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Very interesting and polished mehcanics, specially the boss fight which was really fun to play. Also I like the design and the music, the combination of both creates quite a unique game feel. Nice work!

I see. I will have to increase my knowledge of how to make the builds in Unity. As I say, I'm a total noob in games making. Thanks for clarifying this!

Hi, thank you for your feedback. Regarding the "falling of the map" situation, I must say that it has happened to me a few tines when playtesting, but very rarely. I guess it's a matter putting some extra work on collisions. I will be keeping an eye on that. 

The unability to jump is something that never happened to me and I wasn't aware. It shouldn't be any problem whit running and jumping at the same time so thank you for pointing it out. Can I ask which operative system are you using? 

I'm glad you enjoyed the art and the story, this a project I plan to continue and every floor of the tower is meant to have a disctintive art style.

 Thanks for your insights!

Impressive artwork, specially the character and enemies design and animations. The game has a lot of personality. Also the gameplay is really solid, the controls are responsive but very precise. I agree, however, with the coments regarding the encounters with enemies since  spamming the hit button and hope for the best seems the only option. Really great work anyway, I'll definetely keep an eye on this project to see how it evolves. Congrats!

Nice graphics and a very interesting concept. I'm curious to see how this project will evolve, keep up the good work!

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I see. I can't find any reason for that to happen. When I download it the Zip contains all folders in my case. If you want to give a last try and download it again (now that I have updated the game page) it would be highly appreciated. Anyway, I'm dowloading the HTML5 plug in in order to try to add that version as well. I'm really sorry for your trouble. 

A really well executed game in all its aspects. It's impressive the amount enemies and environment designs and all  the different mechanics and upgrades you have managed to implement in such a short time. The level design is solid and I love how different aproaches are needed for each one of the areas. Really engaged with this one, congrats!

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Hello Albert Valo, I'm not really sure about the nature of the problem that you are experiencing. When I created the build of the game I configured it to be compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. It is possible that I made a mistake since I am really new in game developing and programming in general but, could you specifie which particular problem are you finding? Have you been able to download the folder? Unfortunately I have no experience at all as a Mac user so I don't know what else could have gone wrong. Anyway, thank you for your interest in playing my game and for letting me know. I really hope I can find a solution for you issue.

EDIT: I have just noticed that I didn't speficied in the game page that it is compatible with the three operative systems I mention above. So hopefully that may be the only problem. Please let me know if the problem persists.

Really cool and fun game to play. I love the graphics, it can be noticed all the work that it's been put into designs and animations. Special mention to those impressive dynamic light effects. Not very common to find in 2D games. The overall experience has been great but I would agree with some comments down below regarding the precission of the jumps. But, to be fair, after a few tries, it can be mastered so, in general, a very well done job.

I like the simplicity of graphics while still being effective. Also the level is well executed and it really gives the vibe of and old school metroidvania. Great work, keep it up!

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What a nice experience. I love the calm and relaxing soundtrack and I think it really fits the minimalistic but very well executed pixel artwork. Together these two elements create a very interesting atmosphere. It's been mentioned in other comments but it is a bit difficult to aim enemies while trying to evade attacks, probably because both player and enemie have to be at the same height to hit one another and the fire ratio makes it easy for both shoots to be fired at the same time. However, the abundancy of checkpoints really helps and with a bit of practice, it gets easier. Great work!

Really nice artwork, I particularly liked the enemies design but everything else is great as well. Also the controls are very responsive and that improves the overall experience. Well done!

A really nice and fun game to play.  Beautiful art and soundtrack, responsive controls, cool and well executed animations and a consedarable duration and map size.  I hope the development will continue, great work!

I'm glad you liked it, thank you for your feedback Ninjaxim!

Yeah that was it. I just downloaded the one that said windows. Didn't know about the other file. The game was really fun to play. I love speedruns when something is chasing you. It just adds that pressure feeling. Also I loved the minimalistic art.

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I have downloaded it and try to play it in windows 10 but I'm getting an error and the file won't open. I'm goona try to download again and hoefully that will work.

Edit: problem solved. See comment below for actual thoughts about the game.

Wow so much positive feedback here. Also I agree with all of you guys, I'm well aware that the gameplay doesn't meet the quality of the artwork and music but I couldn't possible do more in two days. I don't know if I will develop this project further since it was conceived just to participate in this jam so I could challenge myself to start and finish a project in a very short period of time but reading your comments makes me consider the idea of taking it further. However my next goal right now is to participate in another Game Jam with a longer extension to see what can I achieve with more time. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and for playing my little micro game. See you around!

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Thank you for your kind comments Tazmen. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Yes the thing with this Game Jam was to make a game in two days so couldn't really polish the gameplay as much as I wanted. Also I had to drop down some cool ideas due to the tight deadline. But it may get updates at some point in the future and, in any case, the hand drawn multi-layer concept it is something I will continue to explore in my games for future game jams, so if thats what you enjoyed the most you can definetely expect more of that coming soon. Thank you for your feedback!