy to do. ;)

Good luck!

I was playing the on Windows 10.

Good luck with it in the future! :)

What Albert means is the zip file doesn't contain a mac executable. Generally, you have to make separate builds for each operating system. You can't tell Unity to make a single build that works on all operating systems at the same time. What you have uploaded is a Windows build. :)

This is really pretty!

The 3D perspective is very neat, but it does create some difficulty in moving. I can't jump the first gap, as I can't seem to jump while moving. I did finally manage to get a jump towards the gap, but ended up just falling off the map. XD

The music is very nice and calm, but I'm not sure it meshes with the narrative tone. Still, very pretty.

The art is amazing, and the story seems quite interesting. I'm looking forward to a more complete version!

Is there is supposed to be more to it than the jump prototype demo?

Depleting your health doesn't do anything, and controlling the character is tricky. Not much else to do that I found.

For the wall jumps, consider coyote time. At the moment trying to move away as you jump often results in no jump. For the moment, don't give the player so much inertia. Try checking out the movement mechanics in Celeste; they talk about what they did and how they did it in various places. :)

After bouncing around and things, the character seemed to still have some basic inertia going on, so he would move a little every second. Purely velocity-driven movement works best in a space or highly physics-based game, but not a standard platformer. At the very least, you probably want to introduce damping into your velocity. :)

I'd be interested in hearing what your team learned during this jam, if you'd be willing to share. :)

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Good work. I think there's a lot of potential here and it feels very fleshed out out and complete.

Primary feedback points:
* The Save rooms need some telegraphing. A text popup or a sound can be sufficient.
* The big guy with the laser floor is a very clever and interesting boss, but currently is difficult by virtue of insufficient telegraphing. He indicates he is about to attack (once you identify the tell), but not what the attack will be, and dodging the back and forth dash as well as the laser floor when you don't know what he's about to do is a bit much.
* The music in the first area was very high pitched and repetitive, which means it quickly became annoying. Mostly because it constantly demanded attention, and background music should set tone but nearly disappear otherwise. It was well made, though, and the overall sound effect and audio design is well done.
* The art style is very well done. It is consistent without feeling homogenous, and I really like the brightness of it.
* The turrets which fly at you probably shouldn't be able to move through walls. There was one I nearly couldn't kill because I couldn't hit it, but it kept flying into me. An alternate iteration is to make them move back to open space, and only dash if they have an unobstructed line to you.

Again, great work, and I hope you continue working on it!

Oh, this is Good!

This one is really fluid and feels like a solid metroidvania. You've done superb work on it.

The music is very enjoyable and sets the atmosphere well, the sound design is excellent, and the movement controls feel good.

General bugs/issues:
* I got the triple sword upgrade, but can still only swing once. Did I manage to get an upgrade out of order? In that case, wouldn't it make sense to just increase the number of attacks by one?
* Not being able to attack while in the air feels very limiting.
* A visual indication of an enemy taking damage would help indicate if you need to hit again or just missed.
* The floor-shooter enemies seem to attack from off screen. It would be nice if they only could start their attack while on screen, and and would cancel out of it if off screen. Otherwise I feel unable to dodge the attack.
* Backtracking takes a long time, so more interconnectivity might be good. Or Fast Travel between save points.

I think I found the boss, and it killed me pretty fast. :P I'll need to explore some more to find other things.

Once again, great work!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the review and the video of your playthrough.
Sound design fell off the table, sadly; I didn't have enough time to do everything I wanted to do. I should have prioritized better, but there's a surprise. :P I will definitely need to improve the communication of interactions.
I'll also need to fix that hook pull not hitting enemies first. The wall climbers in the vertical climb room are not supposed to be impossible to hit due to ladders. :P
I hope to continue development on this one, so hopefully I can provide a longer version in the continuation jam!

This is beautiful and very well done. The sound design does a good job communicating and the game looks really great. The level design seems very interesting, and should showcase the advanced movement methods if I can ever get there. :P

The light effects and general art implementation and asset quality is fantastic. Well beyond expected Jam quality.
The background music does a great job setting the tone and situation.
The sound effects help immerse and frame the interactions well.
The story carries into the game sufficiently, but of course in a more full incarnation it should be set up in-game.

General improvements feedback:
* The player spends a long time winding up to hit, the hit timing is short, and there's a window of cooldown. Works well in a fighting game, but in a platformer it's a long commitment and planning time with a very short reach.
* It's unclear when a hit enemy will be stunned or killed
* Enemies seem to do variable amounts of damage, with no indication for why
* A stunned enemy probably shouldn't hurt to walk into
* I couldn't seem to jump over the tall enemies, so even stunned they would often kill me
* You might be interested in the concept of "coyote time"; jumping right after having left a ledge
* Given the non-linear nature, a map would be very useful
* The jump is very much a commitment, and I feel very floaty during it.
* You could set up platforms with one way collisions, and the visuals for platforms should better communicate solid barriers. One technique for this is all solid barriers have a specific color outline.

Thanks, Albert! :D
I'm looking forward to playing the ones I haven't rated yet this weekend. I still need to play the ones that required downloading. Definitely going to get to Ada; it looks cool!

Glad you liked it!

The sprites are all a bit rough, and the player sprites are just blocked out, really, but I'm glad they feel good and fluid as that was my goal!

I'm very happy you liked the music. I've not done digital music production before, so this was entirely new to me. Next time I'll have to see if I can compose something entirely original, and not borrow so heavily from Chopin. :P

I'm proud of the boss fight. :D He feels fun and interesting, and challenging in a good way. I'm happy with the feedback on him so far.

Glad I could provide a browser version! I'd not tested it that way at all, so I was pleasantly surprised when it worked right out of the box. :P

Moving comment from project page (from 2 hours ago):

This is an impressive first game jam game!
The art looks very nice, and the gameplay works fairly well. I had some difficulties with some movement, and the stagger not making you invulnerable resulted in getting hit doing a lot more damage from multiple hits before I could do anything about it.

I got stuck in the sawblade area, as I couldn't make one of the jumps without getting hit or missing the platform. I think I passed through the edge of the platform once, even. If the  blades didn't halt my momentum it would have been a lot more forgiving.

Currently the game is very punishing for minor errors and occasionally has very narrow margins for success.

The story seems very interesting, though, and I hope to get to see more at a later date. :)

Moving comment from project page (from 2 hours ago)

This is a very interesting concept! I like the way the game is really centered around the concept of user choice of path, both in terms of power ups and in what path you take to get places. There were a lot of places I never went, simply because I took another route.

would really like a map, but it risks undermining the "you don't know what you didn't choose" theme underlying these path decisions.

The combat is a bit simple, and there were some points where I felt it didn't give me opportunities to evade well (the tall walker shooting the moment it sees me, for example), but aside from possibly improving the telegraphing I think it works very well.

The art is nice and simple and has a clear aesthetic. I liked it! Having music and nice sounds was good, too.

The skitter sound of the spiders never stopped, on the version I played. May have been fixed since.

Holy cow it works! :D Have a go!

I'll try!

Thanks! I'm really glad you like it, and I'm planning to continue the project in the continuation jam, assuming it doesn't do too badly here.

The enemies definitely need work. I only barely got them working in time, so they aren't quite where they should be. Alternate keys for the dash/attack can be done; I intend to offer user-set binds in the future, though.

And I'm excited to hear you found the easter egg. That's excellent!

I enjoy the concept of this one and think your execution is really good. A great puzzle platformer with clever mechanics.

The control scheme was a bit tricky for me, and overall the controls felt a little stiff, as Albert mentioned.

After a while of playing I experienced a steadily increasing framerate issue which eventually made the game unplayable.

Really good! After reviewing the others I'll try to come back and finish it! :D

This is really good! Would have felt right at home on a gameboy.

The graphics are nice and clear, the gameplay is smooth and fluid, and the overall feel is quite nice. The sounds are clear and crisp and what story there is told through world elements, which I appreciated.

The one thing I continuously felt I was missing was a map, as I was backtracking a lot and I felt a map would really help me navigate back to the areas I'd previously not been able to progress through (due to lacking double jump, etc).

I haven't played your first version of this game for the prior gamejam, so I can't speak to it's progress.

This is solid! Well done!

This is fantastic. :D  I'd been looking forward to this one since your early progress messages on Discord.

I love the off-the-wall story, the gameplay is good, and the graphics are silly but clear.

I did not get very far before dying, sadly, but it felt very solid up to that point.

The music and audio design are very well considered and executed.

Feels more like a Megaman game than a Metroidvania, but I enjoyed it just the same!

I really like this one. It's a clean, simple aesthetic, the sound is clear and communicative, and the physics puzzles are enjoyable.

There were a couple points where i wasn't sure what to do, but manage to get around them. I was never sure if I was meant to do what I did, though.

First time playing through I bypassed the "wind" blocking the ending after getting the mouse interact but before getting the wind ride ability. I simply went around the wind (through the wall to the left).

I like the intro and ending music, but would have liked some ambiance during gameplay.

Overall, a solid, enjoyable game with nice puzzles!

I did the same thing! I had a Position2D for my player target position and another one for where to put the camera. Seems to work OK, at least. :D

There appears to be something causing a slow down after playing for a little while.
Currently at 900s, 5 breaks remaining.
Maybe every room transition causes some small memory/cpu leak?